Alternatives to Divxatope: The 10 best this year to watch series and movies

Alternatives to Divxatope: The 10 best this year to watch series and movies

Alternatives to Divxatope? We are a reliable website where you can download movies and TV series in high definition, thanks to its constantly updated content and music section dedicated to playing the best songs. In short, it provides users with everything they need to get great torrent material with others.

It is one of the most important databases in Spain and has a large number of users. His original domain name was blocked, and he subsequently returned to the internet as, keeping his name and making it easier to gain his followers, but what we know so far is that his activities in 2018 haven’t even reflected the time of others. . They no longer appear in search engines, indicating that they may have succumbed to legal pressure or worried about new obstacles.

Therefore, we have started providing a list of alternative websites to Divixatope so that you can continue downloading all the content you need via P2P with confidence. The only thing we warn you is that you should not fall for these sites because they may also be blocked in the future, but for now, there is no doubt that this is the best site you can get.

What happened to DivxaTope? Is it not working or is it closed? is closed. Its beautiful story had a bad ending after it was closed by the Civil Guard, without forgetting that its owner lost the million-dollar lawsuit and was sentenced for infringing the copyright of all the paid content that they provide for free. But why is it like this?

For several years, the companies that developed all these movies have complained that P2P download portals are detrimental to their industry, causing millions of dollars in losses each year. That is why they have exerted tremendous pressure, which is why the main police authorities in European and North American countries will help them bring the developers of these sites to trial.

Since then, the situation has always gotten worse. There have been large-scale shutdowns since 2015, and in mid-2018, Spanish civil police announced a list of dozens of websites that were officially shut down for copyright infringement, and the situation got even worse.

The most up-to-date guide to the most notable alternatives to Divxatope

Indeed, we do not know the fate of, but we are also not unaware of the benefits that certain portals bring us. Each of these pages attracts the attention of a large number of users who are satisfied with the quality of the products they offer.


A website that is more attractive than most of the pages on this list. At the catalog level, there is nothing to envy the latter, and much of the content is in HD and Full HD quality in Spanish.

Like Megadede, it has applications for Android, so we can avoid all the ads included in the web version as standard. The latter also allows you to download files to your phone to view them later without having to maintain an Internet connection.


A page originally from Spain has the same philosophy as popcorn time. The main difference related to this is that it does not have an application for computers and mobile devices, so we will have to use an external program such as uTorrent to download Torrent files to our computer.

Compared to Popcorn Time, its main advantage is that we find that most of its content is in Spanish and Latin Spanish. We can also find original series and movies in English with Spanish subtitles, such as Divixatope.

The best long-lived torrent? Except when downloading torrent files, it has no ads.


If we talk about places with history, we will not forget this classic. This is not a completely simple page, because we have to navigate between endless possibilities and sometimes we find that the content in Spanish is complicated. It provides us with documentaries, video clips, music, games and other content to download. Ads have been added recently which is annoying and sometimes annoying.

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The other page in Spanish is very similar to Repelis Plus. As a good option for Divixatope, it has a fairly complete catalog of Spanish series and movies, although smaller than Megade’s catalogs and movies.

Like other Divixatope alternatives, SeriesGato also has a large number of ads when clicking on external links. The good news is that we can find a large amount of high-quality content without having to resort to third-party pages.

As a highlight of SeriesGato, the website has a section dedicated to series and movies belonging to the Marvel world.


One of the best alternatives to Divixatope this year. Although it has suffered a series of failures in recent months, forcing the network to change the domain name, it remains effective at least in Spain.

It has the latest version of the 2019 movie and series, and like Divixatope, most of its content is in Spanish and Latin Spanish. It also has television programs from the United States and other Latin American countries such as Mexico and Argentina.

Unfortunately, the number of ads that are inserted when clicking on links to external pages is high, so we recommend using an ad blocker.


It has the same concept and similar operation as VivaTorrent. If we don’t want to put up with the ads of the web-based Divixatope alternatives that we just saw, EliteTorrent is one of the best pages to download series and movies in Torrent format.

Since the page is in Spanish, it has the latest version with Spanish and Spanish subtitles. The best of all is that it barely integrates with the advertisements, and almost integrates the latest chapters of series like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead”, always playing in HD quality and providing audio in Spanish.


Although not as well-known as the Divixatope alternatives we’ve seen before, is even a worthy competitor to Megadede. In fact, this is the only place where there has been no public trace in fifteen years.

As the name of the site itself indicates, although you can find movies with action, comedy, horror and many different themes, its content is mainly concentrated on television shows and television shows.

Regarding the quality and variety of its content, we can find the latest chapters of the most popular series of the moment. Of course, it is shown in Spanish, with subtitles and the highest quality possible.

Cliver TV

Using one of the most attractive interfaces of all the Divixatope alternatives, Cliver has two different pages that allow us to divide the content into series and movies, so that the entire web catalog can be categorized in a more logical way.

Premieres of the latest series, theater and action films, adventures, horror and musical content are part of the catalog that we can find in Cliver, although its specialty is films. Almost all links to online series and movies are in Spanish and in HD or Full HD.

As for ads on the Internet, when you click on links to external pages, the only ads we find will appear.


Watch one of the best-known online television programs in Spain and Latin America. The disadvantage of this is its huge catalog of series, which includes type and period, as well as other parameters.

As with other alternatives to Divixatope, the chapters in this series are classified according to different types of quality. In fact, most of their catalogs can be found in 720p HD format. We can also find the latest released movies, although the number is small compared to the number of series.

And online advertising? We can only find it when we click on the link that takes us to an external page.


One of these classic anti-fall websites. It is characterized by a wide catalog of movies and series in various formats and qualities. This website specifically provides downloads of content in Torrent format and online viewing is not permitted. Despite the obstacles, the network is still changing the domain to stay online.

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What are torrents and how do they work? Complete guide

Torrent is a tool for sharing data online freely, but it is nothing more than a symbol of piracy and violation of copyright laws. The term “torrent” is widely used to describe the use of peer-to-peer networks to download and upload files (usually movies, songs or books).

But how does it work more specifically? Is the seed safe? Will you run into legal problems? Let’s answer all these questions in one torrent article.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent file (also called a “seed file”) is a small file that contains traces of the location of the actual file that will be downloaded across a wide network of different computers. It may seem complicated, but it’s actually much simpler than you think.

Basically, a torrent is a small file that is used in so-called torrent clients to allow others to “say” “Hey, I’m trying to download specific content from you and upload it to you.”

Torrent files can be used to share media files, such as movies, music, books, etc. Use peer-to-peer or “P2P” networks with other people.

What is a Torrent client?

The torrent client is a program that uses a torrent file to check who has the file you want to download. The client pulls data from all of these computers and adds small software packages from the files to download them to the computer little by little. The torrent client also uploads a small package of the file to other computers. This is what constitutes a P2P network.

Basically, a torrent client is a piece of software that can connect people who download and upload a particular file to each other and use that file to determine which files should be shared.

What is the best torrent client?

It largely depends on your needs. If you want a simple interface, BitTorrent is a good choice. If you don’t want ads and various features, qBittorrent might be better.

But in general, we recommend uTorrent. It’s fast, reliable, easy to solve, and has enough advanced features to make everyone happy. This is a brief overview of the three most popular torrent clients:

Bit Torrent

BitTorrent is the original client, it has been on the market for a long time and provides reliable features to its users. There’s nothing flashy, just a respected option for your torrent client.


It is based on the BitTorrent infrastructure, but needs to go further. For beginners, its design is better, you can easily use the tool and download torrents quickly. Furthermore, it also has many useful features such as a built-in search bar for search crawlers.



It’s not the simplest Torrent client, but it’s not overly complicated either. Since it is developed by a non-profit company, it is compatible with all operating systems and has no monetization scheme. Furthermore, it also has cool features such as media player, torrent search engine, etc., so if you don’t need the advanced features of BitTorrent or uTorrent, it is a good option.

What is a peer-to-peer network?

Peer-to-peer or P2P networks are a way for computers or servers to share workloads by completing specific tasks (downloads in this case). It is different from the normal client-server model, in the normal client-server model, users simply download files from the server. For torrents, using P2P, each computer is connected to another computer to download (download) and upload (torrent) specific files.

When using the “normal” download method of the client-server model, files can be downloaded from the server as follows:

This is how downloads usually work.

However, on the P2P network, each block of the file will continue to be shared with other files on the P2P network until the file is completely downloaded, as shown below:

In this sense, the person sharing the file acts as a small server to download the file with the help of the torrent client.

What are Seeders and Leechers?

Sower and thief are words used by different parts of the P2P network. When downloading, the client is called leecher because it “stinks” (to someone else) English files. When uploading, the client is called a seeder because it provides seeds for others to download.

Typically, when you use a torrent client, you are both a seeder and a bad person, because you download and upload certain parts of a specific file at the same time. When you finish downloading the file, you can only upload part of the file over the P2P network because you no longer download the file, which makes you a seeder.

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How do torrents work?

Torrent works using the P2P system that we have already described. First, you first need to download a torrent or “tracker” file.

The torrent client uses the little sniffer to see who owns the file to be downloaded (like a movie), pulls data from all of these computers, and then slowly adds small packets of the file to be downloaded.

By downloading various software packages from the archive, you also upload the downloaded software packages to people like you, which also turns your computer into a small server. In this sense, the person sharing the file (also known as a “seeder”) acts as a small server to download the file with the help of the client.

This download process will continue until you have completely downloaded the file or stop sharing it with the torrent client.

Where can torrent files be found?

To use torrent technology, you must first have a seed file. There are several websites that host these files and they are called torrent websites. A well-known example of this type of website is The Pirate Bay.

But keep in mind that many torrent sites contain copyrighted content. Downloading and sharing this content is usually illegal, so always make sure to stay away from these types of files. Some torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents, have been shut down by law enforcement agencies to stop illegal sharing of copyrighted content. Even downloading the torrent itself is completely legal, and not all files on those sites are protected by copyright.

Is downloading torrents legal?

Yes, popular behavior is legal. This means that it is legal to be part of a P2P network and download and upload software packages from specific files. However, downloading copyrighted content is illegal in most countries.

Downloading copyrighted content is considered copyright infringement. This is known as piracy, and people involved in copyright infringement are sometimes called piracy.

However, whether you are punished largely depends on where you live. In most countries, especially Eastern Europe or Latin America, torrents are illegal, but torrent laws are barely enforced. Therefore, it is a common practice to download torrents in these areas without using any security measures.

If you are followed and chased, you will face a huge fine. However, only a few people who downloaded copyrighted content have been fined or prosecuted. This will not change the fact that if you are caught downloading illegal files like in Germany, you will likely receive a large fine.

What are the risks of downloading torrents?

When considering using Torrent, there are some risks to be aware of. The most common problem with torrents is downloading viruses using (or instead of) the files you really want. In the early 2010s, this situation was more common, but if you are not careful, it can still be a problem. These are the biggest risks you may encounter when downloading torrents:

You can download files with copyrighted content. This is considered illegal in most countries/regions and you may encounter serious legal problems when downloading copyrighted content.

You can download the virus instead of using it along with the file you are trying to download.

Hackers can target torrent downloaders in a variety of ways. However, this is no longer as common as it once was.

Read on to learn more about these risks.

Accidentally download copyrighted content

It is illegal to use a torrent client to download copyrighted content (such as movies, songs, books, or video games). You don’t need to pay to get copyrighted content, so it’s outside the reach of the law. Even if you don’t have a place to enforce copyright law on the torrent, you don’t have to say what will happen in the future.

It must be said that the torrent itself is not illegal, which is why the torrent still exists after so many years. When you boil it down, the torrent is only used for file sharing, so the entire infrastructure (clients, trackers, and even some private websites) is not illegal in nature.

Download a virus

One of the biggest risks when a torrent brings a virus. Since torrent downloads and sharing are in the gray area, the company does not restrict files. This means that you are very likely to download malware instead of torrent, or download it together with torrent.

Therefore, it is always important to always use a proper antivirus program when performing any online operation. Software like Kaspersky can protect your device from all types of harmful malware, such as spyware and ransomware.


Torrents have received a bad reputation around the world, so it is normal that people start to associate torrent behavior with all negative events on the Internet (including hackers).

When it is put at risk due to casual seed drops, we searched forums and news sites and found that hackers benefited from seed drops, but we didn’t actually find anything.

A bit: almost any software, especially Internet-connected programs, can have flaws that expose the computer.

Hackers have achieved greater success through phishing activities, impersonating others, sending fraudulent emails or blatantly copying websites and monitoring personal information.

Therefore, in torrent attacks, hackers are not necessarily your biggest concern. But viruses, malware, adware, and legal problems are possible.

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How to stay safe when downloading torrents

  • There are some steps you can take to ensure safety during a flood. Please note that downloading copyrighted content is usually illegal and you should not do it. However, there are many completely legal torrents, and we want to make sure you know what steps people are taking to ensure safety when trying to download and share these files.
  • To be safe, generally do the following:
  • Only use Torrent sites that are considered safe and contain a lot of ads or malware.
  • Use the appropriate antivirus software (such as Kaspersky) to protect yourself from any malicious software you may encounter when downloading torrent files.
  • Please do not download copyrighted content so as not to violate the law and prevent us from being prosecuted or fined.
  • When using Torrent websites and P2P networks, use a VPN to protect your identity.
  • Super fast and easy VPN.

We do not tolerate the use of VPN to download illegal torrents and only use it to download legal files. Staying safe while browsing the Internet is one of the most important things you can do, which is why we recommend using a VPN no matter what you do online.


Torrent is a method of sharing content on the Internet using torrent clients to be part of a P2P network. Torrent uses file trackers to find other people who share and download specific parts of files. Torrent users do not need to download a file from a specific server, but share large portions of the file with others until the file is “finished.”

In most countries/regions, downloading torrents is completely legal. However, if you download copyrighted content, torrenting such files is usually illegal.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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