What is VPN? What does VPN mean? VPN for beginners

What is VPN? What does VPN mean? VPN for beginners

You’ve probably wondered what VPN means at some point, since its rapid growth has allowed a greater number of people to have knowledge about it. The problem is that understanding what VPN means can be complex, because it is full of technicalities, false information, and data that you may not know how to decode. But I got to work! In simple words we will understand what VPN means.

I already told you: I want to make this easy and simple so that everyone can find their way through the world of what a VPN Virtual Private Network is and know about its importance. So today is the first “class” on what VPN means. We hope this article is super helpful for you to understand this concept! “What is a VPN network?”, ” What does VPN mean ?”, “What is VPN?” , “What is a VPN” and “What does VPN mean” are some of the most frequently asked questions on the networks, hence the reason for this post. I will try to explain it concisely and precisely.

When you finish reading this article, you should understand what VPN (virtual private network or Virtual Private Network, for its English translation) means . They may not fully know or understand exactly how it works, but they will have a general idea. In addition, this information about what a virtual private network is will allow you to dare to take a step for your security and confidentiality: create one of what is a remote access VPN network. So now everyone pay attention, we are taking off! Let’s learn what a virtual private network is!

What does VPN mean? What is a virtual private network? Do I need one?

Let’s start at the beginning, with the definition, by knowing what VPN means . What is a VPN network? According to Wikipedia (yes, even we teachers use Wikipedia, what were you thinking?), a ” Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) or corporate network is a computer networking technology that allows a secure extension of the local area network (LAN). ) over a public or uncontrolled network such as the Internet. It allows the computer on the network to send and receive data over shared or public networks as if it were a private network with all the functionality, security and management policies of a private network.

That’s not very helpful in understanding what a virtual private network is, is it? Now, let’s find a better way to explain what a VPN network is. We talk about a network, and a virtual network, in this context, because it establishes a virtual bridge between the user (you, for example) and a server (located anywhere in the world). This network is private, so to access it you need an account and your access credentials (username and password).

So you connect to a server which in turn connects you to the internet. Just like that, that’s the answer to what VPN means!: a mediator between you and the web, so that your browsing is safer and easier. For those who constantly search for “What is a VPN network?”, “What is a virtual private network?”, “What does VPN mean ?” and “What does VPN mean”, this, surely, must have helped them.

In other words, we could define that it is a virtual private network that can change your IP address. Making you, in this way, undetectable. That is, nothing will know who you are, what you do or what you do in your free time. Those that are a VPN network are used to circumvent the geo-restrictions of streaming platforms, to unblock sports games and even to obtain better discounts on international websites.

Do you already have a better idea of ​​what VPN means? Surely you are beginning to understand a concept that until a few minutes ago seemed like nuclear physics. But I have simplified it as much as I could!

What is a VPN network: Virtual private networks and security

Okay, I understand that you are not seeing the need or the fun in it, but we are not done yet. Let’s touch on a little history now. Does anyone know why we created virtual private networks? A clue: it has to do with the business world… anyone? sure? Ok, I’ll explain it…

Originally, companies created what is a virtual private network to protect their communications , because there are very simple ways to intercept data that goes through a network. Data interception is a common practice within business and corporate espionage and increasingly simpler methods appear to practice this type of interception. Have you heard of MAC spoofing and Firesheep?, for example. No? Well, these are two methods to “hack” information.

For this reason, virtual private networks offer an encrypted connection , from point A to point B. A virtual private network uses encrypted (encoded) data for its transmissions, in addition to a tunneling system to direct the data along a secure route between the two round trip connection points. In conclusion: all your data is encrypted, coded and secure. Yes, being connected to a network (virtual private network or VPN network)  has many benefits, to the point that you can use public WiFi or surf the Internet  without worrying about the  type of nearby connections or anything like that, since being a VPN client , practically, it shields you, even from your  internet provider.

What a virtual private network is is practically impenetrable by any hacker, whether novice or expert. In recent times, what is a virtual private network has begun to include better protocols, with security and cutting-edge technology. Hence, what a VPN network is is not only used by individuals but by the largest multinationals. We use a VPN for our protection!

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What is a VPN network and privacy

Since you understand “What does VPN mean”, “What is a virtual private network” or “What is a VPN network”, as you like, it is necessary to move on to the other point. Having security sounds good, right? And how does having privacy sound? Good news: privacy is increased with VPN ! When using a virtual private network, this service replaces the IP address with one of the server to which you connect, and from there you can connect to any location anonymously and securely. Thus you can have several IP addresses, for example: you can live in Madrid, but appear to reside in Buenos Aires.

Thus, when you use a virtual private network, first: no one can intercept and use your data, and second: no one can know what pages you visit. But is my security really at risk if I don’t use a VPN? If the answer is yes. The more apps you have downloaded, the greater the risk of suffering an impact on your privacy and that of your family. Don’t let this happen! By knowing what VPN means you will be able to make better decisions in a matter of seconds.

Virtual private networks and censorship (geo-restricted content)

Wait, there’s more! We already said it briefly at the beginning of this article: What is missing is related to the privacy method mentioned before, something deeper within this repetitive question “What is a VPN network” or “VPN what does it mean?” Indeed, if you can connect to IP addresses from any country, it means that you can also unblock all geo-restricted content from the country to which you connect. Let’s say you want to watch Mexican Netflix from your home in Lima, but without a virtual private network: it’s impossible.

But with a virtual private network you can connect to a Mexican server and get access to Mexican Netflix! That catalog is open to you, available whenever you want. No one will ever tell you what you should watch or when again! Likewise, lovers of series and movies in the original language will be delighted to be able to get them without having to do ridiculous and tiresome adventures.

And the same goes the other way around, if you travel to China , you can watch your Netflix from home, or watch Casa de Papel online with a VPN connection safely. They can unblock content and gain access to censored pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Most journalists use this service to avoid censorship when they travel. So they can maintain their Internet freedom online. In short, with a virtual network you can: protect your data and privacy and access content and pages that are normally restricted . VPN which means: freedom to decide how you stay on the internet!

What does VPN mean? The protocols

There are several protocols available, the most common are:

  • PPTP – One of the first protocols (has been available since Windows 95).
  • L2TP/IPsec : one of the most secure protocols with a tunneling system.
  • OpenVPN SSL – The most flexible and popular open source protocol.

We are not going to cover the protocols in depth in this article about VPN, which means, there is a lot to tell and that is why they have their own article here: the protocols of a virtual private network.

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VPN providers

More people are using personal VPNs every day, as more interactions (buying, selling, dating, to name a few) find their way to the Internet. Hence arises the reason why there is so much choice to choose from a virtual private network provider.

Some companies offer free virtual private networks, although most require a subscription . And all their networks are different, each network has its specific characteristics (speed, simultaneous connections, firewall, price, server location, among others).


BEWARE OF FREE VPNs !Nothing in this life is “really” free… you know what I mean. They could be collecting your data and browsing habits for commercial use or even worse. They could be selling your bandwidth or using you for a botnet. With a free virtual private network you would be doing more damage, now that you have been warned, use a free VPN at your own risk . Now , a paid VPN does help. The VPN server will be in charge of safeguarding your privacy.

On this page you will find all the information you need, not only to know what VPN means, but also to choose the best one . In it I review and compare all the servers I have personally tested, so just read and decide which one is closest to your needs.

Best VPNs

Below you’ll find my favorite virtual firewalls, all offering robust servers, proven security, free software, and unmatched speed. Remember that a VPN that means can be more reliable if it is paid.

Now you can say that you know what VPN means. In a detailed way you can talk to your friends about what VPN means and encourage them to increase their security and privacy.

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This has been my lesson for today:  What does VPN mean? Now they no longer have to search the web for “What is a VPN network?”, “What is a virtual private network?”, “What does VPN mean?”, “What is VPNs?” and “What does VPN mean?” You have doubts? Leave us a comment! And remember: don’t change the channel, more articles on the way on this blog.

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