Alternatives to EstrenosDTL: The 6 best to watch movies and series

Alternatives to EstrenosDTL: The 6 best to watch movies and series

Alternatives to DTL Premieres? We are talking about the most complete websites to download the latest torrents of classic movies and theaters. The page is constantly updated and has many options, so you can choose the quality and version.

However, due to legal issues that have forced the site to shut down many times, the site has been experiencing issues for some time, making access unstable.

What happened to EstrenosDTL? Is it closed forever?

Like many other torrent downloads , EstrenosDTL is also one of the victims of persecution by the judicial authorities. This type of content is protected by copyright, so it is considered that there is unfair competition with platforms that offer content at a certain price.

Therefore, when visiting the main DTL Premiere website, the website may have been closed or the domain may have been changed. In this case, you can choose to download your favorite content from other pages that are currently active.

What are the best alternatives to EstrenosDTL?

MejorTorrent: The best alternative to EstrenosDTL

This is one of the portals with the largest number of users because it has maintained its style and high quality for many years. Most torrents are published in Spanish and torrents are updated almost daily to ensure you always have the best release version.

Another aspect to highlight about this page is that there are almost no ads and the menu is simple and clear. This is something that many users appreciate because the download is simple.

The Pirate Bay

This is the preferred option for many users, because despite constant attempts to turn it off, it will reappear with better content and features. One of them is the possibility of finding verified seeds, which improves the quality of the page.

Have one of the largest seed catalogs in the world and provide the latest catalog table, you can search for the latest or most popular files.


On this platform, you can find files in multiple categories that highlight the best movies of the moment. One of the distinctive aspects of the web is the provision of content with excellent image quality.

The fact is that it is one of the most complete websites because in addition to providing content, it also has a section that contains updated news and the possibility of watching movie trailers and other features.


One of the most acclaimed movie download sites, not only because of the high quality of the content, but also because it is lightweight so it doesn’t take up much space on your device. It has several filters to search for movies of different ages and genres. You can choose the quality you like the most. It has a YouTube channel and you can subscribe from the website itself.


This portal is one of the best alternatives to EstrenosDTL, although in principle the home page will not show much information. However, simply enter your preferred term in the search field to access a complete list of all available options.

From all available categories, you can access a complete catalog, where you can filter your search by genre, language and even year. Most importantly, the content is verified to improve the experience.

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Another website recommended as alternatives to EstrenosDTL, where you will find a variety of seeds, and the best thing is that only verified content. The interface is very good and simple. You can find everything from movies to music, anime, TV shows or software. The improvement is the number of seeds. Provide detailed information about the quality, the user who uploaded the content, or the weight of the file.

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