Alternatives to Miradetodo | Miradetodo Alternatives

Alternatives to Miradetodo | Miradetodo Alternatives

Miradetodo is one of the best platforms to watch movies and series online or to download them . However, as unfortunately happens with this type of service, it is common for the courts to persecute them and leave them out of operation.

Therefore, if you find that it is down or in a similar situation, you should know some of the best alternatives to Miradetodo . Next, we are going to review other interesting websites to watch movies and series on the Internet without having to pay.

12 alternatives to Miradetodo to entertain you at home



Considered one of the best utilities in its segment, we can recommend it especially for those who are looking for the latest releases. Most of its contents can be seen in HD quality, and the catalog of TV series is one of the most complete that exists.

If you prefer the classics, you can check out the tapes organized by year from 1931 onwards .

On this page you will find several URL addresses, so choose the one you prefer .


Its user interface is not the prettiest, but it is one of the simplest for newbies.

You will be able to navigate intuitively through all the titles until you find one that interests you , and then decide if you want to see it from the browser or download it to your computer.

Its directory stands out more than anything for the huge number of series it has, most of which are up-to-date and ordered by episodes.

At the top of the portal is a link to his cousin-sister, Inkapelis .


It is one of the most recent options within this list , although it is no less attractive for that.

It proposes a completely different concept, since here the members of its user community are in charge of uploading new titles. This allows for a wide breadth of genres, as well as otherwise inaccessible films.

As a negative point, the number of ads can be annoying . If you feel that advertising is spoiling your experience, you should use a blocker.

 pelis pedia


Tired of not enjoying your favorite movies or series because they are in English and without subtitles? Pelispedia can be the definitive solution to your problems.

Not only does its catalog expand frequently, but most of the proposals also include written dubbing , so you don’t have to look for it.

In the same way, it attracts attention is its section on news and rumors about Hollywood , where you can find out the latest about your favorite actors and directors.

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Free Cinema Online

Free of copyright, all the titles will be at your disposal whenever you want to see them.

Obviously it will not offer you the premieres that are still on the billboard, but if you enjoy the classics of Spanish cinema, you should not lose sight of it.

  • Classification by decades
  • cartoon section
  • short films
  • documentaries

 Cuevana 2

“La Cuevana del futuro”, as defined by its own developers , stands out for a much cleaner interface than its predecessor. With just a glance you will find out what the most popular content is and enter them to see them.

It has films in their original languages ​​with subtitles, although there is also a specific list of productions made in Spanish.

In the series, it launches the following chapters automatically, just like Netflix .


Another of the web applications similar to Miradetodo, whose greatest virtue is the possibility of enabling various resolutions for each tape.

Its search box is one of the most efficient we’ve dealt with in doing this review. You can filter the films by title, director, actors, etc.

And if you are not convinced by any of the movies or series, their recommendations could help you .



In its Featured Movies and Featured Series you will know which ones are popular at any given time.

If you don’t know a title, you can review a summary of the plot before having to open it .

  • super updated catalog
  • Ratings to guide consumers
  • Search by actors and actresses
  • Predetermined lists by production or thematic companies

Repelis Plus

Repelis Plus

A page similar to Miradetodo that is perfect for anime fans , thanks to a separate category from the rest with this kind of series.

For parents, the Children’s section can be very useful , with movies like How to Train Your Dragon, The Smurfs: The Hidden Village, My Little Pony: The Movie, The Lion King, Zootopia (Zootopia) or Mad Bird: The movie, among others.

Finally, it is one of the few with an Android application to distract you anywhere.


Every day, its managers add countless new movies and series that have just been released. More than once we can see them here before in the rooms.

Its content organization may not be as good as others, but it makes up for that with dubbing for each movie and series , as well as with various qualities including high resolution.



A great substitute for Netflix, with a section in which only the titles of that service appear . Those who do not want to pay to have it, can replace it with Pelisplay.

Each work comes with a built-in trailer and several photos as a preview, although you can also be guided by the comments of other viewers to know if you will like it.

Movies and series where you want to see them

If Miradetodo doesn’t work, you can forget about it and view your movies with the previous apps . Practically all of them replicate the same characteristics.

However, we know that more than one reader will be wondering what is the best alternative to Miradetodo if we had to choose only one. In our opinion, the best website would be PelisPlus.

Despite the fact that we have to register to start taking advantage of the platform , it is worth spending a couple of minutes on this procedure.

When you have completed it, you will be able to generate your own lists, establish a player of your choice, and access an infinite number of free contents .

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