Alternatives to AnimeFLV: The best websites to watch anime

Alternatives to AnimeFLV: The best websites to watch anime

Do you like anime? If you are here it is because yes, and surely you are looking for alternatives to AnimeFLV after its persistence. Yes, it still works, but well, with many problems and shortcomings, in most cases, the user experience is completely destroyed. When we connect through mobile phones or computers.

In fact, these problems are due to legal reasons in some countries that prevent access to the platform’s content offering. However, the best solution to this problem is not necessarily to install a VPN, because the Web itself has many flaws. But don’t worry, there are other alternatives to AnimeFLV.

Best Alternatives to AnimeFLV

There are many options for watching anime and many websites are dedicated to uploading this content so that anyone can enjoy it. If you like anime and are looking for an alternative to AnimeFLV, then you will find very interesting options in this list.


We start the list of applications to watch anime with one of the most famous. The Crunchyroll streaming service has a similar model to Netflix and specializes in Japanese animation. It has collected a large amount of anime, from classic works (such as “One Piece” and “Naruto”) to new anime such as “Yuri on Ice” and “My Hero Academia.”

The Crunchyroll app is a subscription service that also provides a variety of completely free content in 480p resolution. The animation resolution of the paid plan is even as high as 1080p, and you can also watch new episodes of your favorite animations an hour after they start.

Select Vision

It is a Spanish company that distributes and produces audiovisual content. It has an extensive catalog with more than 500 titles. It has internationally recognized animated series and films (such as Dragon Ball or Mazinger Z). It leads the distribution of Japanese anime in cinema, television, home video and digital platforms.

Selecta Vision has produced a highly successful children’s and youth program with different television channels, which won the 2001 Ondas Award for “Most Creative Program” (Desperado Club Social on Ansena 3) or the TP de Oro for Best Program Recognition. children. The 1996 Club Megatrix television show.


It is a popular platform in countries such as the United States, Japan and Australia. You can only find it in English and Japanese, so if the language is not an obstacle for you, then it is a good option because the amount of content it provides is one of the largest you can find on the Internet, even more than other content. payment. Services like Crunchyroll.

However, the problem with this page is that it has a large number of ads, which makes browsing its website very annoying, especially if you use a mobile phone to browse it.

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On the website , you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of anime, you can find romance, action, horror and more genres. In addition, you will find the most popular animes, such as “Dragon Ball Z”, “Naruto”, “Attack of Titans”, “One Punch Man” and so on.

You can also get old content and the latest titles, so you can watch old animations that caught your attention or keep up to date with new chapters of animations you’re currently watching.

You can also watch them in their original subtitle language or in Latin audio. If you want to follow all the adventures of your favorite character, you can even find anime movies.

Funimation Now

Through this platform, you will have the best experience of watching anime series and movies from your mobile device, since it is only available for Android and iOS.

You do not need to pay any fee or register to enjoy its content, although it does show ads from time to time, but this is not annoying. It has a rich library where you can find the latest animation works, making it an ideal platform to view all content on mobile devices.


Although the design of the platform is very simple, it is a good option to watch anime online.

The biggest advantage of this website is that its content is of excellent quality and can be downloaded through Mega, so you can watch your favorite anime from any device anytime, anywhere without having to connect to the Internet.

It has an application for Android, where you can also enjoy a more complete user experience. However, the number of ads on this platform is very high, which will undoubtedly affect the comfort of browsing.

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The site is becoming increasingly popular among users who want to watch cartoons on their computers. The platform provides an intuitive and pleasant interface that makes it easy for you to find what you need.

In addition, it has its own viewer so you can view the animation of your choice without leaving the web. You won’t be bothered by ad-supported pop-ups either.

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy all the content you want, from the most popular animations to dramas, in HD quality and with subtitles.


The way the platform works is similar to the one mentioned above. However, its difference makes it a good choice, and that is that the website is responsive, which means that it can adapt to the resolution of the device (tablet or mobile) you are visiting.

Therefore, it will improve your browsing experience on your phone, allowing you to read the chapters in their entirety or participate in the comments section, which is always very active.


This is one of the longest pages in the entire list, where you can find all the content created in Japan, Korea, and China. It is very popular among Latin American users because it provides a large number of animations and translates to subtitles with Latin subtitles.

Furthermore, it has direct download links and a built-in player, and it even has a Facebook page where you can interact with other anime fans like you, and they will share interesting links.

Anime Online Sub

On this portal, you will get animation, OVA, and drama content in Latin and other languages. You can even get a large number of movies from Japan, Korea or China, as well as various types of movies for you to enjoy.

It may take a while to load, but its display effect is very good. And because it has a variety of content, many active users can maintain it.

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What should alternatives to AnimeFLV have?

When choosing a new website to watch anime, you must consider certain aspects that it must meet. Finally, the first thing to choose AnimeFLV alternatives is the video quality. Look for pages that provide HD or Full HD content, as you will find that many pages can only handle older 480p animes.

In addition, it should be very easy to use and have an intuitive design that allows you to quickly find the animation you need. Plus, your browsing on your phone or tablet should be good too, because you won’t always see this content on your computer or TV.

We recommend pages with few ads, because beyond this aspect, you will not get the best browsing experience on the platform.

In the end, it should be a free option, especially if you occasionally like to watch anime, because only watching this content on specific occasions (whether you only watch one anime or like to reminisce on classics) does not require a paid subscription. .

Using these alternative methods, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best animation content in the comfort of your home.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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