Many who do not master this topic wonder what anime is . Sometimes confused with manga, poor interpretation can anger its most fervent fans, the otakus . That’s why let’s reveal his secret!

Anime is a term that generally identifies animation of Japanese origin. It is a very strong industry that mixes entertainment with the country’s cultural heritage. One of its great strengths is knowing how to reach an audience of all tastes and ages.

Every generation has some memories of anime, but the Internet takes it even further. With otakus as its great ambassadors, anime is now a global phenomenon that influences music, cinema, fashion and video games. Keep reading and learn more about this topic…

What is anime?

“Anime” is a term used by Western audiences to describe Japanese animated films and television shows (although in Japan it is used to describe any type of animation).

Low production costs and the prevalence of Japanese pop culture have allowed animation in a variety of subgenres : from student tragicomedies to apocalyptic science fiction and horror.

Anime is known for its expressive characters and limited animations; In addition, he managed to break boundaries, captivate the audience and even win Oscars.

Just because they are cartoons, people often think that anime is the same as children’s cartoons. But while anime may appeal to children, it can also contain adult themes, intellectual images, and graphic images.

Therefore, anime is not a specific genre and can include and mix comedy, drama, action, horror, science fiction, social criticism, children’s themes and even adult animation.

Classic anime features

An interesting feature of anime is that it is intended for different audiences and covers a wide range of topics, so it can be difficult to define precisely.

One of its main characteristics is the development of complex plots in many episodes. This distinguishes it from Western productions that are more aimed at children.

The anime , on the other hand, focused on issues such as the relationship with nature, the sense of collective responsibility and even existentialism. However, some scenes of violence or sex can shock us.

Another recognizable aspect is the characteristic features of the characters : the eyes are recognizable by their size and contrast disproportionately with the nose and mouth.

Although the use of computers has long been standardized, the style often resembles hand-drawn manga.

The best websites to watch anime for free

There are a lot of streaming services dedicated exclusively to anime on the Internet and the best of all is that many of these platforms are completely free and legal.

If you are a true otaku who wants to watch some of the best anime currently online, while discovering new episodes without spending a dime, here is a list of the 10 best streaming services to watch anime for free.

Before we begin, it is important to clarify that, like most streaming platforms, many of these sites are region-locked, which means that if we want to access their content from a restricted country, we will have to use a VPN.


Crunchyroll - Anime Website

Crunchyroll is probably the best streaming platform to legally watch anime for free. It has many current series such as One Piece, Bo Renden, Jujitsu Battle, My Hero Academia or Black Clover and many others.

The service has a paid subscription plan, although we can register with a free account and watch free content, but with ads. Another good thing about Crunchyroll is that it has an app for phones and smart TVs. Highly recommended!


Funimation is a pretty decent website and they also have their own website where they stream some of the best animations of the moment. Most series can be watched for free with ads, but you have to pay a subscription to watch the latest episodes.

One of the main disadvantages is that it is only available in a limited number of countries, which means that we will have to use a VPN to enjoy the service if we are restricted.

Funimation offers series such as Attack on Titan , My Hero Academia , Dead Man’s Wonderland or Tokyo Ghoul.

Anime Lab

The popular platform currently broadcasts anime, which includes ” Naruto “, ” Demon Slayer : Blade “, ” Dragon Ball Super “, ” Sword Art Online “, ” Fullmetal Alchemist “, and more.

free subscription allows us to watch content with commercials, simulcasts delayed by a week and played in Japanese with English subtitles.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best streaming platforms to watch free anime along with Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet, and Funimation.

Anime Lab is a great website to watch anime online for free legally, although it has a regional block (if we don’t live in New Zealand or Australia we will need a VPN).

Pluto TV

Pluto TV - Anime Website

There are very few who, in 2023, do not know the Pluto TV web platform . It is a streaming platform where we can watch content and channels on demand. It is completely free and offers many other types of content, since it does not specialize in anime.

As we talked about before, we can choose which anime we want to watch. It doesn’t have a huge variety, but it does contain some of the most legendary characters in anime, such as Sergeant Keroro or Eleven’s Wife Today.

However, most notable was the launch of Canal Anime , a genre that broadcasts 24 hours a week. With Pluto TV we can watch different episodes and types of content without any problem.

CONtv + Comics

The CONtv website , formerly known as Viewster, offers a wide range of action, horror, science fiction and other genres, as well as sections dedicated to anime and manga.

Among the most notable works are the film Street Fighter II, Kite, Ghostbusters, Belzebub or Samurai.

The site is supported by ads only, making it a great place to watch anime legally and for free. This platform supports resolutions up to 1080p, English subtitles, and is also available for Android and iOS.

Midnight Pulp

Midnight Pulp is a free anime streaming siteowned by Digital Media Rights, which owns several sites that legitimately offer free movies.

Although Midnight Pulp has series and movies of all genres (exploitation, mystery, science fiction, Japanese), it also has an interesting anime section.

His notable anime include Lupine the Third, Demon Castle, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Sentai.

Midnight Pulp has a fairly extensive catalog with many subtitled or dubbed animations and the playback quality is very good.

Tubi TV

Although Tubi TV is not available in Europe due to EU laws, but it is one of the largest free movie and series streaming services in the US.

Of course, it also has a dedicated anime section with many high-quality works such as Naruto , JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter X Hunter , Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man and classic Japanese animations.

If you get bored of anime, you can always watch a live-action movie, documentary, or reality show. An interesting fact is that you do not need to register to watch any anime available.

Asian Crush

Asian Crush is another streaming site where you can watch free anime legally and safely . It offers many episodes that we can watch with a free account, although for the latest episodes we have to pay a premium subscription.

In addition to Asian Crush anime , this is also a good place to find Korean dramas and Asian romance movies.

The site is owned by Digital Media Rights, so we may find content already on Midnight Pulp .

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle , Sony’s free streaming service, is one of the most popular in the US and is available in 18 countries in Latin America, Canada and Australia. In Europe it can be seen with a VPN.

In any case, despite its rather confusing catalog, we can find quite good animes to watch online for free in a completely legal way. The best of all is that it has no advertising and the playback quality is quite good.


AnimeFLV - Anime website

AnimeFLV aims to provide a complete catalog of anime that is not broadcast on free-to-air television channels. Its main task is to share with its followers the most viewed anime episodes and series of each year.

On this platform they make improvements every month and do everything possible to improve every day. And oddly enough, the name Anime FLV was born in 2008 , when online video was not available in quality higher than 480p.

The most popular format at the time was the FLV format , because each episode could be up to 16 MB and playback was very fast.

AnimeFLV is not only a site to watch anime episodes hosted on external servers, but they also try to be a reference for sharing Asian culture. They are totally convinced that they are the Number One website for online anime in Spanish.

AnimeFLV has all the anime you can search for sorted by genre, year, type, or status. When we get to the chapter of our anime, we will find several options to choose a source if the link we chose does not work.

To download the video , we click on the video in the lower right corner, where we find a green button that indicates download.


Upon entering 9Anime , we will see an elegant and simple interface. In fact, it’s pretty clear that it’s the perfect place to watch anime online for free . It is very simple and has a complete navigation system.

We can easily find our favorite anime thanks to the filters that speed up the search and the titles are arranged alphabetically, which makes the search process easier.

Newly released content will be uploaded to the platform as soon as it’s uploaded, so you’ll find the latest episodes as soon as they air in Japan.

The only drawback we found with the site was slow loading times, but if we’re patient, that might not be a problem.

This is a website that can be viewed from any country and allows you to change the language of the page.

It also has a dark mode and a light mode, so visibility improves depending on what time we watch the anime. Apart from the slow loading speed, there is nothing to complain about this free anime site.

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Best websites for anime fans

After having clarified the concepts in this review and the best websites to watch Anime , we will indicate the most revolutionary sites of the genre.

This is not a list of shows or movies to watch anime, but refers to sites where fans can find news, information, and anything interesting to stay up to date.

These websites have all kinds of news, updates, recommendations, reviews, ratings on what to see and even our online store where you can buy gifts for any anime fan.


Viraljodas is a website that stands out for its unique style, offering news and information about the world of manga and of course anime.

It’s not an anime site, but it has all kinds of stuff about video games and general culture . But, if we are fans of that type of Japanese culture, we might as well consider it.

Writers show spark, humor and energy to create engaging content . Everything about the web begins to evolve from this general concept.

In a very short time, Viraljodas managed to position itself as one of the leading portals in the Spanish-speaking community.

Here they analyze the great works of each genre with an irreverent style and also extensively covers the site’s hentai content , which is one of the most discussed and sought after subgenres by anime fans.


This portal is another reference for fans of otaku culture . Kudasai also has thousands of followers in the Hispanic community and provides information on a wide range of topics.

Anime, as we have said before, has grown to reach all genres. In Kudasai you will find it all: news and updates on video games, music, and industry news. What differentiates it from the rest is that it has information about music and the seventh art.

In that case, it has a section with reviews and opinions about the premiere and everything you need to immerse yourself and grow in the Japanese genre.

The content is updated periodically and various news are published on their social media profiles so as not to lose the details of anime culture. Kudasai also stands out for its extensive coverage of the world of video games, which is a sought-after and thriving industry.

Tokyo Mission

Mission Tokyo is one of the newest Anime fan portals, but this does not prevent it from being a benchmark in this genre. Here both manga and anime are approached

Misión Tokyo collects information from time to time on product launches, streaming platforms and even specific cases of Spanish animation. It goes a step further and also touches on a wider range of otaku genres.

Fans of video games and comics will find a very interesting place here, and there is information on the main topics of the moment.

Also, it is a reference site to learn more about this lifestyle and recreation that is so addictive today.


As the name suggests, Ani manga combines the best of both genres: anime and manga. This is another reference portal that industry followers should consult.

An interesting fact is that it originated in Latin America, where it has built a significant community thanks to its interesting content.

It works well as a news portal for all things manga and anime , but it doesn’t stop there. Animanga has a strong and highly engaged community approach where its visitors interact to share knowledge and perspectives.

In addition to being a news portal, it also stands out for its good analysis and comments on the most viewed programs. However, these forums require more detailed and specific features of each related product.

Ramen for two

This is another reference space for fans of the Hispanic world. Ramen for two is a blog that has been growing over time due to the amount of information it offers. Furthermore, its content is constantly updated.

This is a key blog not only for anime fans , but also for other hobbies such as video games , manga , and many more topics.

The portal will also have a place for fan profiles of all genres , as it covers comics, video games, breaking news on the genre and reviews of current productions.

Some sections of the website inform us about upcoming works or editorial news . Also, it has its own entertainment video store with discussions that fans will find very entertaining.


Jellygoods allows its fans to keep up to date with everything happening in the genre, both manga and anime. News is usually updated from time to time, along with opinions and analysis about it.

Now, also in the broader context of otaku culture , we can see different categories on this blog such as geek and illustration.

The advantage of Jellygoods is that it allows users to collaborate with information. Of course, as long as the information is true and meaningful. This allows the community to grow in a friendly and attractive way.

But we must remember that this is still a blog, not a site dedicated to anime where you can watch series or find products, but a blog for reviews, critiques and opinions.

Your anime website

Your anime website is a fan database in Spanish. It is the perfect portal not only to stay up to date, but also to soak up the essence of anime.

You can see reviews of series and movies , information about streaming platforms, history, articles and much more.

There are various categories at the top of the screen , such as anime guide, anime history, or anime directors that you should keep in mind.

In addition, it contains articles and news that summarize the best films in each category or the basic top of each of them. You will try this fun genre every day with what this site has to offer.


ANMTVLA is more focused on the Latin American audience, where the community of followers is growing at an astonishing rate. While it contains a lot of information about the world of television, much of the content focuses on otaku culture.

There is information about video games, streaming platforms, interviews and show dates. Here, Latin fans will find anime news that cannot be found on any other portal.

Lolweapon on YouTube

In this case, we are not only referring to the web portal, but also to the YouTube channel. This is the Lolweapon space , managed by the Spanish YouTuber Kalathras.

Considered by many as one of the greatest explorers of the otaku genre in the Latin American community. This channel has thousands of followers!

Lolweapon has more than a million subscribers and its videos stand out for their variety of topics, such as: production analysis, anniversary specials, premiere compilations, and more.

anime return

Retornoanime is a website that initially appears to be aimed at the Mexican community. That is, it specifically contains information about events taking place in Mexico. However, it has a broader scope of application.

You can find general news and events about the industry . It also delves into Japanese culture, so if you like the Japanese world more than manufacturing, you’ll have a great time here.

In the Japan section , you can visit iconic places and learn about all the references related to anime and the country of Japan.

So, are you willing to try any of these pages to learn everything related to anime ?

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