Daily limit of tweets for reading on Twitter

Daily limit of tweets for reading on Twitter

Elon Musk imposes limits on Twitter: Users will have a limited number of daily tweets

The well-known businessman and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has once again surprised everyone with a new change in the popular social network, Twitter. This time, he has decided to impose limits on the number of tweets that users can read each day.

The announcement was made by Musk himself through his Twitter account, where he reported that it is a temporary measure, without specifying how long it will be in force. Furthermore, he did not clarify whether the limit applies to reading individual tweets or viewing all tweets on the timeline.

New restrictions for users

According to the information provided by Elon Musk himself, verified accounts will be able to read a maximum of 6,000 tweets per day, while unverified accounts will have a limit of 600 tweets per day. For their part, new unverified users will only be able to view up to 300 daily tweets.

This limitation has again generated differences between users who pay a monthly subscription and those who do not. Some consider this to be grounds for discrimination, as it implies preferential treatment for paying users.

According to Musk, these restrictions are due to the need to carry out an analysis on the levels of extreme data extraction that various platforms are carrying out. The businessman has directly blamed Artificial Intelligence companies, such as OpenAI, for massively collecting information to develop their language models. This, according to him, negatively affects the user experience on Twitter.

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Criticism of Artificial Intelligence companies

Elon Musk has expressed concern about the extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation that Twitter faces. In this sense, he has blamed Artificial Intelligence companies, such as OpenAI, for contributing to this problem.

According to Musk, these companies are collecting a large amount of information to feed their language models, which causes difficulties in the systems and affects the user experience on Twitter. The imposed limit is temporary and is expected to be gradually increased in the future.

Despite this, some users have already reported failures and problems when trying to view tweets, which has caused some discomfort among the Twitter community.

Musk keeps making changes on Twitter

Elon Musk, since his arrival at Twitter, has implemented a series of modifications to the platform. Among them, the payment subscription system to obtain the verification badge and the change in the algorithm of the social network stand out.

These changes have generated mixed opinions among Twitter users. While some applaud the measures taken by Musk, others criticize his influence on the platform and the possible implications this may have on freedom of expression.

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