Alternatives to SeriesBlanco | SeriesBlanco Alternatives

Alternatives to SeriesBlanco | SeriesBlanco Alternatives

SeriesBlanco could be one of the best web pages to see content online without paying . As its name indicates, it was especially focused on series, although the latest releases on the big screen were not missed either.

Unfortunately, as happened with many others like SeriesPepito, it was closed some time ago , and we still don’t know if it will return. At the moment it does not work, and although we find different sites with its name on Google, none of them is related to the original.

What has happened is that a judicial order determined the closure of this portal , to the point that its two domains remained in the hands of the Civil Guard, deregistering them.

During its trajectory, White Series hosted thousands of titles of the best series and movies of all time and also current ones , receiving some 15 million visits per month .

If you are one of the many users hurt by its disappearance, you should also know that the best pages similar to SeriesBlanco are waiting for you 

7 alternatives to SeriesBlanco to download series and movies



Its visual aspect is as simple as it is efficient for novice users and one of the reasons why more than 10 million people visit it every month to download files.

What are the available options? Series, movies, anime productions, books, applications and programs, adult content, etc.

All links are constantly checked to avoid unpleasant surprises . If any of them is broken, the Internet community is in charge of communicating it to those responsible.


Finding pages similar to SeriesBlanco that are translated into Spanish is not very common . That’s why we appreciate running into some like Downloads 2020.

More than one may know it by its previous names, PCTTorrent and NewPCT . Like so many others, it was denounced and the address was changed to provide this new access enabled.

It is a platform that runs faster than average and has an important collection of series and movies in Spanish, or at least with subtitles . You will be able to enjoy the downloaded content without having to install subtitles in most cases.



Frankly, it’s not the prettiest or most modern interface in this review . However, its looks are left to the side when we look at the endless amount of published anime works .

Without neglecting manga either, this is one of the permanent reference libraries for lovers of this genre , one that is updated all the time with new products .

  • Shows the weight of the files
  • Different links for each content
  • built-in search engine
  • Title classification filters



First, we should listen to its developers: before taking advantage of its entertaining elements, download and install a VPN or you could suffer the consequences .

Later, we talk about a website that claims to have no dead links, and backs it up with facts. They pay us if we discover someone who is in trouble , adding a little help for those who not only want quality movies and series, but even make some money.

Its database at times seems infinite and is expanding every week.



No other can compete in terms of celebrity in this world. Here we also recommend using a VPN to avoid possible prosecutions for content downloads, such as frequent country restrictions.

Its search method is similar to that of Google . You will be able to determine the extension of the files, and then go for a traditional search or try your luck with the random results.

  • Offer your own VPN
  • Top recent torrents
  • TV shows
  • Adult content

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kickass torrent

Launched in 2009 , it is one of the most experienced in this segment , and one of the most recommended for those looking for series and movies.

Direct rival of The Pirate Bay, it can show more failures than that one although that is due, in part, to the incalculable number of documents uploaded.



According to its creators , every day some 2,000 files are added to its collection . We cannot verify it, of course, but we assure you that you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Its security level is well above average , thanks to the verification of the download links that are shared. Thus, we keep ourselves safe from possible viruses or malware.

All your favorite titles for free, the best alternative to SeriesBlanco

There are many solutions that we should not lose sight of if we want to follow our favorite series and movies from any device, avoiding spending money or wasting time.

While we wait to find out if the court order that has taken down this site is revoked, it is best to look for a substitute among the portals that we have just mentioned .

We are sure that most of them can be useful to you, although if we have to recommend one in particular, we believe that Limetorrents could be the most complete .

There are many clients of this type of web that agree that it is the best alternative to SeriesBlanco , and the reasons for agreeing are as many as compelling .

First of all, the aforementioned user interface is one of the simplest and clearest we can find , not only because of the layout of the content and the selected colors, but also because of the noticeable absence of annoying ads.

Secondly, it is possible to choose the file format that interests us in the same procedure in which we write , which saves us an extra step and brings us closer to the final result.

Finally, we can immediately share any of the items in your catalog through a wide variety of social networks, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, or via email. In this way, it substantially improves the experience with friends and acquaintances.

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