SaferVPN is a VPN ( virtual private network ) service provider still in development. However, although there are other cheaper VPN network providers, Safer VPN offers a very rare value for money in the global digital market. “Save money while sailing at high speed” is an ideal phrase to describe the benefits offered.

Because? The answer is overwhelming: using the Internet under the parameters of Safe VPN is a guarantee of the concealment of server locations, the protection of personal information (such as email or banking information, for example) and the connection to any Wi-Fi network without compromising the security of the user’s preferred device, whether laptop or smartphone.

Reasons to use SaferVPN

Freedom of information is a right stipulated in all the constitutional texts of the nations that guarantee human rights and democracy. Likewise, user privacy has been the subject of debate over the last decade. This is because, unfortunately, the protection of personal data on the Internet is almost always in question.


safe vpn

For these reasons, VPNsafer —translated into Spanish, it is “the VPN insurer”— is usually a fairly common topic of conversation in live chat about computer security. And how can it not be, if when reviewing the SaferVPN review forums the most appreciated function is that it allows unlimited access to any connection, without restrictions of any kind.

Plans and Prices


safervpn prices

There are three contracting methods to obtain Safe VPN. The first is the simple package in exchange for US$ 10.99 per month; the second provides twelve months of protection for a monthly price of US$5.49; and the third covers twenty-four months of secure VPN by paying only US$3.29 monthly.

Purchasing this excellent Safe VPN provider is incredibly easy. Simply type “SaferVPN download ” in the search engine and several links will appear with the price and duration options specified in the previous paragraph. In addition, on the official site there are the best download links, as well as a very good customer service section to assist and resolve any user concerns.

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Summary sheet for SaferVPN

Records? No records
P2P? Yes, torrents allowed
Netflix US, UK, FR, CA, AU, DE
Multiple login 5 simultaneous sessions
Countries covered 50+
Supported devices Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome, Router
Return guarantee? 30 days
Protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN,L2TP/IPSecIKEv2, PPTP
Data in transit Unlimited
Encryption Military 256 bit
IP adress 2,000+
Servers 1,300+

Browsing with automatic security


safervpn kill switch

The very typical question and answer sections within websites dedicated to digital news reflect that SaferVPN reviews are very favorable. Especially when you consider the return on investment needed to enjoy the best protection against hackers and restrictive government monitors. Thanks to its unlimited generation of IP addresses, it is impossible to locate the user.

In addition, VPNsafer allows you to browse with automatic security on any Wi-Fi network, including those in public establishments such as shopping centers or restaurants. Safe VPN means global access, without considering the implementation of censorship or geographic location controls when enjoying streaming events or making multiple downloads.


safer vpn auto wifi

Using SaferVPN

There is specific censored content or some banned platforms (such as Netflix or certain social networks) within certain countries whose laws are contrary to freedom of information. However, with Safe VPN this is no longer a problem due to the so-called encrypted tunnel that prevents hackers, as well as any unwanted software or malware , from knowing the Internet user’s real IP address.

The VPNsafer mechanism creates multiple IP addresses in order to hide the true access location. It is important not to doubt the following point: using a safer VPN tool is completely legal! What’s more, SaferVPN’s great speed is unchanged. This means that neither the bandwidth nor the torrent download capacity are diminished no matter how intense the internet traffic is .

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Of course, the best VPNsafer is compatible with a huge variety of devices. It can be installed on desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops or any device connected through the IoT (internet of things). This quality is essential in the context of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0, where the line between “the real” and “the virtual” is increasingly blurred.

In addition, the high speed of information exchange is increased thanks to the integration of the different devices selected by the user for the installation of SaferVPN. This aspect gives this system a practical quality highly valued among reviews related to security methods on the web.

Operating systems

Safer VPN adapts to any operating system: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS… Consequently, its installation does not demand additional requirements beyond the storage necessary for a common program (Windows Media Player, for example) or a mobile application.

SaferVPN Windows


safervpn windows connect

SaferVPN MacOS


safervpn mac vpn app

SaferVPN Android


safervpn android connected

SaferVPN iOS


safervpn ios login

Other features

Safer VPN Chrome is a great extension that provides the most optimal browsing. This results in peace of mind plus protection of privacy and information exchanged by users. But that’s not all, SaferVPN provides protection in other browsers: Modzilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera, among others.

Additionally, when web servers cannot precisely know a user’s IP address, it is possible to get cheaper tickets when purchasing items whose price varies according to the country (air tickets are a frequent case). In other words, Safer VPN not only protects from hackers, allows excellent streaming and easy downloads, it also saves you money.

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Customer Service

The support and customer service works very efficiently seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In other words: at any time and place, whenever and wherever the person needs assistance, literally. In this way, VPNsafer users have one hundred percent reliable support. This allows any problem to be resolved and will clear up any doubts regardless of the time or if it is a holiday.

Final appreciations

Safer VPN is the best VPN service currently available on the internet. Its developers are in permanent optimization work to maintain the very high level of protection of users’ personal data and the information exchanged. Likewise, it is a very effective method to guarantee downloads in torrent mode , access websites restricted by geographic location and save money.

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SaferVPN reviews

SaferVPN is one of the easiest VPN services I’ve tested, making it an ideal solution for beginners who want to protect themselves online. While more skilled users can use it, the lack of options is a bit frustrating… Despite servers optimized for streaming, SaferVPN does not work with NetflixThe performance of these servers is perfect for watching HD video, but not on Netflix… And if you want to use Safer VPN to download torrents, no problem! In fact, there is even a server optimized for that. Finally, with clients or apps for each platform, you can benefit from SaferVPN services on all your devices.

Value for money –        7
Easy to use –                  7
Accessibility –               8
Compatible devices –  8
Countries covered –    8
TOTAL SCORE –            7.6

Advantages of Proton VPN

  • economic
  • Native apps for iPhone and Android
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, no registrations
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages of Proton VPN

  • Few configuration options
  • No built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • No IP obligation
  • No DNS leak protection
  • Session information

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