The 5 Best Android VPN | Protect Your Smartphone With a VPN App

The 5 Best Android VPN | Protect Your Smartphone With a VPN App

Currently the most used devices are Smartphones, people prefer applications and manage their lives through their phones. These devices are practical and easy to use, however restrictions and danger on the web affect them. To solve this problem, there are Android VPNs, programs that protect devices from cyber attacks and allow the use of applications that are prohibited in certain countries. But what is Android VPN?

What is Android VPN? Is it really useful?

Among the most common questions among web users are “What is VPN on Android?” and ” What is Android VPN ?” This is not strange, network security has become a topic of great interest.

VPNs for Android are applications that provide an Internet connection with strict encryption. They allow users to connect to a server from anywhere in the world and in this way web attackers lose track of the person who is connecting at that moment.

Android VPNs allow the real IP address of a computer or phone to be hidden and replaced with a different one from the eyes of hackers and internet providers. So what is Android VPN ? Simple, this is a service that increases the security of users on the web, as it hides their data and does not save any information in the cloud.

We already know what VPN is on Android , however many of its advantages are not always mentioned. Some of them are explained below:

Browse a free Wi-Fi network safely with the help of an Android VPN

The problem with free wireless networks is that they are often used as a trap to access the data of the people who connect to it. Public WiFi networks can be set up by a hacker in order to gain access to banking details, passwords and sensitive information entered into the network.

The best advice to prevent this is not to connect to free networks, unless you are protected with a free Android VPN . In this way, any data entered will remain encrypted in the virtual private network .

Use less data with the help of Android VPN

The size of the images not only takes up space in the devices’ memory, but also increases the use of mobile data. The best Android VPN can solve this problem, make pages load faster and increase data plan performance by more than 100%.

The concept of VPNs for Android is clear; However, there are benefits that are not known, such as, for example, that you can encode images to reduce their size without reducing their quality when viewed on the screen. On the other hand, it reduces the weight of HTML and Javascript files to speed up navigation.

Questions resolved

With this information you will no longer search for “What is VPN on Android?”, or ” What is Android VPN ?”. Now, keep reading, there is more important information.

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Features that an Android VPN should have

Users should educate themselves on this, as not all apps are good for phones and could do more harm than they prevent. The following table better explains what Android VPN is , because it shows the features it must have in order to function optimally.

 Records Browsing logs should be banned
Torrents Allowed with peer-to-peer networks
Netflix Give access to the main libraries of the streaming service such as those of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
Multiple login From 3 simultaneous devices to unlimited
Countries covered At least two of the most important countries on each continent
Supported devices Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Return guarantee? From 15 days to a month
Protocols PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Data traffic Unlimited
Encryption Military at least 256 bits
IP adress It cannot be shared with anyone, not even with internet providers.
Servers That each country has at least 4

You already know Android VPN, but what are the five  best on the market?

There are free VPN networks for Android; However, they are not the best to protect user data. The paid plans of a VPN can help solve the problem of “ The connection is not private Android ” as it usually occurs when a page is blocked in a certain country.

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How to configure Android VPN?

  • Subscribe on the Android VPN page:

The first step to enjoy any of these services is to register or create an account in the VPN company’s database. You can pay for the subscription or choose a free VPN for Android

  • Find the app:

You must go to the Android store, which is usually the Play Store, and from there look for a free VPN networking application for Android .

  • Download and install Android VPN:

After finding the application, you must download the free Android VPN on the device (by pressing the download button the process will be done automatically).

  • Login with the created account:

Once you have downloaded the application, you must log in with the username and password created from the website.

  • Activate Android VPN:

The most common thing is that the application tells the user what to do to configure Android VPN , the person only has to choose the server and the country they want to use. After this it will be activated and you will be able to enjoy the VPN services it offers.

android vpn manual setup-1


android vpn manual setup-2

android vpn manual setup-4

android vpn manual setup-5

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VPN For Android – Conclusion

Android VPNs were created due to the need for users to use smartphones for most of their business and web activities. Phones are practical and very personal devices, which is why protecting the data they contain is necessary and can prevent many problems for the user, which is why they should know what Android VPN is .

Choosing the best Android VPN can be overwhelming, but choosing from the top five is an easier task. Finally, what one of these applications should do is encrypt any information that is shared and be able to hide user activity with the help of strict encryption. Goodbye to the questions “What is a VPN on Android?”, choose the best one for you and start enjoying your privacy.

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