Gnula doesn’t work: better alternatives | Gnula alternatives

Gnula doesn’t work: better alternatives | Gnula alternatives

Gnula has long been one of the top websites for watching and downloading movie-related content. The contents could be viewed in DVD or HD quality. Although the best of all was being able to see great classics of all times as well as the latest releases on the billboard.

However, the website has already announced its final closure, what are the reasons?

Gnula doesn’t work what happened? Is it a final closure?

The end of Gnula is already a fact and it does not seem that the web will be restored in the future. With it, one of the most extensive cinematographic catalogs for lovers of the genre disappears. The closure of the website has spread to most countries around the world, especially in Latin America and Spain, due to legal prohibitions that prevent the download of this type of content.

Despite the closure of this successful platform, there are many other alternatives that have good content specialized in movies and television series. The availability of these websites is not certain, but today they are still active.

Gnula fall: The best alternatives to Gnula to watch and download movies


PelisPlus is one of the best websites similar to Gnula , especially if you want to enjoy new content and the best releases of the moment. Most of the content is available in high resolution and it also has a catalog of television series.

If you are also a lover of the classics, you can find a good collection of films from different years since 1931. A complete website with themes for all tastes.


With Inkaseries it is very easy to download content, especially television series since it offers a neat interface. At a single glance you will be able to see the latest episodes and the latest seasons of the most watched series.

It offers direct access to a specific website for movies from where you can see the list with the most popular and the latest news.


In the case of Pepecine tv , despite not being a veteran, it has a wide catalog of content. This is because the contents are provided by the user community , so the variety in terms of genres and formats is very wide.

This platform is one of the best options to find less popular content. Although, on the other hand, it is convenient to use a blocker to avoid invasive advertising.


If you are looking for movies or television series with subtitles, Pelispedia is the website you need. One point in favor of this website is that it is continuously updated, making it perfect for accessing the latest news.

On the other hand, the web offers a section with the latest news from the world of cinema and the possibility of viewing the contents in streaming, avoiding downloads.

Free Cinema Online

All content offered by this platform is free of copyright . Although you will not find the latest releases, it is a good alternative to enjoy movie classics from all decades.

  • You can access sections of silent films, documentaries, series B or short films
  • All content is available online
  • There is a section to watch cartoons from all eras

Cuevana 2

Another of the substitute websites for Gnula that stands out for its simple interface in which the most popular content of the moment is displayed. You can choose to watch the movies in their original version or access a specific section of movies only in Spanish.

In the series section, it works so that you can watch the episodes of each season continuously, much like Netflix. Enjoy downloading the content or playing it online.


Peliculator is a highly recommended option if you are looking for multiple viewing options. For the same movie it offers different resolutions, dubbed versions, subtitles and download links.

You can filter the search by title, cast, director and even by users. If you can’t decide which movie to choose, you can always resort to the Recommendations option .

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On this website, browsing is easy and you can see a summary of all the available content, at a single glance

  • The popularity of the contents is ordered according to the opinions of the users
  • You can access the trailer and the synopsis of any of the contents
  • It has thematic lists to narrow the search for specific films


Another website very similar to Gnula in which you have the best new releases of the moment. With a renewed and striking interface, you can access movie lists by genre, including a section with the best of anime .

On the other hand, the web offers an application for Android and a specific section with content only for children.

Z Series

SerieZ has the advantage of uploading numerous news every day, both the latest episodes of current series and movies that are still in theaters.

The web is being renewed but it already integrates some interesting functions under construction such as a news section or a calendar. In each content you will be able to find numerous links, dubbing versions and types of resolution.


From the main Pelisplay website you can now access all the movies and series depending on their release date. You only have to pass the mouse over to view all the information related to the content.

The possibility of being able to leave comments is an advantage when choosing the most reliable content. In addition, you can see an image gallery or access the trailer.


Megadede offers all its content in Full HD quality and excellent sound quality. This, added to the daily content update, makes it one of the best substitutes for Gnula.

You can choose the language or the option to watch the movies with subtitles. In addition, it allows you to comment on the contents with other users and is compatible with Chromecast .


Dospelis is a website perfectly organized to facilitate the search for any content. You can do it by year, gender, by letter of the alphabet or by using the search box directly.

If you can’t find the movie you’re looking for, the website offers you a section where you can request it. It even has a section with a specific tutorial so you can download any movie without complications.


Peliculaspro is a very easy to use and visual website where you can see the best new releases and outstanding series from the main page

  • All contents have a trailer and similar recommendations
  • You can share the links on the main social networks
  • It has files of actors and a list of films in which they have intervened


Pelis28 offers content available since 1937, which allows access to great classics as well as the most recent films of the moment. One of the outstanding features of this website is that it allows you to watch the most popular Netflix movies completely free.

It offers, on the other hand, a section to help you download content safely and even a function to view randomly available content. This is very useful if you want to discover new genres or unknown titles.

i watch moviesshd

Another of the websites that is most similar to Gnula is Veopeliculashd Its interface is very original, betting on a very visual design in which you can find the latest movies and series available.

At the top you can search for any content and you just have to click on the file you prefer to start playing it online. If you want more, the website offers you related content.

look at everything

In Miradetodo there is room for television series and movies. The film catalog is classified by genre, within which you can see how many films are included.

By clicking on the film you will access the online player, the option to add subtitles and the cast of actors that make it up.


Cliver is a very powerful platform that has an eye-catching website and a classification system with which you can quickly locate any content. You can locate movies and TV series based on current trends, new releases, or popular movies.

The most popular movies offer different language options and you can choose to watch the content online or download it to watch at another time.


Dixmax is an application that you can enjoy on Android, iOS and Windows, and that is also compatible with Chromecast

  • All content is free
  • In order to use the application it is necessary to register a user account
  • You can create your own personal lists with the contents of your choice
  • It has its own player, although it allows the option of choosing an external player


Popcorntime is the alternative to Netflix that you can enjoy on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices. Thus, you can create your personalized section with your favorite content, choose the type of display and customize the interface with different available themes.

One of the advantages that this application offers is that you can download the contents to watch them later, and from the device of your choice, without the need for a connection.


Stremio is a very complete option that has become one of the favorite alternatives to Gnula. Not only does it allow you to watch TV series and movies, you can also watch Youtube videos in streaming and access TV channels and shows.

This application is also compatible with the Apple TV service and with Chromecast. You will not have to deal, on the other hand, with the problem of advertising. Also, all content is completely free with unlimited access.


With this application it is very easy to have practically any multimedia content you are looking for

  • There is an option that allows you to watch live TV
  • It has its own video player
  • You can find movies, series, TV shows, cartoons and even anime


In HDFull you will be able to find extensive content between movies and all kinds of television content. The operation of the web is very basic and simple. It only presents a search bar and the two available sections with categorized content.

You simply have to click on the cover to access the content. Choose if you want to put the screen completely dark in theater mode, the server from which you want to see it or the subtitles.

What is the most recommended option to replace Gnula?

If you are looking for a content option specialized in movies, that ensures you have all the premieres of the moment, Megadede is the page most similar to Gnula that you can find today. Not only does it stand out for offering excellent sound and image quality in each of its contents, but it also constantly offers new content.

In order to view the contents in the best quality, it is necessary to create a user account. In exchange, you will have access to all the most successful television premieres and series without advertising and without cuts.

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