Advantages of changing the battery of your smartphone

Advantages of changing the battery of your smartphone

Is it necessary to change the battery of your smartphone? When should you change it? More and more people are extending the useful life of their smartphone for as long as possible, which means inevitable wear and tear on some of its main components. Do you want to extend the life of your mobile phone? In this, we have grouped all the information about the advantages of changing the battery to your smartphone, and we are sure that it will be of interest to you. We started!

About lithium batteries

All batteries have a useful life that over time degrades. In ideal storage conditions, that is, if you charge the battery to 40% of its total charge, disconnect the mobile and put it away, its total capacity would barely decrease by 1% a year, but in this case, we do not apply it in our life daily because we charge the mobile at least once a day.

Every time we fully charge our battery, its components are degraded until reaching 900 charges where the loss of capacity or storage is already very evident, and the device has battery problems. The useful life of your battery will depend, in large part, on the quality of the compounds, in addition to the number of charges you do in a year.

The battery loses its charge capacity over time and the way it is used. It also has a lot to do with whether you charge your device with the official chargers of the brand or if you do it with other brands of chargers, as they may be of lower quality.

Lithium batteries in smartphones last an average of 300 to 500 cycles. A charge cycle runs when we charge our smartphone up to 100%, so if you charge it to 60%, you will have used 0.6 cycles. If on average you charge your phone 80% of the battery every day of the year, you will use 292 charge cycles (365 days x 0.8 charge cycles per day).

As we have mentioned, most batteries have a useful life of approximately 900 charges, so if each year you spend 300 charges on average, your smartphone’s battery would have a useful life of 3 years.

Charge the battery overnight

A myth that is very recurrent and that is very widespread is that we should not charge the battery of your mobile phone overnight. It is important to note that this practice is not harmful to your device. The reason is that over the years and the greater development of technology, the chip of your smartphone ensures that a device that already has 100% of the charge cannot continue to be charged.

Remember that phones have an average of 900 charges, so it is important to understand that a phone that is 100% charged does not use more charge as no more energy enters the device.

Tips to take care of your battery

It is highly recommended always to keep our devices updated because they are better optimized. Keep in mind that if your mobile phone cannot be updated, it is an indicator that, perhaps, you should change your device.

You have to be very careful with the temperature of your phone’s batteries. Your phone is programmed to work optimally between 0 to 35 degrees; however, the lower the temperature, the more problems your phone can give you, and if it is above 35 degrees it may stop working optimally.


Advantages of changing the battery of your smartphone

In general terms, it is always advisable to change the battery of your mobile before repurchasing one, unless your device is the low or shallow range and you prefer to invest in a new one or that your device is in a terrible condition. Unless your phone is in terrible condition, we will always recommend that you change your phone’s battery to extend its useful life.

Remember that not only does the battery of your phone wear out, but all the components suffer wear and some of them can affect the total consumption of the battery. However, your smartphone will always last longer by changing the battery than by keeping one that is over 2 years old.

In summary, batteries have a lifespan of about 900 charges, and each charge cycle corresponds to charging the phone from 0% battery to 100%. It is essential to understand the type of mobile we have to know what benefits you the most, but in general, all batteries have a maximum useful life of 3 years. However, it is advisable to consider changing the battery of your smartphone after 2 years to increase the battery life—the lifespan of your device.

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