BestTorrent Alternatives | Alternatives to BestTorrent | Mejortorrent

BestTorrent Alternatives | Alternatives to BestTorrent | Mejortorrent

For a long time, almost from the moment the Internet appeared, downloading files via torrents was established as one of the easiest ways to exchange files between users , without having to pay for them. Over the years, this innocent practice led to all kinds of uses of an already indispensable technology.

As a consequence of this, for example, torrent pages appeared , trackers in which we could find a huge number of movies, series, documentaries, games, installable programs, etc. On these websites it is possible to download content while allowing other users to access what is on our computer.

How Mejortorrent led Downloads

In a few years, MejorTorrent was ranked among the first as a result of user preferences. The huge number of links to various files that we could find on this platform were enough for many to choose it over others.

How did you manage to win over the public? For example, with more than 50,000 torrents available or adding hundreds of new ones every day. The updates were constant and there was absolutely nothing to pay to use it . No need to register either.

Its user interface, while not overly modern, was intuitive even for newbies. We could save time by tracking files from a customizable search engine or directly diving into the catalog through the categories.

Besttorrent not working?

As has happened with many, this page was left in the eye of the storm when it was denounced that its elements violated intellectual and copyright rights . North American and European authorities work daily so that it is not active again.

Therefore, it is common for more than one person now to find that it does not work or is not down. Fortunately, interesting alternatives to MejorTorrent have also emerged that we should not lose sight of since they operate in a similar way, repeating several of their items.

If you want to know some of the best torrent download portals of 2020, we suggest you keep reading, to discover its basic features and main virtues .

20 alternatives to MejorTorrent to download files for free

ISO Hunt


ISO Hunt is one of the oldest websites where we can find movie releases, anime, games, software to install on the PC, etc.

Beyond the fact that its website was denounced on numerous occasions and had to change its address, for now it is working without major problems. On the front page you will see lists of torrents according to the section to which they belong, so it is easy to limit the search to our liking.

Since not all these websites offer anime, we recommend it especially for such files.

  • user forum
  • Possibility to register
  • Allows you to upload your torrents
  • eBook Collection



With more than a decade of experience and a very stable performance , in it you can find from series to complete distributions of operating systems.

Internal navigation is facilitated by the use of a bar system, although the ads can hinder it a bit. Using an ad blocker is not a bad idea .

Besides that, it is recommended to install a VPN . While it’s a near-required plugin for many of these sites, it’s especially a must for RARBG . This, due to the bad reputation it has in relation to the delivery of personal data to companies.



Many miss downloading movies from Mejortorrent. If this is your case, you have nothing to worry about because YTS is probably the best current website for this kind of files.

The catalog of classic films and tapes that have just arrived on the big screen is endless . But, besides that, almost all of them can be downloaded in different language and subtitle options.

The organization based on genres is perfect for not getting lost, although from time to time you should spend some time researching others. You will discover more than one pearl.



One of the most famous communities of torrent users found on the Internet today. Extratorrent stands out from others , which take into account the claims of intellectual and copyright rights, so that those contents that violate them last very little uploaded.

To the thousands of torrents that it keeps published, we must add our own VPN that we are advised to install to avoid problems while downloading the content .

Inactive on its original domain, you can access it thanks to the available “extensions” .



From the latest torrent sites. It offers one of the most modern and minimalist designs . From the search bar you can launch the scans you want, with automatic results.

What files do you have? From movies to applications, through television series, documentaries, adult content, and many others.

The speed with which they fix broken links is also very good.

popcorn time


“ The Netflix of torrents”, as many know it. It is not really a website but an application, which we can install on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

You will be able to watch movies by streaming, in quality up to Full HD, by clicking on the seeds of each title. If you are looking for an option similar to MejorTorrent but different, opt for it.


Originally called, today we can find it as, so it is convenient to try to find it from Google.

We are talking about a torrent search engine , which can lead us to them with the advantage of qualifying them according to category, stability and potential download speed,

Easy to use, even if they are your first steps with torrents, it is better to handle it from a VPN .



This torrent file indexing service uses TMDb’s database, The Movies Database, to provide a wide collection of content, mostly movies .

Although they ask us for donations to stay active, their ads are not too annoying, and you can download the movie you want with any BitTorrent protocol of your choice.

Of course, Zooqle is usually out of order occasionally, so it’s better to have a plan B at hand.

torrent hounds

torrent hounds

Survivor of many attacks and blockades by regulatory entities of these pages, it is an interesting solution to download movies, music, games, etc.

Its managers affirm that it has more than 80 million files of various sections .

Also , it comes with an exclusive torrent client . They recommend using it for compatibility reasons, but we have noticed that it is too slow.



Its aesthetic and graphic section does not admit discussions as one of the most accomplished on this list. It usually changes domain , so you may have to look it up manually.

When to use it? Especially if you are interested in movies and series in HD . Its greatest virtue is that almost all of them can be downloaded in original languages ​​and dubbed into Spanish from Spain or Latin.



The Pirate Bay needs virtually no introduction. As protagonist of the front pages of digital newspapers as among torrent download sites, it is one of the most famous alternatives in Spain and a good part of the world.

It proposes content for the whole family, and includes high-resolution audio books and comics .

Always check your domain ,  just in case.


Taking advantage of the absence of MejorTorrent, a group of webmasters decided to launch a website called in almost the same way: MejorTorrentt . Today it is one of the pleasant revelations in its category. To avoid problems, it does not offer downloads, only access to the seeds .



Torrentz is another of the portals that was blocked after being active for some time. As in the previous case, Torrentz2 is there to replace it by repeating many features.

Without great aspirations, it does very well in terms of games, documentaries and series.


Another one that tries to gain a foothold by repeating part of the name of MejorTorrent is Mejortorrent1. It’s basically a copy of the original .

The most attractive are the premieres, which maintain an amazing level of update, such as a wide collection of documentaries, music and games.



Sometimes, we may have the time and the desire to see a movie or series but we have not decided. For these moments, 1337x is a great help.

Its catalog is one of the most complete and the search method helps you always find some content that entertains you. Its interface, finally, is very well achieved.

  • Social sharing feature
  • Option to create an account
  • Trends of the day and week
  • Links to similar sites



One of the most recommended portals if you don’t want to focus so much on movies or television , but rather on anime, electronic books, or music . For each of these categories, it has a top 100 of the most downloaded by users.

It offers one of the best user experiences for this type of p2p portals.



Undoubtedly, the page that fans who follow each new series should bet on. Its selection is very complete, both for quantity and quality. Episodes that just aired on TV are added immediately , with no waiting.

It has a large community of users:

  • IMDB Top Placed
  • viewer ratings
  • Resolution up to Full HD
  • Trailers of the series and movies


Archive, also known as the Internet Archive, is the answer for those who want to download only legal .

As its name indicates, it is a kind of general web archive, a repository of thousands of files that range from applications to audiovisual productions and are stored over time in your blog.

public domain

E-books, royalty-free movies, and all manner of academic writing . We mention just a few of its elements, similar to those provided by the Internet Archive.



One of the most stable, it specializes in movies, series, documentaries and other video content. We do not need to register or anything similar and it is possible to choose the quality of the file .

These days, downloading files thanks to the Internet is simpler than before. The number of pages that track torrents has grown, and thus we can choose the one we want.

And what is the most recommended alternative to MejorTorrent? As we said, that will depend on what we expect from such a platform. For us, LimeTorrents is the closest to being able to replace it .

What to consider when downloading torrents?

But before starting to review torrents and download them on your computers, we are going to give you a series of warnings, so that you do not suffer inconveniences during this process .

In principle, it is essential to take into account that it is a step by step that is not always safe . P2P networks, which allow the exchange of files between clients located in different parts of the world, often also transmit malicious elements, such as viruses .

How to avoid them? The best thing will be that you install an ad blocker, so that the ads do not even run. A VPN can keep your personal information hidden from outside eyes. And, finally, an antivirus will solve any damage that arises.

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