Alternatives To EliteGol To Watch Football For Free

Alternatives To EliteGol To Watch Football For Free

Are you looking for alternatives to EliteGol? We are talking about one of the many options to watch football online totally free. It is one of the most popular and recommended. There you can watch matches in different languages ​​and various quality options.

What is EliteGol?

EliteGol is a website that broadcasts sporting events for free over the Internet. It works basically like other pages of this type, such as Pirlo TV or Roja Directa. It also has the advantage that you do not need an extra app to watch the game.

It offers streaming of various sports, including football, which is usually the most popular among users of such platforms. There you can find NBA basketball or NFL football games. As for football, you can find matches from Santander, Bundesliga, Premier League or Champions League.

The site is easy to use and offers a race agenda sorted by date and time, adjusted for the country you are connected to. It is very popular because it offers channels with very little advertising intrusion and very few interruptions in the transmission.

The best alternatives to EliteGol

The sites we will show you below have been updated and verified, and are also excellent options to enjoy live sports.


They had to change the domain name several times, but if you search for PirloTV on Google, it will rank high on effective sites. It is one of the classic sites to watch football, and you will usually have the best streaming channels for it.


We are not faced with the best option, it does not offer as many channels, sometimes it links to other sites to connect with the competition, but sometimes it saves you money if the other sites do not work.

If there is a classic of this type of streaming sites in Spain, it is Rojadirecta. It had a lot of problems, but still offers online events to this day.

Here you can find a complete list of ongoing or upcoming football matches, some of which can be watched live. It is a great option as it is always a great way to watch free football online quickly.

Not only do we live with football, but they also have some extra channels with content for the whole family.

Another website that has changed domains several times but still works. In addition to that, it is well known to Americans and has many events in the region, such as NFL games, but you will be able to find a variety of sporting events.

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Another site to watch sports streaming, the truth is that it works well, it allows us to choose between multiple tabs in case we want to see the general events that are currently live, football, basketball, hockey and there are also many.

Like many of the platforms we have found on the web to watch football and other sports, Arenavisión is full of ads, but if you manage to navigate through all its pop-ups and various warning messages, you will be able to watch many sports online.

Another website where we can find online sporting events organized by type of sport. You can watch many live sporting events.


Another place where all sports are categorized, where we can find links to watch live anytime, anywhere.

It’s pretty much the same site as Sportcategory, in fact I think the only thing that’s changed is the logo, but it might be useful if the old one is down or out of order for some other reason.


They move into different areas so the best thing you can do is do a Google search, if you get to this point in the list and don’t see a place to enjoy your live game then you can see some available.

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How to watch football through EliteGol?

Watching your favorite sports with EliteGol is easy. For this, you do not need any P2P programs like SopCast or AceStream, like other sports streaming platforms over the Internet. Logically, this is an advantage because you do not need to install any software, so the process is much simpler.

On the site’s home page, a list of events to be transferred is displayed, sorted by date. In addition to the name of the match, an icon will appear showing the league and type of sport, as well as the broadcast time. The broadcast time automatically adjusts to the time at your location, so you don’t have to worry about synchronizing with the broadcast time.

The logical assumption is that the first step to watching a match on EliteGol is to visit the platform’s page. Remember, you should visit the site and listen to the channel some time before the game to avoid problems that could cause you to miss parts of the game. Already on the page, search for events that interest you, and in some cases you will find several links.

If multiple links appear for the same event, they are usually sorted in descending order of streaming quality. That is, they are ordered from highest to lowest transmission quality. You can choose the one with the highest quality based on your connection speed. If your Internet connection is not great, we recommend that you choose a lower quality transfer to avoid annoying interruptions.

If you have already decided which link to follow, clicking it will open a new page where you can see your favorite sessions. Please wait a few seconds for the occasionally present advertisement to end before the stream can play. Like other sites, EliteGol allows you to “turn off the lights” to dim everything but the screen, or simply click the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to play in full screen.

If the transfer stops, simply use the refresh button on your browser or press F5 on your computer to refresh the page. Try pausing any downloads you have activated and closing other browser windows you have open to prevent them from consuming some of your device’s network traffic and affecting streaming quality. If you are using a mobile device, try closing other applications that are using your Internet connection.

We remind you that the vast majority of these platforms lack legitimacy and many have been banned in several countries. So if you decide to go this route to watch a sporting event, remember that you do so at your own risk. We recommend doing this if you can afford to subscribe to a completely legal channel.

If in the end you decide that enjoying live football for free is worth it, EliteGol is a great option that has not yet had legal problems. Remember our advice, be patient and keep going.

Conclusions on the best Alternatives to EliteGol in this guide

EliteGol has many alternatives, we have tried to show you the best ones so that you can quickly find the link to the sporting event you want, anyway, if you are a regular visitor to these sites and find this list worth updating, please do not hesitate. by dropping us a comment below, we aim to make it the latest and greatest list for this year.

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