Qustodio VPN

Qustodio VPN

Can I assure you that you have had moments when you have required supervision for your children? Let’s get to know the new VPN presented by Qustodio app . In these times, young people are strongly influenced by Internet networks to carry out multiple daily actions. Many seek entertainment through video games and watching movies. The use of social networks is a constant, as is online research for school assignments. The Internet is part of daily technology so it must be taken into account. Thanks to the Qustodio app, parents can monitor the activity or adventures of their children through online monitoring.

Get to know the Qustodio app

For those parents who are interested in getting involved in the upbringing of their children, in this technical and modern analysis of the Qustodio families . If you download qustodio and with the application you will see that you will get everything you need to record in detail the activities carried out by your children, from filtering when browsing web pages to the option to block inappropriate content .

Qustodio free VPN app is multifunctional

This application is fully adaptable to the needs and characteristics of your children, so it is customizable and has the option of being verified in real time in the control panel provided by qstudio online and its aforementioned application.

Various opinions or qustodio opinions agree that it is extremely practical because it works through the configuration of personalized VPN servers that process raw internet traffic to cure it so that it reaches your children’s device, complying with the configurations desired by the parents.

The Qustodio families are so extensive that mentioning this service is one of its many functionalities. For those young students, parents can assign them a specially organized homework layout. There is even a design of the application for companies where the exclusive use of computers is planned to navigate work sites, discarding other web pages.

How much does it cost to download the application?


qustodio pricing plans

The cost for this family application is quite high, given its large number of really useful and effective functions, however, there are packages for customers to choose from according to their needs.

You can count on a Small size package for the family, which allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. It has the Medium size package , which helps you monitor up to 10 devices of your children and other family members you want. Ultimately, it has the Large size package , which covers up to 15 devices at a time. Premium plans that are ideal for Qustodio families where many technological devices are used such as Qustodio iPhone, Android devices, etc.

The application starts with a price of $54.95. which was quite high. The good news is that due to the decline that has been generated, prices have dropped , making them more accessible to a large interested public. Many users find the prices more profitable, especially those who are interested in the small package size.

Can the Qustodio app be purchased for free?

Great news! We can tell you in advance that this is possible for those parents who have many financial responsibilities and have a budget that limits them from acquiring this technology.

The company offers the Qustodio app as a free trial version, in which you can monitor your children’s device for seven days; unlike the Premium application that allows you to record up to 30 days of activity history. In this plan you will have the functions of filtering web content, limiting time, to make the most of the time restrictions with which the Qustodio version has opinions.

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Qustodio Summary Sheet

Records Yes, record everything
Torrents N/A
Netflix N/A
Multiple login Depending on the plan , from 1 to 15
Countries covered United States and United Kingdom
Supported devices Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Kindle
Return guarantee? 30 days
Protocols Not disclosed
Data traffic Unlimited
Encryption Not disclosed
IP adress Not disclosed
Servers Not disclosed

How to configure Qustodio free VPN

Follow this guide carefully so you can learn how to use this application:

1. Home : Go to the Qustodio home page and select a cancellation plan, depending on the package you have selected (small, medium, long) and proceed to subscribe.

2. Certify the license : Enter the code and proceed to create your registration on the website.


qustodio portal

3. Affiliate your child : Enter their information. It is extremely quick and easy to do. First you add his name, then his date of birth, then you add his gender and select an avatar.


qustodio installer window

4. Add the device to monitor : Determine the account parameters and set it to your child’s profile. For both the Mac and Windows operating systems or Windows Mac, you have the option to repeat the settings you determined for your account on any other account you select.

It should be noted that as this is the first time the profile is configured in the Qustodio app from the Play Store and App Store, you must specify whether it is a primary or secondary device.

For the Qustodio Android reviews, you are required to enable authorizations: Applications with usage access, accessibility access, device level access (this is for SMS, calls, location, media and contacts) and device management application.

For the iOS app , you need to generate the profile separately and then install qustodio so that the functions are not affected.

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Anything I should know about VNP Qustodio apps?

It is interesting to note in this analysis of technological applications that the Qustodio Android app has similarities but also a variation with the iOS application . Among the similarities, it stands out that this version retains most of the functions of its predecessor:

  • The time limiter.
  • Programming applications.
  • Web filtering.
  • Locking devices.

Unlike the iOS Qustodio families VPN which is unable to monitor, block text messages and calls. Likewise, it is impossible to activate the panic button on the Apple device; which generates an alarm that alerts you if your child is located in a dangerous place.

Another marked difference is the report that Qustodio Android reviews records with the location where you can configure and individualize the frequency where your child is, but unlike Apple, this location is only updated when the position has changed.

You will notice that being a Qustodio Android user that all the mentioned features are available to the user, in addition to having additional advantages that Qustodio iOS customers cannot get.

In the following section you can know all the detailed features that you can get from the Qustodio reviews VPN app where parental control is the priority.

Qustodio VPN offers you specified reports

Wonderful feature that Qustodio families VPN offers to generate a daily summary report with all your children’s activity, which will be sent to you by email daily or weekly at a specific time, and in the same way it has the option to Disable notifications in the online control panel if that is your preference.

Monitoring and blocking applications in Qustodio VPN families

The entire set of activities your child receives is intelligently displayed in a circular pie chart. This report is separated by lines where an entertainment section is shown, another for social networks, the qustodio family portal or search portal, etc.

The family Qustodio has the option to block the section you don’t like by simply clicking on it. A negative is that the data used such as the words that have been searched cannot be verified.

Qustodio VPN filters content

A very particular feature of the free application is that it filters the content according to the requirements of parents. The application blocks all websites that match the assigned categories, for example, drugs, gambling, pornography and violence, among others. Apart from these, there are other categories to customize the filtering of information to navigate on social networks, video games and entertainment pages and even shared files.

Sites that do not fall within the pre-designed categories in the application can be blocked directly to protect the content. In fact, you can even receive notifications that will be constantly updated to know if you are browsing an undesirable site.

Something worth noting is that Qustodio reviews VPN works on the entire assigned device or, in other words, qustodio on all devices, regardless of the web browser, so your children will not have the possibility of bypassing the blocks by opening another browser. In addition, it has the ability to block all sites that fall into the assigned categories, even deactivating the “Gaps” category, which is where the proxy servers and VPNs are related.

There are time limits in the VPN application

If you consider it necessary to limit the amount of time that your child will be online, the application and the app gives you that option where you can establish a maximum time, such as making the decision to increase or decrease the limit range.

You can block the device your child uses at will when you see that the young person is distracted by it. Something in its favor is that despite blocking the device, this fact does not affect the emergency numbers for special cases.

This way you definitely think about the family and can create usage schedules, such as setting limitations for the diary, or blocking it completely for several days or until you decide it’s enough. This way the young person will be able to dedicate themselves to their studies and will not browse social networks.

Location reporting and social media monitoring

One of the main objectives is to monitor social networks. For this, it has a tab for networks, but of all of them, it only has the ability to monitor Facebook . The only requirement is that your child logs in on the desktop with the Qustodio app activated.

Networks like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and others are not monitorable. This feature is not usable in the free version of the application , unlike the first 3 applications.

From the app’s dashboard, you can view your child’s online activity or activities that include photos, comments, visits to friends’ profiles, and chats they’ve opened, whether online or offline. Although the monitoring sounds very intense. The family chat does not show the conversations that the young user has made, thus giving them a bit of privacy, the conditions of use privacy policy. The father will be able to know the time and the person with whom his son spoke but not find out the exact content.

SMS management

Qustodio app thought of everything and had to implement the option to monitor calls and SMS. You will be able to read every word used in the communication between your child and a third party. Block it if you consider it necessary. Through the reports that will reach you, contemplating the written content, but this possibility is a particular feature that Qustodio Android family users will enjoy.

Panic button

For those parents who are interested in addressing the safety of their child, the application has a panic button that alerts the phones that are related to it with an automatic signal . Simply configure it with trusted numbers and it will be enough for it to activate until the phone or mobile phone turns off.


qustodio panic boton

It should be noted that the application communicates exclusively to affiliated numbers, but not to public emergency services .

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What Qustodio VPN users should know

Attention parents

Applications for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

For those parents who shy away from technology and only know how to use the basics of computing; The application interface is quite friendly and easy to understand.


qustodio portal login

The portal has a dashboard of page previews with the complete history of the sites your child has visited, and also highlights whether these sites have the Web of Trust certificate with a domain to know if they are trustworthy or not.

You can configure the parameters: Families suggest that you let your child navigate freely, instead of setting parameters right off the bat. Before setting up your measurements, first know the areas your little one likes to visit so that they learn where the content needs to be regularized.

Once you have obtained the recurring navigation list, configure it at your discretion to generate the rules to follow. All you have to do is press the clock icon next to the green button.

Apps for Android and iOS

You will have the ease of managing the functions through your simple web browser even if it may seem aesthetically outdated.


qustodio android

Attention young people

It is quite common to try to circumvent the device’s parameters but outside of what can be perceived; The application password cannot be cheated and is only known to the person who determined it. The only way to uninstall the program is by knowing the password. Whenever they visit a prohibited site they will be redirected to a destination page.


The app has buyer service

Parents should analyze whether or not the customer service offered by Qustodio opinions and VPN is suitable for them , since in the event of a contingency they must send a ticket detailing the problem so that it can be responded to within 1 to 2 days. If you start looking, the waiting time is short, but for those who are pressed for an answer; that is the average period indicated.

Apart from this, the Qustodio app selection team exercises priority attention to Premium users. This situation could be seen as exclusive but at the same time it is understandable that these benefits arise from being premium customers.

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A summary of Qustodio VPN families

Parents have the authority to impose rules that they consider necessary in the education of their children and advances in technology have developed tools that allow them to do so. It can be concluded that the application is one of the best options for content delimitation that can be found. Parents who want to regularize their children’s education have a good alternative in terms of parental control.

It is necessary to mention that the premium version has a fairly expensive annual fee, which is compensated by the incredible functions it offers. In any case, it is recommended that before starting; Explore the free version of the application that has a large number of features of the paid version so that you make the most convenient decision.

Qustodio Reviews

Privacy and security –             9
Characteristics –                       8.5
Speed ​​and Performance –     9
Money hair value –                  9.5
Ease of use –                              9.5
TOTAL SCORE –                       6.9

Advantages of Qustodio VPN

  • Monitor children’s activities
  • Protect children’s devices
  • Free version available

Disadvantages of Qustodio VPN

  • May not work with Netflix
  • Logs (activity, apps, calls, text messages, etc.)

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