Alternatives to PirloTV: The best to watch football online

Alternatives to PirloTV: The best to watch football online

Are you looking for alternatives to PirloTV? We are talking about one of the best websites to watch football games online for free. If you are a fan of this great sport, you will definitely want to know how to follow your favorite team every weekend without missing a single game. This concern is common to many people, which is why we give you the best guide to alternatives to PirloTV for when it is down.

It is important to know that Pirlo TV was born from the needs of thousands of users who saw how Roja Directa was forced to close. As a result, thousands of followers cannot follow La Liga Santander, Premier League, Bundesliga, League 1, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League and other sporting events. The total number of matches is large, so the number of users is also large.

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Find out which are the best alternatives to PirloTV?

For all football fans who want to stay up to date on where to watch football online, there are numerous options and alternatives to PirloTV. On these platforms you can find not only the most important football matches, but also the most notable events of other important sports, such as tennis, basketball, Formula 1 or Moto GP.

On the websites we list below, you will find all the competitions that take place every hour of the week. Find the match you want to watch and click on the link for the online broadcast.

Has it been confirmed that PirloTV is closed?

For some time, the successful platform has not been available and the different domains can no longer be accessed. In many cases, the pages that provide such content are targeted by judicial authorities who do not hesitate to close these pages, classifying the provided content as illegal. Although this was not the first time it happened, PirloTV was forced to suspend its activities. In any case, we have many alternatives to PirloTV that continue to provide major football and sporting events.

Alternatives to PirloTV: Arena Vision

The first place in this list of PirloTV alternative websites, namely Arena Vision. If you know the famous Rojadirecta streaming page, then you will not have any difficulty using it because it is very similar. It has countless links to various sporting events, all of them free. You just need to check the event calendar to find out when your team will play in each competition.

Alternatives to PirloTV:

One of the first platforms born after Roja Directa’s fight to survive. Despite dealing with many variants of the original, is currently operational.

For many people, this is the direct successor to Roja Directa. This view is not surprising, just go in and notice that the interface is really (but not exactly) the same. The design, color and organization remain unchanged. There are so many that people wonder if the page is from the same developer.

Like Roja Directa, we can download and watch free online games without downloading, it provides multiple links to the same game, which can be redirected to the stream without any problem. By giving you a variety of options to choose from, this is a huge advantage. Despite unsatisfactory changes, the biggest match is always available. 

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Alternatives to PirloTV: MamaHD


In our list of the best PirloTV alternatives, MamaHD cannot be missing. MamaHD presents real-time sports content through multiple links, so it is displayed in multiple languages ​​depending on the link you enter. But this increases your chances of finding the sporting event you want on your radio show.

Alternatives to PirloTV: Stream2Watch


Starting from the list of sites to watch sports games, Stream2Watch is one of the most powerful sites of its kind. With it, you can watch and enjoy high-quality content, including high-definition broadcasts and fully live broadcasts, because they come from the world’s top TV channels.

Get ready to watch matches, watch big tournaments, not miss the World Cup, watch the Olympic Games, etc.

On the other hand, Stream2Watch transmits all its content through a very special streaming system. We like it because you can watch multiple channels and streams by opening multiple windows in your browser without having to pause while watching your favorite matches.

However, in addition to the advertising timeslots included in each broadcast, you may also encounter some advertisements.

Alternatives to PirloTV:

The platform is managed in a forum format and offers many categories. In addition to offering various sports shows such as football, Formula One and basketball, the website also shows highlights of the biggest events of each specific sport.

Although the leagues excel in soccer matches, they also offer many matches in Latin American leagues and other regions of the world. There are not too many complaints about it, its interface is pleasant and easy to understand, in general it is a portal that is always updated with the latest games of the season. You can find one of the best options to enjoy open competition.

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Alternatives to PirloTV: RedStreams


Another platform in English as an alternative to Roja Directa, but its website is much more complete than There are many sports activities on RedStream (baseball, tennis, hockey, wrestling, etc.), but like other portals, soccer is particularly important here.

The little advertising makes it an ideal website to browse and perfectly describes all the content related to the streaming game, such as the time and description. In addition, it shares the format that we really like about Roja Directa and provides several links to each game to watch the game in HD quality, online and for free.

Alternatives to PirloTV:

As the name suggests, here you will find a soccer game that can be watched online for free. On weekends, it will be updated with HD streaming of all the best leagues in the world.

Although you can easily find the game within yourself with the help of an intuitive interface, it is also recommended that you use other websites to have a better chance of getting the game (or sports) that interest you. There is no doubt that not only can you find one of the best options, not only can it serve as one of the Alternatives to PirloTV, but you can also truly enjoy football.

Alternatives to PirloTV: FirstRow sports

FirstRow sports

English-language websites almost always offer a wider range of content in terms of the number of sports activities we can find. is one of them. In addition to football and soccer, the main and important sports are basketball, rugby, hockey, boxing, tennis and motor sports.

Although the interface doesn’t look completely pleasant, we found that the small intrusive ads that appeared in front of us are still appreciated.

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Alternatives to PirloTV: Batman-Sream

Batman stream

Although it is another quality platform, very similar to Ace Stream, but it has country/region restrictions, but it is still Batman-Stream. In it you can enjoy thousands of real-time and real-time broadcasts of the most spectacular sports games from around the world. This includes major championships and world cups, as well as the Olympic Games and international championships. Similarly, you can select the broadcast channel and feed for each zone.

As if that weren’t enough, BatmanStream works well on all types of devices (including smartphones and desktop computers) because they can work directly through a browser and over an Internet connection. In any case, this is a free suggestion, you don’t need to pay any fees, because all broadcasts do not require payment or payment. However, as we told you at the beginning, some countries have prohibited its use in their territories.

Alternatives to PirloTV:

A free online sports platform in which the broadcast of football matches in all categories dominates. On the home page, it is very easy to use by searching for all content listed in chronological order, regardless of the sport or level of the league/competition in question. However, if it’s more convenient for you, you can also filter by specific sports.

It is in English and, although you won’t get lost, it offers users the option to change the language of the game’s commentators. As for sports, from the most common sports to the less popular ones such as handball and volleyball.

Alternatives to PirloTV: Acestream


Acestream is another most popular app for watching live TV and sports events. It stands out for the quality provided by its P2P network transmission . It is very easy to use, you just need a link to start the required game.

Nowadays, it is more popular than Sopcast for its convenience and good performance. It is based on VLC Media Player, so you are very familiar with most of the features. Many of the sites we reviewed provide links to this app.

Alternatives to PirloTV:


On this platform, all football leagues from America and Europe and the rest of the world have their space, ranging from local matches to more relevant matches. Likewise, it has an interface in a forum-type format, which makes it easier and faster to search for all the content you need, given that it handles few ads, it is friendly and intuitive.

Furthermore, if you are not only interested in football, also provides you with a wide range of sports for you to choose from and determine when to broadcast your matches. You can get almost all sporting events live.

Alternatives to PirloTV: Intergolestv

Another online match streaming site has gained huge popularity due to the wide variety of matches on the internet. Therefore, it has become one of the most visited pages of this type in the world.

All in all, we can say that Intergoles is a website where you can access all the balls you want to see without having to pay anything.

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What happens with Pirlo TV?

Pirlo TV is one of the most used streaming sites in the world, but this does not mean that it is free of legal problems. The site has been temporarily closed by authorities. Let’s look at the most important problems that we can find in Pirlo TV:

  • They will continue to close it due to not having sports licenses.
  • Every time you click on a link on the web, there are too many pop-up ads.
  • Sometimes the image freezes causing a real-time delay of more than 10 seconds.

As you can see, these three problems are very annoying, which is why some web pages have been created to replace Pirlo TV, as we have listed in this article.

On this type of page, one of the biggest frustrations you encounter is problems loading content. Many users say that the game sounds cannot be heard or the real-time image effect is not good. Keep in mind that this type of platform will receive a lot of access and the server may become saturated.

Also, in some countries, the Pirlo TV domain may be blocked.

When is it operational? How to watch Pirlo TV for free without cuts and in HD?

Being a website, you can connect to its services in very different ways: through a PC, tablet, smartphone or even SmartTV. It can be done on Android devices or using iPhone and iPad.

After entering the platform, you must visit the section where the channel that broadcasts the match you are looking for is located. Therefore, it is important to know the different parts of this website so that you can navigate quickly and easily without wasting time.

When you enter your house, you will see a series of games in the form of an hourly calendar. These are the broadcasts that were live at that time. The normal situation is that if your game will be played within an hour near your query, you will find a link to a specific channel.

Tips to watch the games without interruptions and without ads on PirloTV

As for being able to watch football matches on Pirlo TV for free and without interruptions, things get complicated. The normal thing is that emissions are reduced at some point, and there are interruptions, but this is something free. If you don’t want to miss anything that happened on the court, then this website is not the best option.

It may seem obvious, but there is no doubt that planning play time is very important. 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient, although if you are entering Pirlo TV for the first time, 30 minutes is best. Not only can you find the relevant channel, you can also set up the connection and ensure that you can view the meeting normally on that channel.

Also, try to make sure your connection is good and, if possible, connect via cable. If the connection is stable, it should not cause problems through Wi-Fi. Finally, we recommend that you do not install any apps or add-ons suggested by the pop-up on these platforms, because you don’t need anything to watch the video.

For advertising purposes, you can download AdBlocker to block ads on this domain. There are several programs that can help remove ad spam and of course one of them can help.

Recommendations to enter Pirlo TV safely

If you want to enjoy various football games safely, you should follow the tips and recommendations below. Therefore, you can ensure that your experience on Pirlo TV is completely safe and risk-free.

All these suggestions will help you when you want to enjoy the best world soccer game without worrying about anything else.

Use a VPN

A VPN can help you hide your IP, making it difficult to track, making it harder for potential hackers lurking on the network. Additionally, using a VPN, you can access all types of content that is not available in your country.

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Use antivirus software

One of the main steps in maintaining your online security is to have up-to-date and working antivirus software. This way, all malicious software will be blocked immediately.

Avoid downloading or clicking on suspicious links on PirloTV

One of the most important tips to remember is not to download any content from such sites. Generally, downloaded files of uncertain origin may contain various viruses that affect our computers.


Will Pirlo TV be available in 2021?

Yes, at the beginning of 2021. Pirlo TV is fully available on its “.FR” domain. Therefore, if you want to enter, you can enter from the Pirlo TV direct link.

Is there any risk when using these alternative pages to Pirlo TV?

It works. Pirlo TV is a website that does not have any type of regulations or security for the hosted content. Therefore, many links or links on the network may contain malware, spyware, etc.

Does Pirlo TV have the right or license to broadcast all these football matches?

No, Pirlo TV does not have any rights or licenses and cannot broadcast any type of sports competitions or games. This is why these websites are often shut down due to lawsuits and copyright claims.

What sporting events can we see on the alternatives to Pirlo TV?

Surely every football fan will want to know what Pirlo TV has to offer. For this reason, we have prepared a list where you can find almost all the content available on the free platform in 2021.

Santiago Bernabeu – Pixabay


The league

The League is one of the best football competitions in the world, thanks to the best players of the moment. For this reason, he has become one of the most popular stars in the world with the nickname Star League. This way, if you want to follow all the matches of your favorite team, you can do so every day through Pirlo TV.

Copa del Rey

Due to the outstanding performance of teams from all walks of life trying to win the ancient trophy, the Copa del Rey is one of the most tracked championships in the world. Therefore, in the National Cup report, Pirlo TV played many games in the final stage of the Copa del Rey final.

Spain Supercup

Although this is a recently revised tournament, Pirlo TV reports well on the fixtures that currently make up the competition. On this website you can enjoy the next Super Cup.

European competitions

The UEFA Champions League

As far as European clubs are concerned, the UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular events in the world. Apart from being one of the most prestigious games, this game is also one of the most interesting games for all fans who watch good football.

Therefore, on Pirlo TV, you can enjoy the exciting showdown in the final stage of the UEFA Champions League in the current 2023 season.

Europa League

With Pirlo TV, you can follow the club competition that ranks second in Europe. On this website, you can enter the exciting final stage from the team competitions to the long-awaited Continental Trophy. In addition, you will be able to broadcast and directly access all the matches of this prestigious tournament.

European Super Cup

Another event that can be enjoyed together on Pirlo TV is the European Super Cup. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a match that shocked the Champions League and Europa League titles at the end of the 2020/2021 season. This exciting game has never suffered from a good football match and fierce competition.

International leagues

Premier League

The Premier League is an almost incomparable league. For many people, the English Football Championship is the best in the world. For this reason, thousands of fans seek to follow all the football matches on the island, and all content is provided for free.


Thanks to the great strength of Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga has become increasingly popular. However, the German Championship is still one of the most talented young players, so all matches must be watched.

A series

Serie A has recently become a very interesting champion. All kinds of great teams in history have risen to the top again to find the country that dominates the boots. Therefore, all calcium fans will be happy to know that Pirlo TV offers all Serie A matches.

Ligue 1

The French First League Championship may not be one of the most popular or exciting events. However, the presence of great talents and big stars in the future makes it a very interesting alliance. Therefore, if you want to watch all the PSG, Spain, Marseille or Monaco matches, you can watch them on Pirlo TV every day.

Other European leagues

Fortunately, the great variety of matches allows us to enjoy a large number of matches from other European leagues that are not in the top 5.

European national cups

FA Cup

Take England as an example: the oldest professional football game in history also has a place on Pirlo TV. The website is responsible for providing users with a large number of Football Association Cup matches to attract British football fans.

EFL League Cup

Another British competition that has attracted a lot of attention on Pirlo TV. Although the EFL League Cup is not as impressive as the FA Cup, it is one of the most important tournaments in English football. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the best gameplay of this game, Pirlo TV is an ideal place.

Community Shield

Community Shield is a small tournament in England. In fact, many people claim that this is nothing more than an elegant friendship between the league and the cup winners. However, this is the closest in the British country to the National Super Cup.

Italian Cup

The Coppa Italia is a fairly old game, with extensive coverage on Pirlo TV. On the Internet you can find the most important national Calcio cups from the initial stage to the final stage.

French Cup

The French Cup is another cup in the Pirlo TV catalogue. On this website, you can find many matches related to the French Cup. Therefore, he will be able to follow in the footsteps of a team that is trying to snatch glory from the most important clubs in France.

American soccer leagues

Main South American soccer leagues

On Pirlo TV, you can enjoy most of the South American national championships. Among them, obviously, we can highlight the champions of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil.


The MLS competition is a competition that has recently started to gain great popularity around the world. Overall, interest in soccer in North America has never been higher. However, because there are many big stars traveling there, MLS has become a league worth watching.

Other sporting events

Pirlo TV not only offers its users football matches, but also offers various sports and international competitions.

And finally

You don’t have to worry about being unable to access the Pirlo TV page or feeling uncomfortable. There are some valuable suggestions on alternative methods on the Internet. Throughout this article, we will introduce you and provide you with a description of the services provided by each service.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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