How to choose the best mobile to work

How to choose the best mobile to work

Today mobile devices have become a necessity for each person, being our main means of communication and entertainment, but it has also become an indispensable work tool for many.

In this way, mobiles are key pieces in the current work landscape, as they offer a portable and easy-to-use means to communicate and perform a wide variety of actions, from sending emails or accessing remote meetings to designing campaigns and managing publications in social networks. Now, since we have determined how important a mobile phone can be in today’s workplace, it only remains to determine what kind of mobile is the most appropriate for the job.

How to choose the ideal mobile to work

When it comes to choosing a mobile for personal reasons, many times we get carried away by loyalty to a brand, the cost or simply by the aesthetic aspect of the device. However, when choosing a mobile to work, it is necessary to take more into account its hardware and software characteristics, that is, its operating system and its technical specifications. Therefore, below we will leave you, which we believe are the main characteristics to take into account when buying a mobile for work, now that Black Friday is approaching and with it the time of greatest online purchases of the year.


The battery is one of the main factors, since the main characteristic of a mobile is its availability and accessibility anywhere at any time. Something that without battery in the device would be completely impossible. In such a way, when buying a mobile we must make sure that it has a good battery life , we are talking about a 4,500 mAh battery onwards, which will allow us to function calmly during the day, even more so if it has a function of fast charge for any unforeseen event. Some mid-range mobiles, such as the Moto G Power already have 5,000 mAh batteries, which can guarantee more than 14 hours of constant use.


An acceptable mobile usually has a 3GB RAM, which can be a good basis for using the device for a work environment. However, it is always good to opt for a mobile that reaches 6GB, especially if we work with applications that are especially demanding, such as some editing. Affordable phones like the OnePlus 6T or the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 reach 10 GB of RAM.

Screen and size

Finally at this point we touch on one of the aspects that can be taken as a trifle, but that is of some importance when choosing a mobile. The size of the screen, as well as the phone itself, will allow us to handle the information shown on the screen more efficiently, as well as access and view it more easily. In any case, if we take into account the time we will spend interacting with this device, it would also be good if it had an easy-to-handle size. Current mobiles move between 5 and 6.5 inches in size.

Camera, video and image resolution

This point may sound a bit vain and more personal, but within the digital world, visual and audiovisual media are fundamental tools. Thus, if we want to use the mobile to work, especially if we operate on social networks, it is necessary to have a good camera, in order to upload high-quality photos or videos. In these cases, the latest generation mobiles are the most prominent, as they have better resolution cameras, greater zoom capacity and stability. Currently many mobiles already have main cameras with 64MP resolution.


Updated software and support

Mobile brands are constantly releasing new models, but this does not mean that we must constantly change devices. However, it is relevant to buy a mobile whose operating system is updated to the latest version available, and which also allows us to continue updating it. This is because the applications are also constantly updated and little by little they stop working on older systems.

As you can see, there are many factors to take into account. There are even some more, such as the fact that the mobile is Dual SIM, and allows you to combine your business line with your personal one . Now, in the current market there are many mobile brands, marketing devices from the low-end to the high-end. Among the main market participants we find Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony and, of course, Apple with their iPhone devices. These big brands can be found in practically any store specialized in electronics and telephony.

On the other hand, among all these brands, Apple has always maintained a certain leadership, since it offers quite complete devices in terms of the aforementioned characteristics. Likewise, it presents a great integration between different tools of the company, generating a centralized and organized ecosystem that can be useful for working. And although the high cost of these devices may be a detractor.

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