Alternatives to Plusdede | Plusdede Alternatives

Alternatives to Plusdede | Plusdede Alternatives

Plusdede is one of the favorite platforms for users to be able to download all kinds of content related to television series and movies. Not only did it have the best new releases, but it regularly updated the episodes of the most watched series.

This is how it happened to become an excellent option for not missing out on the best multimedia content. However, the closure of the web is already a fact.

Plusdede does not work, what is the cause?

What about Plusdede? It is the question that many users loyal to the page ask themselves. Despite being one of the websites with the highest number of visitors, and most successful in terms of downloads, Plusdede has closed. The reasons are due to the legal persecution that this and other pages with similar characteristics suffer from the judicial authorities.

This is the message from the founders recommending the megadede alternative to continue enjoying the extensive catalog of films.

The possibility of being able to download multimedia content for free has been a violation of copyright. This has caused the legislation in force in many countries to force these web pages to disappear.

However, there is an extraordinary ease with which these types of pages proliferate, which has given rise to many other alternative pages to Plusdede with similar characteristics.

 24 alternatives to Plusdede that are still active


If you know the successful Popcorntime application, Pelismag is postulated to be its variant in Spanish. It has a catalog of more than 6,000 available titles and is one of the best applications to enjoy multimedia content on Android phones.

You can find television series and movies, and it has a complete preferences menu to choose the video player, the quality or the language.



Pelisplus is a great replacement for Plusdede and one of the few platforms that offer Chromecast compatibility . To access the content you must register or log in with your Google account.

It has a specific section with all the premiere movies of the year 2019 so that you are aware of all the news.



This website offers numerous contents divided by genre, country and even dubbing. In the case of the series, you only have to click on the title to access all the chapters and seasons available.

You choose if you want to watch the content in streaming or download it to your device. You can enjoy most of the content in HD.



Goovie is a platform similar to Plusdede where you can find different options to find the movie or series you are looking for

  • It has a section with different lists such as: Marvel movies, best Netflix series or famous sagas among others.
  • It has an updated calendar where you can check upcoming releases
  • On the main page you can see the latest series and movies added



DixMax is one of the options for Plusdede since it offers a web server mode to be able to view the contents from any device.

The catalog of series and films is updated frequently, so that it allows you to enjoy all the news of the moment.



From Dospelis you will have access to all the updated releases, you can even locate the one that interests you the most through various filters such as the search bar, the alphabetical system or the year of release.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the website gives you the option to fill out a form and request the content you need.



On the main page of Pelis pedia you will have access to current releases and also an updated list with the most popular movies and series of the moment . In addition, it has a news section with all the latest news.


Pepecine is one of the platforms with the largest number of titles available in Spanish. The quality of the files is in HD and you can access a small summary of each of them simply by passing the mouse over the cover.

Create your own favorites list and choose if you want to watch it online or download it to watch it at another time.



Megadede is one of the pages most similar to Plusdede and with the largest number of followers due to the similarities between the two

  • You can see the content in different languages
  • It has a comments section to exchange opinions with other users
  • It is compatible with Chromecast


Repelis Plus

In Repelisplus you will access a specific section of new releases, but you can also consult the thematic lists with films of very specific genres. In addition, it has a section with the latest trends and offers the option of creating your own favorites list.



This application is a highly recommended alternative to Plusdede since it has a very complete catalog of movies and series

  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • You can find content available in 3D
  • no advertising



In order to have access to all the available content, both in series and in movies, it is necessary to register with Vidcorn . From there you can choose between watching the content online or downloading it.

It has a specific section to access files on actors of all time.



From the main page of Rarbg you will be able to see which are the most popular torrent contents at the moment. It also offers very interesting sections such as games, music or software.

It has a news section on television series and movies mainly, but the contents are in English.

 cat series

If you follow several television series, you will only have to access the main page to check which are the latest chapters or seasons that are already available.

As for the movies section, you can see all the premieres of the moment and the most relevant information on each of them by hovering over the file with the mouse.



On the YTS website you can access content in the original version with subtitles . In addition, it stands out for the excellent audio and image quality of the files.

The negative point is that there is too much advertising, so it is advisable to install an ad blocker.



Most of the torrent files on this website are in Spanish, although you can find some files that allow subtitles in other languages.

Mejortorrentt contents are available in different audio qualities. Also, they upload new torrents daily.



In HDFull, searching for content is especially easy since it does not have many sections, so there is no option to get lost. Just choose between movies or TV content and select a genre.

You can make use of the search bar and share the links on social networks.



On this website, which is very similar in content to Plusdede, you can download files by direct download or by torrent.

On the main page of Elitetorrent you will find the latest chapters added, and you can choose between different types of dubbing, from the original version to Spanish or Latin.



If you are looking for content mainly in Spanish , this website is the most recommended option. The content is organized in lists in which the latest news are included.

At Divxtotal you can access different video qualities from DVDR to 3D movies .

Papaya Series

Papaya Series

This website is a page like Plusdede but it is exclusively dedicated to television series in HD quality . From the main website you can see all the new episodes as well as all those series available in Spanish, Latin or the original version.

The web has a section of updated series and provides a multitude of links to download each file.



At Zooqle, quality prevails over quantity. That is why there is not a wide catalog of content, but all that there are are 100% verified.

One of the great advantages of using this page is that there is no advertising , but it is necessary to create a user account to access the available files.


On this platform you will be able to see the contents both on your computer and on your tablet or smartphone

  • It is not necessary to register to see the contents
  • It offers a top with the most viewed series of the day, week and month
  • You can filter the content search by language: subtitles, English, Latin or Spanish



Flixtor is an application developed to view streaming content and customize your favorite content lists. The contents are organized by categories that you can filter by popularity, highest number of downloads or release date.

What is the best website similar to Plusdede to watch and download multimedia content?

Because it is one of the most similar websites in terms of appearance and functionality, the best recommended alternative to Plusdede is the Megadede platform. On this website, the content is updated regularly and best of all, it has television series and movies that you can find in the Premium plans of large payment platforms such as HBO or Fox, for free.

In addition, Megadede has versions for different operating systems and even mobile phones. Another point in favor of this page is that it is compatible with Chromecast, so it is an excellent website when you use different devices to view content.

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