The Best iPhone VPN | The Definitive Guide

The Best iPhone VPN | The Definitive Guide

Having an iPhone VPN is a reality that no owner of these Apple devices can ignore. This century has become the era of Smartphones and the iPhone tops the list of the most used devices. The design and quality makes them unique. Now, while there is always talk about the quality and security of these devices, no one is safe on the web. For this reason, having an iPhone VPN to connect to the internet truly anonymously is extremely necessary.

For those who are new to this and have the question: what is VPN on iPhone?, I will explain. First of all, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, that is, a Virtual Private Network. This is a local connection network that is used for mobile devices to connect to the Internet through virtual links. A VPN is a guarantee of privacy and security.

What is an iPhone VPN?

As described in previous paragraphs, a VPN is a local network system that allows you to securely connect to the Internet. Otherwise, an iPhone VPN encrypts access to activities carried out online, so that no other person can know about them. On the other hand, the place from which it is done goes unnoticed.

The answer to the question what is an iPhone VPN is simple. It’s simply more privacy every time you connect to the network from your iOS device. As is well known, with iPhone VPN the IP address can never come to light, so there is no risk of personal information being hacked.

As if that were not enough, having a VPNiPhone also means having fast operation on your mobile. This is because the connections remain fluid regardless of the number. Servers almost always use coding and encryption protocols that provide high browsing speeds. Yes, an iPhone VPN connection provides the user with high security, even when using Wi-Fi. VPN service provides the advantage of accessing websites that are restricted.

Why VPN iPhone?

Now that we have clarified the point of what VPN is on iPhone, we are going to answer why you should have it and what it is for. Setting up iPhone VPN offers many advantages when establishing connections. The main one is the aforementioned data privacy, thanks to the use of encryption software. With a VPN network, access to continuous and common links becomes more reliable.

In this sense, if you search on the internet for “ iPhone VPN, what is it for?” an answer option will be: VPNiPhone ensures that any personal information will not be manipulated or used for government interests. On the other hand, with iPhone VPN the doors of censored content are open, so there are no limitations.

That is, if in your country you cannot normally access a site, with a good VPN there will be no problems. For example, iPhone or iPad owners who live in China will be able to access a Facebook account without restrictions. You just have to do the configuration through the server, select the desired country and the current address disappears.

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The best iPhone VPN

Well, being clear about why a VPN is essential, it is important to know which iPhone VPN to choose if we want to have it on our cell phone. There are free and paid options. Now, it is much better to go for a paid one, because there will be no risk with VPN connections.

VPN locations on iPhone


Now, the most recommended iPhone VPN is ExpressVPN . Why? Because it provides a series of benefits that facilitate connectivity. The most notable properties of this iPhone VPN are: speed, availability in several countries around the world and above all because it unblocks extensive restricted content.

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Free VPN for iPhone

There is no doubt how important it is to be safe when using our device. So, if you already know what a VPN on iPhone is and you have an Apple cell phone, you should opt for a VPNiPhone. The market offers many offers including free ones. However, it is not advisable to go for a free iPhone VPN , at least not forever.

An iPhone VPN must match your operating system. Therefore, not every free VPN for iPhone reaches this level. This is due in most cases to the fact that they do not have 256-bit encryption. Below are some of the reasons why having a free VPNiPhone is not so good:

Low availability

It is logical that an iPhone VPN provider has a wide availability of servers. In this sense, the user has greater access to topics on the network. This does not happen with a free service, since they are almost always promoted only to trap people with misleading offers.

Possibility of scam

Free iPhone VPNs can end up being a scam, not only in service, but also in money. Generally the offers give one month of use without any payment, but sometimes the other side of the coin is seen when you have to pay large sums of money. So the experience becomes negative.

Little or no privacy

Among the answers to what is VPN on iPhone, we have: absolute privacy. Now, you’re not going to have this with an iPhoneVPN where you don’t have to take money out of your pocket. This is because more than 60% of free VPNs monitor people’s online actions, especially banking and social media actions.

On the other hand, if you connect to a public Wi-Fi point, the service provider does not guarantee adequate protection. This is why curious people will be able to take a look at what you do.

Limit on data usage

VPNiPhone that you don’t pay for limit data usage. This is because they lack speed and fluidity, but even more so when the user carries out several activities at the same time or when logging in to several pages. All your tasks will slow down.

The restricted will continue to be

With a free iPhone VPN , the content that you cannot see in your country due to government regulations or censorship will continue to be limited. The thing is that this type of service is limited in terms of server address, as explained when talking about availability.

Poor compatibility

If you have a VPNiPhone for which you pay absolutely nothing, then you will not be able to download streaming content. Because your tasks or actions will not be supported, both due to poor security and the decrease it produces in bandwidth service. It also applies to the well-known Torrents.

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Set up iPhone VPN

At this point, we are already VPN experts. We go from knowing what VPN is on iPhone, to knowing the best providers, until we reach the dangers of this type of free services. Now we need to know how to configure VPN on our phone. The following steps will help:

  • From your mobile you can download one of the applications offered by the App Store. All you have to do is type “VPN” in the search engine and you will have several options. You must meet certain requirements.
  • Once the download is complete, you must complete a few steps for the application to function properly. Among them, choose the country for your connection.
  • You must also accept that the VPN is part of your device settings.
  • Then you proceed to add all the points related to the VPN you downloaded. You will have to click on the “trust” button that will appear on your device.
  • Ready, you have everything to enjoy an optimal connection. At the same time, all the information that runs on the web is secured and privatized.


All users of technological equipment that offer triple w connectivity should consider what it means to connect securely. That is why in this review we have specifically and broadly explained what VPN on iPhone is, which translates to privacy within the virtual. Therefore, there is no need to have doubts when choosing to use it.

With this type of services we obtain comfort, satisfaction and the guarantee that our IP address will not be seen by malicious actors. Of course, it is a personal decision to purchase it, as well as choosing between a paid one and a free one. What is collective is the preeminence of caution when the decision is made to try one without paying.

Perhaps the advantage of a free VPN is to provide experience and then want to have the quality of a fully paid one. In this work we mention the most suitable ones for all the properties they have and of course for all the benefits they provide. There is a VPN for every need, you can even have one on your Apple Watch. The important thing is that with your knowledge of what VPN is on iPhone, you choose well, you choose better.

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