Alternatives to GNULA: How to continue watching movies and series online for free

Alternatives to GNULA: How to continue watching movies and series online for free

Are you looking for alternatives to GNULA? Over time, this website has been the main source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. Its extensive catalogs of series and movies are neatly organized and can be viewed through streaming media at any time. It seems that it is not enough, everything is up to the best quality, and they are the first websites to publish content online for viewing and downloading. In fact, content provides 80% of other types of websites.

However, thousands of people get upset while trying to get into the usual series and movies, but they can’t do it because the domain always appears as offline, which has never happened till now. These signals seem to show clear signs of censorship by the authorities. Since 2018 hundreds of websites have been shut down for these reasons.

So, we searched for the best websites to watch TV series and movies on download media. Here, without a doubt, you will find the best alternative to, which breaks the duel once and for all, and you will be able to enjoy the smile again without paying any fee to enjoy the things you like.

What are the Alternatives to GNULA that are operational?

Although you can use any of the mechanisms described above for input, it’s best to prepare for eventual shutdown (at least temporarily) in the near future. For this, we have prepared the following list of portal sites to watch television series and movies online unlimited and completely free.

For many years, Cliver has been the center of entertainment for millions of people in Spanish-speaking countries, where you can find the latest movies and TV series without paying anything. In terms of quantity and quality, their database is one of the best and certainly the best. One of the best alternatives to GNULA.

Cuevana is also the benchmark in the world of illegal broadcast media, refusing to die due to more attacks. In their almost ten year history, they had to change their domain name many times because the authorities continued to block it where possible. However, they managed to keep the database intact, so all attackers can continue to enjoy its content after each attack.

A website that contains titles of all genres from the world of film and television. In it you have hundreds of thousands of hours of high-quality audiovisual images that you can also download from one of the fastest servers without problems, although it basically depends on your connection speed. On the other hand, it must be said that its modern interface greatly promotes all aspects of the user experience, especially when searching for specific content.

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Although it has been running for a long time, it is still a pretty good benchmark. Its database contains updated information on the seventh art and is considered one of the best portals in the Spanish-speaking world. However, advertising will again be your worst enemy, although you have to get used to advertising, because the truth is that these sites are always attracted to it. One of the websites that is being consolidated as Alternatives to GNULA.


This portal has been a direct competitor to Gnula for many years, so we’ve told you from the start that it’s the best option to replace. In this catalog, you can find a catalog so up-to-date and extensive that you may not notice the differences between the other catalogs outside of the interface, because there are obviously big differences between them. The problem with this site is that there are too many ads (the first time you click it will open a popup), although you can use an ad blocker to fix this.

The portal is relatively new to the industry, but its good performance has made it one of the most reviewed portals in the last two years. Their database is not very efficient in terms of updating, in fact they usually take a few days longer to upload billboard content than others, but the quality is definitely worth the wait.

We close our list through this portal, which is also a relatively new portal, but provides high-quality content in times of crisis, for all those who want to watch high-quality movies and series without paying euros. In total, this is a real savior. Their database is very rich and up-to-date, and all the content they upload can be downloaded from their own server or via torrent (P2P).

What happened to

The National Guard implemented blocking measures to prevent any Spanish citizen from seeing the content. Said blocking was carried out through the Movistar servers.

However, there are other portals, such as, or, which are using this portal to make firewood from fallen trees and gain brand popularity, but we will tell you this from the beginning. it has nothing to do with the original, which is always valid.

On the other hand, it is already clear that the authorities have set their sights on Gnula. While is already up and running as of this writing, it is likely that in the near future they will be able to find the whereabouts of Gnula. their developers to process them and then ask them to close the web portal.

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