DivxTotal alternatives, free series/movies catalog

DivxTotal alternatives, free series/movies catalog

What is Divxtotal?

Divxtotal is one of the most visited platforms in Spain where we can find stored torrents that you can download to watch series, movies, music, games or programs.

Seriesly is another illegal page where you can find movies, series and any type of content for free.

DivxTotal will allow you to watch all the content for free by downloading Torrents that you would have to pay for on other platforms.

For those who don’t know, a Torrent is a small file that contains all the information about other content that we want to download. Once you download the torrent to your computer, you must use a program to extract it such as uTorrent or BitTorrent .

Divxtotal not working?

Many times when you enter the Divxtotal page, you will see that DivxTotal does not work . This is because this platform is continually being investigated by the authorities for its illegal nature.

DivxTotal was already closed in February 2018 along with a multitude of illegal download websites by the Civil Guard.

Right now DivxTotal has launched a new domain: Divxtotal.la which continues to function as a download portal and is available in Spain.

Many times an “Error 503 Backend fetch failed. Backend fetch failed. Guru Meditation. XID: 938183755” . This is because on many occasions this website and its servers are being attacked by external agents.

In the event that you want to download torrents and cannot do so from DivxTotal, this is a list of illegal platforms from which you can download torrents for free :

  • Best Torrent
  • Torrent Magnet
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Elite Torrent
  • Torrent Paradise
  • PopCorn Time
  • YTS.am
  • Kickass Torrent

At Techrepost we advise against the use of this type of website. We only want to show information about this platform and its alternatives.

Below we talk about the alternatives and legal platforms alternatives to DivxTotal that will work perfectly on your computer:


What legal alternatives are there to Divxtotal?

Divxtotal is an illegal page , so we recommend that you use other streaming platforms to watch series, movies, programs or other types of content.

Most people use Divxtotal because it is free. But if you share the price of legal platforms with the rest of your friends, they will cost you a few euros per month.

Using alternatives to Divxtotal have many advantages, such as:

  • You will have immediate and unlimited access to the content of the platform.
  • On Divxtotal, you will have to wait to download a torrent.
  • You will access the latest releases immediately.
  • On Divxtotal, you will have problems from time to time accessing the platform.

From Techrepost, we propose the best alternatives to Divxtotal to spend a Sunday with your family or get hooked on series with your friends or partner:

Platform Price Hire
Netflix icon
From €7.99 Hire Netflix
hbo icon
€8.99 Hire HBO
disney plus icon
€6.99 Sign up for Disney Plus
rakuten icon
€6.99 Hire Rakuten
sky icon
€6.99 Hire Sky TV
amazon prime video icon
€3.99 Hire Amazon Prime Video

Divxtotal catalog: series, music and movies

In DivxTotal we can find all types of content just like on many streaming platforms: series , movies or television shows .

Movies on DivxTotal

In DivxTotal we can find torrents of movie releases from all countries and any genre (horror, drama, comedy…) such as:

  • tarzan 2
  • The Irish
  • ITEM
  • Love, Wedding, Chance
  • The new adventures of Little Red Riding Hood
  • My God, but what have we done to you… now?

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Series on DivxTotal

The series that we can find on DivxTotal are not the same ones that we will find on Netflix, HBO or any of their alternatives . Netflix and HBO series have exclusive content and you can find most of them only on the platform.

  • The flower house
  • in the name of the rose
  • Vis A Vis
  • Lies
  • How to defend a murderer

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