9 Best Alternatives to Extratorrets

9 Best Alternatives to Extratorrets

Until 2016, ExtraTorrents  was in the top 300 most visited websites  . But in 2017, the main domain and its mirrors were destroyed along with the entire torrent base. Nowadays you can only find imitation sites that have nothing to do with the original.

What are the best ExtraTorrent replacement options? Nowadays,  the ideal solution to replace ExtraTorrent  would be to use the most heavily trafficked torrent resources.

It may surprise you, but there are sites with  70 million or more visits per month. With the help of these hikers, you can easily and quickly download almost any shared file on any subject.

Each of the replacement options has its own merits. Some of the sites below focus entirely on movies, while others are more suited to software searches. Read their brief descriptions to know the 9 Best Alternatives to Extratorrets  .

9 Best Alternatives to Extratorrets

⚠️ Do you know or have any idea about the risks of torrenting , you don’t want to get in  trouble with the law , but you want to do it in a 100% safe way?

So  always use a VPN  . It is  simple and fast  .

At the bottom of the article, you can find a list of the top three VPN services we recommend, which are guaranteed to hide the addresses of visited  sites   from the ISP and  encrypt transmitted and received data  without the possibility of interception or analysis. In addition, it will not be possible to identify the resources visited.

With the sites published below, you can download software, free video content (movies, series, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries), training videos, podcasts, music, books, and much more.


Before choosing an alternate URL for ExtraTorrent, try the following proxies/mirrors:

  • extratorrents.ch
  • extratorrents-cc.com
  • ext. to

These are safe proxies, but I have doubts that they are original. Below we show you the 9 Best Alternatives to Extratorrets.


  • Number of visitors  :> 70 million per month
  • Themes:  Movies, TV Shows
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 10,000
  • Number of torrents:  > 1 million
  • Foundation year:  2010

YIFY (now YTS) is  the largest torrent site  . It is the best ExtraTorrent alternative for video content. Here you will find over a million movies, TV shows, reality shows, sports, documentaries and more.

The convenient search allows you to select movies by quality, genre and year of production  . There is also  a  10 point grading scale.

The site contains advertisements that open on the first click on any link or menu item.

Why is YIFY the best alternative?

Because most of the netizens download video torrents. It is movies and other entertaining and educational content that, according to some estimates, capture up to 80% of user interest. YIFY is the best movie torrent site in terms of traffic and user experience.

The only problem  is that the resource provides access to content that may be protected by copyright. Always use a VPN to remain anonymous and hide your torrenting activity.


  • Provides very good customer service
  • Offers clear sound quality
  • No popup ads
  • Respect user privacy


  • Like other sites, it can suffer from closures.
  • It has no mirror on the Tor network.
  • It might be blocked or even banned in some countries.

2. The Pirate Bay

  • Number of visitors  :> 30 million per month
  • Topics:  videos
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 8,000
  • Number of torrents  :> 1 million
  • Foundation year:  2003

One of the oldest and largest torrent sites, The Pirate Bay launched in 2003 and is still around today. It survived blackouts, crashes, and lawsuits, but maintained its torrent base. Thanks to this, he was able to reboot and return to the top three torrent trackers.

TPB is more similar to ExtraTorrent than other sites. “Old-school” functionality, a wide range of file sharing themes, and easy search make it  a great ExtraTorrent alternative  .

For younger users, the structure of the site may seem outdated. Also, we feel that The Pirate Bay lacks clarity in the sections with movies and audio files. There are not enough images, descriptions and ratings  of entertainment content.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Wide range of verified seeds and torrents
  • Customer service 24 hours a day


  • Host initiatives that go against established intellectual property laws
  • You can get malware from this site


  • Number of visitors  :> 40 million per month
  • Themes:  movies, software, books, adults, other
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 7,000
  • Number of torrents  :> 1 million
  • Foundation year:  2008

RARBG is the best ET alternative today if you are looking for music, books or software  . The resource also contains thousands of torrents from other categories, but it is usually liked more because of the huge collection of software that is updated quickly.

Searching by program categories  is more convenient than most competitors. You can easily find software for Windows, Mac, mobile platforms, Linux, and laptops thanks to the presence of categories and subcategories. You may not even know the name of the required program, but only its type. This is enough to download the required file.


  • It offers movies in 4K and is always up to date with new releases.
  • High quality and ease of use.


  • Blocked in many countries.

4. Nyaa

  • Number of visitors  :> 41 million per month
  • Themes:  Anime, anime audio, anime images and others
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 5,500
  • Number of torrents  :> 300 thousand.
  • Foundation year: 200

The upcoming torrent site is even more than just an ExtraTorrent replacement. This is the largest bank of links to anime-themed materials to date. Contains tens of thousands of new and collectible episodes in both original and translated Japanese. In addition, you will find many images, soundtracks and other anime materials.

The site has somewhat outdated functionality and, in our opinion, lacks visibility when searching.

Pros & Cons


  • Library of series and movies, anime music, old and dark.
  • It is completely free.


  • The site seems popular but it is recent.
  • It hides the identity of the website owner.

5. KickassTorrent

  • Number of visitors:  > 20 million per month
  • Topics:  videos
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 7,000
  • Number of torrents  :> 300 thousand
  • Foundation year: 2008

While ExtraTorrent was in the top 3 torrent sites, its most visited competitor was Kickass Torrents. Both sites were shut down, but Kickass was able to maintain its base and restore functionality.

He was unable to regain his position, but remained in the top five in terms of attendance. Kickass Torrents has the latest videos, TV shows, shows, music and much more.

After visiting the kickass.onl site, the web browser displayed a warning. This is one of the many notifications that Chrome will display if enabled. Be careful, this is a form of advertising. Do not install any software through such notifications.


  • Content can be sorted by date, size, seeds, pairs, age, etc.
  • No need to install the software.
  • Warns you when you are not accessing the website with a VPN.
  • It provides unlimited access to users to download unlimited entertainment content for free and systematically without revealing the original IP address of the user.


  • Different countries have blocked the use of kickass torrents to restrict the growing problem of piracy.
  • The new site may not be as efficient as its predecessor.

6. 1337X

  • Number of visitors  :> 30 million per month
  • Themes:  all
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 4,000
  • Number of torrents  :> 100 thousand.
  • Foundation year:  2007

The super popular 1337X is also a great alternative. This torrent site is interesting because it has more than 100k torrents and magnet links and on its pages, you will find not only a lot of useful materials on all possible topics (movies, video games, software, etc.)

Also, 1337x has top 100 ratings and links to other alternatives. We have visited some of them and we ensure that they are quality torrent websites.


  • It is very visited.
  • Download Torrent movies, series, TV shows and even documentaries.


  • He has problems with legality.
  • Alter your browser settings.
  • Generate intrusive advertising.


  • Number of visitors  :> 18 million per month
  • Topics:  TV Show, Episodes, Movies
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 2000
  • Number of torrents  :> 40 thousand
  • Foundation year:  2005

If you’re looking for video content, EZTV is a good replacement for ExtraTorrent. This site is not very descriptive, but based on observations, it contains a lot of unique content. These are new movies, but there are also recordings of old TV shows.

The site also contains a wide range of sports programs. EZTV has 8 categories of torrent video content, a forum with 10 topics, and more subtopics. By registering on the site, you can create your own account and post files.


  • Great collection of movies and series
  • is constantly updated
  • Torrents are verified


  • Open popup windows
  • Some files may come with viruses

8. TorrentGalaxy

  • Number of visitors  :> 8 million per month
  • Topics:  books, music, movies, apps, documentaries, XXX, games
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 1000
  • Number of torrents  :> 50 thousand.
  • Foundation year: –

TorrentGalaxy is another torrent website that replaces ExtraTorrent. Just like EZTV, it is designed to distribute video materials like movies, movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports matches, competitions, and others.

TorrentGalaxy’s hallmark is its user-friendly execution. It is very visual and informative. All distributions are marked with unique images that help to better perceive the search results.

Personally, we liked TorrentGalaxy  more than any other movie torrent site.


  • User-friendly execution
  • It is very visual and informative
  • It offers a number of movies and series that you can download or stream


  • Contains pop-ups and ads

9. Zooqle

  • Number of visitors  :> 10 million per month
  • Themes:  movies, software, books, games
  • Maximum number of pairs  :> 1000
  • Number of torrents  :> 100 thousand.
  • Foundation year:  2010

Zoogle claims to have over 5 million verified torrents. We cannot confirm this information, but judging by the search results for materials on the site, there are more than 100,000 of them. Therefore, Zoogle would be a good backup torrent tracker for ExtraTorrent.

The way their home page is designed is not too fancy. It is rarely updated and contains no real news. I also didn’t like the low information content of the search results.

We think Zoogle is good for finding content that isn’t too new. It is better to download new articles and releases from other websites.


  • Simple and elegant interface
  • Offers a lot of content
  • Good customer service


  • The amount of traffic makes it sometimes difficult to use
  • Ad intrusion can be annoying at times
  • It is rarely updated and does not contain real news.

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How to avoid a fake ExtraTorrent

The original ExtraTorrent does not exist today. There are many sites on the web that apparently look like the original, but are fake. Unfortunately,  after the shutdown  in 2017, ExtraTorrent lost all databases and it became impossible to restore your previous work. Some other trackers who went through the ban were able to keep the base and returned to work after 2-3 years. That did not happen with ET.

In order not to fall into the hands of scammers, you just need to remember this and  not look for opportunities to get to the original site. I advise you   to  avoid  any site similar in design or name.

This is guaranteed to protect you from the actions of scammers who may distribute malicious code through their pages or provide low-quality materials for download.

Safety rules for torrents

When accessing any ExtraTorrent alternative, it is extremely important to ensure protection by visiting the site itself and then downloading the BitTorrent file and the torrent content itself.

How to use ET alternatives safely?

  1. Create anonymity with Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  2. Activate the protection options against malicious addresses in the installed VPN software.
  3. Activate Kill Switch before downloading files.
  4. Do not post information about your activities on social networks and public platforms.

The 3 best VPNs for torrenting

In this section, we list the time-tested services that we have tested and used.

These services provide comprehensive VPN apps for all platforms to protect privacy. You must use them according to the following scheme:

  1. Subscription
  2. Software download to your device (one or more)
  3. Simple additional configuration via the menu for 100% protection
  4. Select a country and launch a VPN
  • 1.Surfshark
  • 2.  NordVPN
  • 3.  ExpressVPN

Are ExtraTorrent alternatives safe?

The original ExtraTorrent was shut down for good on May 17, 2017 with the following message: “  ExtraTorrent with all mirrors is disconnected. We permanently delete all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones. Thanks to all the ET supporters and the torrenting community. ET was a place to be…. 

Despite the warning, many former ExtraTorrent users flocked to ExtraTorrent mirror sites as soon as they appeared. One such mirror site was ExtraTorrent.ag, which even managed to become one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet, with an Alexa rank of around 2,200.

While ExtraTorrent.ag is no longer accessible, many other ExtraTorrent alternatives still are, including the nine listed above. The problem is that not all ExtraTorrent mirror sites are safe  . Some host  malvertising  and  cryptocurrency mining scripts  , others try to convince their users to download dangerous software, and still others collect sensitive information about their users and use it for malicious purposes.

The ExtraTorrent alternatives we have listed should be safe right now, but there is no guarantee that they will remain safe even in the future. If you don’t want to risk anything, you should use a VPN and antivirus to protect your PC.

Frequently asked questions

Why is ExtraTorrent alternative needed?

Since the original ExtraTorrent has been inactive since 2017 and there are no plans to restart it. The base of the torrent giant has been lost or has lost its relevance. Therefore, to get the most relevant torrents and download free files, you have to use other torrent sites.

There are at least 15 good alternatives that can download even more content than ET.

Which ET analog site is the best?

We recommend using yts.mx. It is the most visited torrent website and therefore the most convenient for downloading free video content.

If you are interested in materials on other topics, I recommend thepiratebay.org. This is a universal alternative to ExtraTorrent for downloading files on any topic.

What other alternatives to ExtraTorrent are there?

All torrent trackers can be blocked at any time. This is due to investigations into complaints from copyright holders. Therefore, we recommend trying to search for torrents not on separate sites, but on torrent search engines. These search engines search for materials from multiple torrent sites at once and may aggregate search results.


Not many torrent sites manage to become as popular as ExtraTorrent. While the original ExtraTorrent is no longer online, there are plenty of  great ExtraTorrent alternatives out there that  offer a lot of  high  –  quality content for file-sharing enthusiasts around the world.

There are also unofficial ExtraTorrent mirror sites, but you should be careful around them, as  many of them have been found  to  distribute malware, cryptocurrency mining scripts, and malicious software  .

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