Alternatives to Appflix | Appflix Alternatives

Alternatives to Appflix | Appflix Alternatives

“Appflix not working” is one of the most frequent searches on Google . Many users find themselves with interrupted access to this application when they want to have some fun watching their favorite movies or series.

What happens in these cases is that the app’s servers are down . This happens as a consequence of the persecution they suffer from the Civil Guard. The violations of the Intellectual Property Law that these platforms carry out usually take them out of circulation.

And although after a while they return with all their characteristics, we cannot be waiting for them to see our contents. Therefore, in the following lines, we are going to review some of the best alternatives to Appflix .

18 alternatives to Appflix to watch movies for free from your computer or mobile


Cousin-brother of Pordede and Plusdede , they complete the most famous trilogy of audiovisual productions via streaming.

Suitable for Windows, Mac OS X or Android , it does not have an integrated player. For this reason, it uses the native of each environment.

Its main advantage is that it does not have advertising.


If Megadede is down or you don’t know where to see the latest releases, Freeflix may be the solution. For many viewers it is the most complete variant of Appflix.

It has a huge number of movies and series online, and we can broadcast the content on a big screen, synchronizing the mobile with the TV .

And while it does have built-in ads, they don’t tarnish the customer experience.

Popcorn time

A program for Windows computers that proposes a different use.

The idea is that we watch the movies and series through torrent links once they have been downloaded. This process begins once the title we like is selected. Thus, the speed of the Internet connection becomes a key factor.

Its catalog is extensive, both in HD and Full HD tapes, and the presence of advertisements is almost nil.

Repelis Plus

Another page like Appflix whose collection is similar to those of Megadede or Plusdede. However, it is oriented a bit more towards movies and series in Spanish.

To see the films we must open the links in Openload . There practically all are in HD.

The user interface resembles that of Netflix , making it very intuitive to navigate. But if you prefer to do without the mobile, its website also more than complies.


Her name gives her away. An application designed for anime lovers.

Its catalog of Japanese movies and series is immense , and for a thematic service, the advertising that has been added to it is not in the way at all. The visual definition is amazing.

You can also choose between several languages : the original with subtitles, Spanish or Latin Spanish.


DixMax or dixmx as some call it, is mostly famous for its browser version . It also has an interesting app. The directories do not present major differences.

Similarly, we recommend its Android version , as it leaves out the annoying ads.

Keep in mind that it is convenient to create a user profile to be able to use it.

  • Guest mode
  • custom notifications
  • fully configurable
  • tab menu


Another from Megadede’s family. By sharing your servers, the contents are identical.

The great distinction between the two is that it offers a finer aesthetic, more pleasing to the eye.

It also does not launch advertising banners when we use it.


It is not a platform to watch series and movies through the common Internet.

We are talking about an open source controller , from which external sources can be added to display this type of content in enormous demand.

If we are skilled enough, it is possible to generate a catalog on a par with HBO or Netflix. In addition, we can add live television, radios, and productions from specific countries.

It works on Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.

If you don’t have patience or are somewhat clumsy with technology, you better keep reading.


This time a web page, without software downloads. In her field, one of the most attractive.

Its compilation of titles seems endless, ranging from new releases to all-time classics .

Due to the number of links at hand, we will be able to define exactly the resolution and the language that interests us the most, such as jumping from one chapter to another in the series.


The last one ending in “dede”. This page, like Megadede, is somewhat closed but efficient. In order to enjoy its contents, you will have to ask for an invitation on social networks and forums.

Its catalog is not that big, but little by little it is incorporating more productions .


rating above four stars on Google Play is not for everyone. This application achieves this by dint of a good offer of movies and series in HD.

Its recent updates have been quite criticized, but it is still advisable to give it a try.

kuda movies

Not as well valued as the previous one, it can get us out of trouble to watch movies on the couch at home.

The organization by categories of the films and the visual quality are its most salient virtues.

  • Since Android 5.0
  • no registration
  • Works with Chromecast
  • Great audio definition


Unlike the previous ones, we cannot download it officially, that is, from Google Play. But you can find its APK on several reliable sites.

Among its most solid arguments we have the variety of movies and series and a very good appearance .

PelisPLUS Chromecast

We return to the Android application store to find another official solution.

If you’re someone who prefers the TV for your tapes, this service can sync with Google Chromecast devices . It is enough to review its catalogue, choose the title and launch it.

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 Gnula TV Lite & Gnula

The Gnula website used to be one of the great references in online entertainment . Over time, these apps have been able to replace it.

You can install them on your Android tablet or mobile, to take with you a large library of movies and series in good resolution and in different languages.

Both versions coincide in most of their features.


If you can’t find a particular tape with the above apps, you should try this one. Many times you will find films that you thought had disappeared .

To download it, you have to do it from its official site.

  • Multiple providers
  • Synopsis of the films
  • Favorites management
  • native player


Good option for movies, but more than anything for series . In that case, it’s outstanding.

You also have to download it from their website.


The best alternative to Appflix, or one of the best .

Its interface is minimalist and light, with which it runs on old mobiles without problems. You can choose the playback quality of each title.

Its filters allow you to save time until you find our movie or series. Also, by not connecting to intermediary platforms, it minimizes delays.

Perfectly compatible with Chromecast , the amount of ads is acceptable.

Its Server Mode enables us to send you content from other computers or a browser.

Finally, your Telegram community can be extremely useful if we experience problems or inconveniences when playing.

Cinema within everyone’s reach

Despite the crashes that systems like Appflix may occasionally suffer, there are so many similar apps that have been developed over the years that we have no excuses for not having fun.

We have previously pointed out several heterogeneous solutions, one for each type of audience . Some work in browsers, others download on mobile. There are also them for tablets or PCs, and those for Smart TVs, such as Kodi, are not missed.

It is enough that you review its benefits so that you can choose the one that best suits your conditions.

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