5 Ways To Generate Income With Technology And The Internet

5 Ways To Generate Income With Technology And The Internet

The situation of the business and labor market in Spain, with unemployment still higher than 11%, added to the rise in inflation in recent years, has worsened the purchasing power of citizens. For this reason, sometimes you have to resort to sources of income complementary to those of the monthly salary. There are ways to generate income with technology and the Internet , which are increasingly used by people who sometimes have to make balances to achieve a positive balance. We tell you 5 alternative ways to generate income with technology that can give good results.

1. Online buying and selling of second-hand items

Almost half of users made second-hand or refurbished purchases in 2021, according to a study for the Oney European Circular Consumption Observatory . Whether for responsible consumption or simple fashion, the fact is that the second-hand market is booming. This has made many consider selling second-hand items on the internet as a way to generate income with technology.

This activity requires only skill and nose to obtain items that will be coveted in the future, internet connection and time. The only thing to keep in mind is that, if the sale value exceeds the purchase value, you must pay tax on the profit obtained. In fact, if the income exceeds the SME, it will be necessary to register as self-employed and declare VAT. We are talking, of course, about cases in which this ends up being the main source of income.

The collaborative websites used for this activity are Wallapop , Milanuncios, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Amazon. Other more specialized ones are Abelibro, Vinted, or Milolet.

2. Creation of online content

If you have skills and tools, both to prepare articles to publish online, and to create photos, videos, podcasts or graphic design to disseminate in the same way, this can be a good source of income.

For online articles, there are places to start, such as LinkedIn or Medium. If you already have a certain track record, Substack is a technology that allows you to transmit content to an author’s followers through newsletters.

If they are pieces of graphic design, photographs or audiovisuals, there are pages with stock images that buy them, such as iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, VideoHive, Pond5, Envato, Creative Market or Designhill.

3. Online courses

If you have the ability to transmit knowledge, the only platform to disseminate recorded courses is not YouTube. In reality, it is much better to use platforms specialized in the dissemination of courses on very diverse subjects.

To teach online courses you not only need to be a good teacher and master the subject you teach, but also have the necessary technology to be able to disseminate your knowledge online. A good platform allows you to teach sessions live or on a delayed basis. Some examples are Udemy , Wisboo or Teachable. As we will see in the next section, you can also use Learn4Good to make yourself known.

4. Language courses

If you master a language, or Spanish itself (and could handle a conversation with a foreigner), you can give language or Spanish classes for foreigners. In this case, apart from mastering the language and teaching, you need a good connection, because one of the things that is most valued is the stability of the connection and the quality of the platform used to teach classes.

There are countless platforms that facilitate the exchange of classes. Learn4Good is a platform where, apart from publishing resources to learn languages ​​for free, educational centers or teachers from all over the world advertise their classes (the platform is known for languages, but many are also advertised). other types of classes). Many language teachers also use Meetup, a social media platform that primarily facilitates face-to-face interest group meetings. The meeting will normally be in person, but the platform makes it easier for you to reach many more people.

And, whether you teach in person or online, other tools that you can use to organize your classes or reinforce them are   Duolingo for Schools  or Google Classroom, both free.

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5. Podcast creation and monetization

If you have skills in creating audio content, or simply a talent for expressing yourself with your voice, you can create a podcast and start spreading your content on platforms such as iVoox , Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcast or Google Podcast.

If you need to generate audio edits, there are free programs, such as Audacity , that work well.

Regarding the way to generate income, there would be two ways, one direct and one indirect:

Direct income , today, the platform that best manages it is iVoox. On the one hand, through fan subscriptions . If you are a pro iVoox user, you can make listeners pay a small monthly subscription, either for listening without advertising, or for exclusive content for them. Income is also achieved with iVoox Originals. In this case, it would be the platform itself that pays a monthly price to the podcaster so that his content is exclusively within iVoox.

Indirect income is provided by sponsors or advertisers, who will pay an amount to appear as a sponsor of the podcast, or to advertise on it with an advertising spot.

And these are the 5 ways to generate income with technology and the internet. As you have seen, although certain skills are needed, in most cases, they are not skills that cannot be learned, and little by little you can acquire them while generating complementary income, which can be very useful for you.

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