VyprVPN Full Review – A Detailed Review and Analysis

VyprVPN Full Review – A Detailed Review and Analysis

VyprVPN is a VPN from a Swiss company, which promotes privacy, security and access to a free and open internet. It is one of my favorites, because I share its vision of the Internet, and because its services are the best against censorship, thanks to its proprietary DNS and its patented connection protocol. In addition, it includes a NAT firewall and allows you to browse enjoying excellent bandwidth and has a large number of server locations (over 70 locations ) in the United Kingdom and around the world. Let us now review Vypr VPN in detail.

VPNVypr is a VPN and more than that

Golden Frog has been in charge of developing Vyprx. This company is dedicated to computer security and internet connection. The company was founded in Switzerland, where privacy laws respect the rights of internet users. They have developed 2 programs dedicated to security . The first is a VPN, VyprxVPN , which includes VyperDNS, and the second is a private messaging app, Cyphr .

vyprvpn network

Many VPNs specialize in certain market sectors or specific uses, such as P2P, torrenting or streaming. Additionally, they offer a single set of features for all users with different prices depending on the length of the subscription .

On the contrary, this Vypr VPN has decided to raise the bar. How? Leaving aside the most modest clients to focus on those with more specific needs. Therefore, its objective is to offer a higher and more concrete VPN service . To make a difference in the world of VPNs, it offers higher speed and improved security . In addition, the VyprVPN Netflix service is one of the best on the market, as customers guarantee. And you will ask me: What about the price of the Vypr VPN? It’s not cheap, but it’s still affordable !

Plans and prices

vyprvpn pricing plans

Unlike other providers, VyprVPN VPN offers a subscription divided into 2 packages that ensures that your virtual private networks are truly virtual private networks. The main difference between these packages is the number of simultaneous connections, the VyprVPN Cloud and the Chameleon protocol . The price of these two packages varies if you decide to pay monthly or annually. If you want a VyprVPN discount , you must subscribe to their annual offer, with this you will get a minimum of 45% discount.

As usual, the promotion may be different when you read this article. To be connected to VyprVPN, download its free promotions and enjoy VyprVPN Netflix, just click on the image, with this you can get the most recent discounts and download VyprVPN for free.

I’m going to tell you one thing: the basic package makes no sense. It only has three simultaneous connections. And the price is not even attractive. The premium package is the most attractive. And it makes sense if you need 5 simultaneous connections (if you subscribe for your family or if you need to use 5 devices at the same time).

To get the best price and enjoy a truly functional open internet , I recommend the Premium package, with a one-year subscription. For 7.17 euros per month you will have an excellent VPN . With the included NAT firewall, it is perfect for those who fear that someone can access their data online or for those who always need to combat censorship.

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Summary sheet

Records? No records
P2P? Yes, torrents allowed
Netflix US, UK, FR, CA, AU, DE
Multiple login 5 simultaneous sessions
Countries covered 73+
Supported devices Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Return guarantee? 30 days
Protocols WireGuard, robust VPN, IPsec, OpenVPN, Chameleon
Data in transit Unlimited
Encryption Military 256 bit
IP adress 200,000+
Servers 700+

VyprVPN VPN in detail

I will only talk about the features of the Premium package. Because? Because it’s my page, and I do what I want. But, mainly, because the basic package does not have the technical features that make me want to tell you about it.

VyprDNS, when we feel protected, but we are not

vyprdns structure

When we connect to the Internet, our ISP automatically assigns us a DNS server . Of course, we can enter our own DNS address manually to reduce censorship. I think you have heard about Google DNS or Open DNS, the most famous.

But these DNSs really can’t compete with VyprDNS . Here are the main advantages of VyprxVPN DNS compared to Google DNS and Open DNS:

  • Blocked DNS : Some countries or companies implement censorship by directly blocking IP addresses from DNS (such as those of Google or OpenDNS). You won’t have that problem with the Vypr VPN.
  • Slow DNS : Some DNS are slow, because they are controlled by countries or companies. VyprDNS servers are privately owned and not controlled.
  • Zero censorship : While Google DNS or Open DNS block some sites that are considered dangerous or illegal, the Vypr VPN adheres to a zero censorship policy. We can browse wherever we want, no one can dictate what we can or cannot do on the Internet.

vyprdns server connection structure

Chameleon VPN  Technology

vyprvpn chameleon technology

In some countries with a high level of censorship (China, Iran, Turkey, North Korea, Russia), we can have connection problems even with a VPN. Because? Because the governments in these countries have studied how to block users.

Fortunately, the OpenVPN protocol has drastically reduced government censorship. However, this protocol does not protect us against DPI (deep packet inspection: a type of data processing that inspects sent data in detail, mainly for innocuous reasons, but can also be used for censorship). Knowing this, they have decided to create and patent a private protocol. It is based on OpenVPN encryption but adds an extra level of encryption. With Chameleon, our data is immune to DPI.

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NAT Firewall

Like its competitor PureVPN, it offers a NAT firewall. It doesn’t matter if we have a firewall on our PC or not, the VPN can block any type of external connection to our device. We are protected!

Kill Switch

vyprvpn kill switch

By general request, the Vypr VPN has integrated the Kill Switch function .

In the event that the Internet fails to connect through the VPN, we can prevent some applications from sending data over the network. For example: if we lose the internet connection, we can be sure that our P2P program does not send any data until the VPN server is active again. Protects our Internet connection and our IP address .

We can also customize Kill Switch with our own security preferences.

Native app for iOS

I have used the app on iPad recently. And at the moment, it is the best VPN client for iOS . So if you want a VPN for iPad or iPhone , I definitely recommend this one. It is very easy to configure and use.

Interface: Simple and efficient

The interface of this VPN is very well made and ergonomic . There is only one panel. It shows us our data connection. If we click on the google-map-style pin icon, we will obtain the list of countries from which it is possible to connect. And there is also the connection latency (based on our position).

We just select a country, click on CONNECT and we’re done .

The interface is well designed and offers the same user experience on each platform. The clients for Mac, PC, Android or iOS are the same.

Selecting the fastest server

The fastest VPN selection was added in 2014 and is a current favorite. It allows us to connect to the fastest server available, depending on our location.

Good for torrents

vyprvpn to access torrent pages

If your purpose is to download torrents or P2P, VPNVypr is the perfect solution for you . In fact, Golden Frog has recently changed its stance and decided to make its service torrent-friendly. So we can connect to any of their servers and visit our favorite torrent page to download them easily.

And since good things come in pairs, their service is now officially NO LOG . It has been a major concern for years that Golden Frog VyprVPN, one of the best VPNs, was keeping logs of its users. But it ended! Their service was independently audited at the end of this year and has been certified as ‘no logs’.

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Vyprn VPN works with Netflix

vyprvpn netflix

Thanks to its high-speed connection, VyprVPN Netflix is ​​ideal for watching high-definition video streaming. And its Chameleon protocol is perfect for overcoming restrictions. So all the ingredients are there for an optimal Netflix experience. Is this the case? Fortunately, yes! We can use VyprVPN Netflix to enjoy this platform. So we can watch Netflix USA and enjoy all the latest movies. In my last update, I tried watching Netflix USA and it worked perfectly.

VyprVPN Netflix is ​​fast and secure, and works wherever you are, anytime. Don’t hesitate to purchase it.

Customer service

Vyprx VPN customer service is extremely fast. Its platform offers 24-hour service to its users. You can receive advice on the installation of its software and answer any questions arising from its use at any time you want, and waiting times are minimal.

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Vyprn VPN is an excellent option to choose in the VPN market. It is fast when streaming is required and if you want to download torrents it does not lose speed. Its Kill Switch system guarantees the safeguarding of your data, even if the VPN connection is compromised, and its prices are unbeatable, especially if you opt for the year of service.

Plus, their VyprVPN Netflix is ​​the best you can watch on the entire web. If you want, you can access VyprVPN Netflix streaming or download your favorite program, from anywhere on the planet and being sure that your IP address is protected from hackers and spies. Vypr VPN is what you are looking for, simple, priced according to what it offers and extremely secure.

VyprVPN Reviews: Excellent

VyprVPN is a serious VPN solution that meets most user needs. It is suitable for anyone who needs a secure and easy-to-use VPN to combat censorship and watch streaming TV. But they have a records policy. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s the best!

Value for money –            9
Easy to use –                       7
Accessibility –                    9
Compatible devices –      9
Countries covered –        9
TOTAL SCORE –               8.4

Advantages of VyprVPN

  • High connection speed
  • NAT Firewall
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, no registrations
  • Own DNS and Chameleon
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages of VyprVPN

  • More expensive than other VPNs

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