Alternatives to Dospelis | Dospelis Alternatives

Alternatives to Dospelis | Dospelis Alternatives

Dospelis is one of the sites where we can follow our favorite series and movies . Like most, from time to time it stops working or needs to change direction. This, as a consequence of the persecution to which the pages that broadcast audiovisual content without paying rights to their creators are subjected.

However, if it is out of order or you cannot access its titles, there are always some good alternatives to Dospelis that you should consider. With them, you can have fun in the same way.

12 alternatives to Dospelis to watch series and movies



The first of the options similar to Dospelis is Pelispedia, a portal full of recent releases that remain on the theater billboard .

Its catalog of tapes and episodic productions is one of the most complete today.

Also, if you are a fan of the Hollywood universe, you will be able to enjoy a news section with all the news from your favorite actors and directors.


Pepecinehd stands out among those that try to add series and movies in Spanish, without subtitles . The collection of his works available in our language is one of the most extensive.

Almost all files can be viewed in HD quality , and if you don’t know which one to keep, you can read a short description, like a synopsis, by hovering over the cover with your mouse.

If you decide to register, you can mark your Favorites to watch them later , or also download any of the movies or series so as not to depend on an Internet connection.

  • Blog with news and opinion comments
  • Biographies of the most famous actors
  • Tutorials for novice viewers
  • Scoring for movies



Cousin-sister of Plusdede and Pordede, Megadede is among those with the largest number of clients.

Its contents are usually suitable for different languages, and you can link them with Chromecast if you are one of those who enjoy movies on big screens.

The possibility of exchanging opinions with other users is also very interesting.

Repelis Plus

Repelis Plus

Pay special attention to its latest news section, with many new releases each month . Likewise, their category lists are not bad either, or you can generate your own.

In Latest Trends you will find those that accumulate the greatest number of reproductions.

popcorn time


Popcorn Time should be among the first responses if you notice Dospelis is down or won’t open .

Its main strength is that it works on various operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX , covering almost all popular devices today.

It has productions made in 3D, although your TV must have support for this format, and the presence of ads is less than in other portals.



One of the few that requires us to register with an email and password before using it . Once the process is finished, we will be able to view a huge number of series and movies.

You can choose whether to view the tapes online or download them to take with you on laptops.

Fans of an actor or actress can filter the content in which they are present.

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cat series

As its name indicates, it is a page that specializes in episodic content . The latest episodes of each of these series appear on its main screen.

Those who wish to watch movies must click on this same word at the top of the initial menu , to be directed to the catalog of those contents.

  • Facebook profile where changes are announced
  • Details about acting careers
  • Rating of each episode
  • somewhat annoying advertising

 HD Full TV

One of those similar to Dospelis that has grown the most , based on the excellent visual quality of its titles.

Among its differential characteristics, the one that allows us to share the links of the series or movies directly through social networks.



It is necessary to download the contents to be able to see them , as it happens when talking about torrents.

Virtually all the titles are translated into Spanish, although those looking for original languages ​​with subtitles also have something to entertain themselves with.

You can also choose the type of audio , something ideal if you have advanced technology.

Its update rate is spectacular, with new content added daily.

Papaya Series

Papaya Series

As its name suggests, Series Papaya is oriented towards historical series such as those that are gradually debuting on the most famous OTTs.

In many cases we can select Spanish, Latin or the original language , as we determine.

One of its great virtues is the multiplicity of links for each title, avoiding that when one of them has broken, we are left without seeing our series.



One of the few platforms that is compatible with Chromecast , although to enter its catalog you must first register from scratch or log in with a Google account.

The section of new films of 2019 is very useful for those who only go for the premieres.

In terms of series, it offers the most famous, updated and with several links at hand.

Best alternative two movies

As is clear, the offer on Internet sites to watch free movies and series has increased exponentially in recent times. Many of them even allow you to download the contents to see them at other times.

Now, when asked about the best alternative to Dospelis, we believe that MejorTorrent can be considered the most complete for what it offers.

It has an endless variety of productions organized by their genre , by the country of origin or by the language in which they are uploaded. Its classification helps to find them in seconds.

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