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Alternatives to | Alternatives | Futbolchile Alternatives was for a long time one of the main Internet pages that could be accessed when we wanted to watch soccer matches online. Unfortunately, as is often the case with these platforms, at a certain point the local authorities took it down.

In fact, the Brigade for Crimes against Intellectual Property of the Chilean Investigative Police imprisoned those responsible for the site . They were then accused of “theft of pay television signals”, which were then offered on portals like this one.

Of course, with the passage of time, other alternatives to appeared , thanks to which you can follow the matches of the main teams in the world, including a new version of this page. Next, we are going to go over all the current options.

10 alternatives to to watch soccer online

We are talking about the successor to the protagonist of this article, Futbolchile. In this second stage, we find ourselves with a simple site in regards to its user interface. Just by moving through your Home, we can see an endless number of events available .

Once you have found the competition or match that interests you in particular, you just have to click the Play button on the player, wait for the content to load and enjoy.

In each subsection of the different matches, you will also see some additional data.

 Red card

RojaDirecta is probably the most famous portal in the world when it comes to sports broadcasts over the Internet. Another that suspended its operations on more than one occasion when its managers were persecuted. However, today there are several addresses that lead to your links with this small extension change.

Unlike, it does not focus solely on soccer, but we can also watch basketball , Formula 1 races and other events of the main sports worldwide.

From the endless list of links that it puts in our hands, we must click on the event we are looking for and follow the instructions to see the transmission. One of its advantages is that for each element there are always several links with different image quality and languages.

  • Multiple domains available
  • programming schedule
  • Live non-sports channels
  • All the contents of Movistar


Another platform to follow all the sports events that we like the most, without having to install add-ons or wasting time.

Networkstream stands out for the perfect organization of its events, showing the date and time of each one of them, as well as the discipline to which they belong and what are the options to see it.

On the other hand, we notice that its advertising is less or less annoying than that of other sites.

If you want to see the matches of your favorite team in HD, it is one of the best solutions.


One of the portals that has grown the most in users . This website, similar to and TarjetaRoja, does cover, above all, tournaments that have to do with soccer.

Its aesthetics and content distribution is very similar to that of RojaDirecta. When we select a specific event, a new window opens with a player , from where we can follow it in detail.

The resolution of the channels is spectacular, and many of the most famous chains are included.

Live TV

A site that practically needs no introduction, since it is one of the ones with the most traffic . Those who want to watch football matches for free and without ads should give it a try.

You can follow the matches you want, and also other sports such as ice hockey, tennis, basketball, etc. They have recently added less common ones such as darts or table tennis.

In the broadcasts you can leave comments in the chat that accompanies the player . But be careful because they expel those who do not comply with the rules.

The House of Tikitaka

Don’t be scared by the advertising that occupies almost all of its initial screen, because the number of sports channels from all over the planet that it offers from its top menus is not bad at all.

Just choose one of the channels in question, such as Fox Premium, click on it and wait a few seconds, to be watching their programming without micro-cuts or constant loads.

Again, the variety of sports is one of its virtues, although at times the ads that are displayed when we try to customize the experience can be somewhat annoying. For this reason, we recommend using it having previously installed an ad blocker.

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Its visual aspect is one of the most obsolete on this list, but it can save us in an emergency. The number of links is not bad and the variety of channels is superior to that of other websites .

You will need an ad blocker to avoid it during the game.


If is not working, MyP2P invites you to follow any of your favorite sports. Sometimes, the number of links is greater than that of RojaDirecta .

  • Multiple links per event
  • Great organization of the elements
  • Youth and promotion divisions
  • permanent update


For many, the best Internet page to watch sports for free , even if it is in English. All the important events of the season are listed, just a click away.


Of great fame among Latin American viewers, it has the most relevant leagues and Argentine cups, as well as international trophies from both America and Europe .

The almost non-existent presence of ads is one of its most attractive features.

Soccer, whenever and wherever you want

As you have seen, we have many portals from which to follow our favorite teams. However, we believe that the best alternative to is It may not be the most complete in general terms, but it is the one that can best replace the original.

If Chilean soccer is among the competitions and tournaments that you want to follow closely, this is one of the platforms that will best suit your needs. If you do prepend other events, then you could try the other options we’ve outlined.

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