How to install a Google Chromecast – Step by step

How to install a Google Chromecast – Step by step

In this post, we will see each step to install your Chromecast.

Before you start to install it, you have to download the “Google Home” application. We are going to explain how to download the application and then how to install the Chromecast so that it is as easy as possible.

STEP 1 – Open the box

Open the box and take out all the contents. There must be a USB cable, the Chromecast and a power adapter.

STEP 2 – Installation and configuration of the Google Home app

1. Download the “Google Home” app from the Apple Store or Google Play and click start.

2. It will ask you to sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to create it: see step 3-5. If you already have one, skip straight to step 6.

3. Create a Google account by entering your name and surname, date of birth and gender.

4. Enter what you want your email to be. If the address you want to use is not available, they will offer you similar options, or you can try a completely new one.

5. Create your password. You can also add your phone number to have more security and ease when it comes to resetting your password.

6. Now you can enter your data and add your home.

7. Click on “New Device”. Then name your house.

8. The app will ask you for access to your location. Once you have everything activated, you can start the Chromecast configuration.


STEP 3 – Chromecast Installation

One. If your TV has a USB port, you don’t need to use the power adapter as the Chromecast can draw power directly from the TV. In this case, the Chromecast will turn on and off when you turn the TV on or off. If you don’t have a USB port, follow the steps below.

2. Connect the HDMI connector of the Chromecast to a free HDMI input on the TV.

3. Connect the USB cable to the Chromecast and then connect the cable to the TV’s USB port or power adapter.

4. Turn on the TV and select the TV source according to the HDMI input you connected the Chromecast to.

5. You will now see an image on the TV that directs you to a Google address. You can ignore this.

6. In the Google Home app, select the Add button (circle with the plus icon and a letter “i”). If you haven’t turned on your WiFi on your mobile / tablet, it will ask you to do so.

7. The application will search, find and try to connect your Chromecast.

8. When your mobile / tablet connects to your Chromecast, your TV will show an image with a 4-character code.

9. The Google Home app will also show you a code and ask if the code matches the one seen on the TV. This is to ensure that you have not connected to another Chromecast in your home or, worse, your neighbour’s Chromecast.

10. If the code matches, select Yes.

11. The Home app will ask you if you want to help improve Chromecast and provide anonymous information to Google. The answer according to your opinion.

12. Now, the application will ask you for the location of your Chromecast. For example, if you are in the living room during setup, select a Living room.

13. Now is the time to connect your Chromecast to your WiFi network. The application shows the list of available WiFi networks. Choose your network and enter the password to connect the Chromecast with this network.

14. NOTE! If you have multiple WiFi networks (for example a 2.4 and 5 GHz network, select the network you connect to most frequently). Both your Chromecast and your mobile / tablet must be on the same network when you broadcast to your Chromecast. If your mobile is connected to a different network than the one you choose for your Chromecast, you will receive a notification.

15. Chromecast asks the application if you want to link your Chromecast with your Google account. When you have answered this question, the setup is complete.

16. The application will take you to a short guide to show you a small selection of applications that support Chromecast and that teach how to start casting. You can, if you want, choose to skip this step or allow yourself to be guided through the application.

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