Alternatives to Demonoid | Demonoid Alternatives

Alternatives to Demonoid | Demonoid Alternatives

Demonoid was a semi-private torrent tracker service , where it is possible to access one of the largest catalogs on the entire internet. One of its main peculiarities is that in order to access the search engine, files, as well as all the available functions, it was necessary to have a user account.

When you have accessed the web from the account, you will find all kinds of content, access to a forum, chats and a multitude of possibilities.

What options are there when Demonoid doesn’t work?

However, Demonoid is, to this day, one of the most unstable torrent download pages due to the continuous legal persecution it suffers. The process to register an account is not always available. It is even possible that on many occasions it is not possible to access the platform or it has changed domain.

In these cases, it is best to have alternatives to be able to download multimedia content without restrictions . Currently these are the most recommended options, which are active.

13 alternatives to Demonoid to download multimedia content for free



Limetorrents is one of the best torrent search engines at the moment due to the quality of the content it offers. All the available files offer information about their reliability, number of seeds or size.

On the other hand, you can access a list with the most popular torrents for each of the available categories, as well as an option to upload your own files.

 torrent paradise


Torrent Paradise is one of the fastest growing search engines, since its catalog increases at the rate of more than 20,000 new torrents daily. The database belongs to The Pirate Bay and the files are considered safe

On the other hand, it should be noted that since it is a decentralized search engine , it is less likely that it will suffer some type of censorship that causes it to be closed.



IsoHunt is a search engine with a multitude of categories among which you can find music videos, books, games, and even comics.

You can filter the results so that only the most recent files uploaded to the platform appear. You can even check the comments left by other users.

 The Pirate Bay

pirate bay

It is probably the oldest platform in downloading torrents. Its continuous updates have improved the quality of the torrents it offers, although the quantity has been reduced. However, now the downloads are more secure and offer detailed information about the owner or the size they occupy.

All files have an icon that warns of their reliability, and offer details about the user who uploaded them, among other data.



YTS is a website specific to film content . It stands out especially for the visual quality of the files it contains, without these taking up hardly any space

  • You can find from great classics from the world of cinema to the latest news still on the billboard
  • It has an application for Android



Torrentz2 is one of the most advanced search engines for locating any type of . Its powerful metasearch engine gives you access to links from a multitude of torrent sites, so it’s like you’re searching all of them from one place.

It is one of the platforms with the most content and one of the most recommended as it is free of intrusive advertising.



It is one of the best alternatives to Demonoid . The 1337 torrent portal stands out for the variety of categories available, among which you will find everything from anime and documentaries to games, applications, music or film and television content.

It offers updated lists with the best torrents of the month , of the week and even the most popular of the current day.



It is one of the newer platforms, although it has managed to gain positions thanks to the quality of the files it offers, all of them 100% verified.

It offers from television series to programs, books, games or movies. Its clear and clean interface greatly improves the browsing experience.



Elitetorrent 2 is one of the best platforms to find movies and television series exclusively in Spanish . It offers the latest episodes of the moment and movies that are on the billboard.

You can directly access all the premieres of the current year and select different image qualities depending on your connection.



RARBG works in a very similar way to Demonoid, and is one of the most active pages at the moment. It has a wide collection of old torrents as well as new ones in very diverse categories: videos, software, games, music…

You can access a list with the best 10 torrents of the moment in all sections. In addition, it offers the possibility of sharing the links on the most popular social networks.



Seedpeer is one of the most popular advanced search engines as it has one of the largest databases with around 3 million available torrents.

Its ability to link to other download pages increases the chances of locating all types of content. In addition, it offers links with a high download speed.


EZTV Torrent

EZTV is a torrent download website specializing in television shows and series from all eras .

It is the perfect platform for nostalgics, since it is possible to locate great television classics, although the content is mostly in English and the quality is not in HD.

 Kickass Torrent

kickass torrent

Kickass Torrents is a huge platform that distinguishes itself by continuously updating the content. If you are looking for the latest in movies, series, music or games especially, this is the most appropriate place.

It has specific forums for users from all countries of the world. It also offers recommendations to protect your privacy while browsing or downloading files on your computer .

What is considered the most recommended platform when Demonoid does not work?

When it comes to locating a certain file, or when you want to make sure you have the latest torrents of the moment , the most recommended option as an alternative to Demonoid is The Pirate Bay. This platform, one of the oldest and most experienced in this type of download, has managed to overcome its continuous closures, improving with each of its updates.

Although before it was likely to find many torrents of poor quality and even malicious content, the web has begun to take action in this regard. The number of torrents has been reduced, but these are more secure, and most of them offer an icon to warn if they are verified or not.

One of the latest improvements that the web has implemented is the option to play immediately in streaming. Thus, it will not be necessary to download the content, but the website itself will redirect you to a streaming playback platform. This platform is one of the options that guarantee a high percentage of success when it comes to locating any torrent.

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