Alternatives to DDMIX or DESMix | DDMIX or DESMix Alternatives

Alternatives to DDMIX or DESMix | DDMIX or DESMix Alternatives

DDMIX and DESMix were, until a few months ago, two of the most popular websites as far as torrent content downloads are concerned. In them you could find a wide variety of content that included from television series and movies , to programs and even games. The ease with which it was possible to download content via P2P made them gain more and more users.

If you were an active user of these websites, you can still download torrent content using other equally valid alternatives. Free and unlimited, these are the best alternatives to DESMix and DDMIX  to store or view content online.

22 alternative websites to DESMix and DDMIX to download torrents (P2P)



On this website you will find more than 450,000 links with downloads of all kinds between series, documentaries and movies.

  • It has streaming TV with access to channels from all over the world
  • It has a section where you can check the latest news uploaded
  • You can make a list of favorites and access the history with the latest downloads made on your computer



This website stands out for constantly updating its content and for being one of the most reliable portals with a wide variety of torrent content,  among which you can find movies, television programs, games, music, and even software.

It has one of the largest user communities with a wide variety of categories , it has a section with current news and sometimes the advertising can be annoying. Sometimes ragbg doesn’t work and there are similar solutions.

The Pirate Bay


This website is one of the best known in the world of torrent downloads. However, it has been subject to penalties and complaints, but they always have a proxy of active links to download content.

It continues to be a reference in the search for torrents due to the amount of data available between series, music, applications, ebooks or games. It often changes domains , it is important to take this into account to locate it and a very interesting feature is the reliability of the torrent through user feedback.

It is the users themselves who upload the content to the pirate bay and give feedback to report the file.



One of the simplest and most intuitive torrent download pages in which the quality of the content in movies, series, music, books or anime, among others, prevails:

  • It does not have advertising so the download process is very agile
  • Most of the content is in English



One of the oldest torrent download websites that has changed its domain and extension over the years, but still offers many p2p files, although sometimes elitetorrent doesn’t work .

It is one of the most complete websites for movie content with numerous categories available, it has a section for new releases so you can keep up to date with the latest news and it has an option to watch movies online via streaming .



Another best torrent download option that offers great movie content:

  • One of its clear advantages is to offer excellent resolution in a compressed size . This prevents the files from being very large.
  • Allows you to download links with subtitles



This portal has been gaining popularity over time to become one of the spaces with the largest number of users. One of its keys is the large volume of content in games, music, series and movies among others.

The 1337X torrents website has a simple and intuitive design that allows you to choose between multiple search options, offers several domains in case access is blocked, and allows you to view online content without leaving the portal.



Divxtotal doesn’t have a modern interface, but it has all the basic features to easily find content.

  • Advertising, compared to other websites, is very low
  • It allows downloading movies in different formats: DVDR, 3D or HD
  • It has a section to download software



A website with a simple design and very easy to use with varied and well-organized content where the torrents are verified , so that you can download them with a greater guarantee of security.

Limetorrents is continuously updated and you have the possibility to make anonymous downloads, improving privacy.



Cliver is a download portal with a modern design that exclusively offers movie and series content:

  • Defined torrent categories
  • You can filter the search by year of release
  • Choose between original versions, with subtitles or in different languages



On this download website they have stored many movies and series in high quality. It has an updated list with the films of the last year, although it allows the search of titles in previous years, it also allows access to different links to view online content.



In this case, this portal offers an extensive catalog of films that have now increased by introducing television series:

  • Offers complete information about the download, just by hovering over it
  • The web offers the option of downloading the film or watching it online . You can also view the official trailer



In this case, we are facing one of the pages with the largest number of content , reaching 60 million torrents.  Torrentz is characterized by a minimalist interface with a search bar where you will find almost any torrent, they also have many music files.



One of the classic torrent search websites that remains faithful to its simple design but with updated content:

  • The best torrent portal is well known by users and the files are always correct
  • You can find the latest episodes of modern series

Popcorn time


In this case, Popcorn time is not a download website but an application that you can install on different operating systems. This application speeds up torrent downloads and improves the user experience:

  • Offers a wide catalog of series titles and movies without restrictions
  • Allows you to view streaming content without advertising
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux users
  • You can use the application on your smartphone, Android and iOS

torrent downloads

Torrentdownloads is another alternative to download torrent content . You can find all kinds of content, from series, movies and documentaries to books, games and software. It has friendly pages where it recommends portals to continue increasing the p2p file database.

The content is verified and the community that downloads these files notifies the quality of the file, so the download is safer.



This website is specialized in television series content and contains one of the most extensive episode catalogs where you can find practically any television series broadcast since 1992.

Each one of the series is categorized by theme and even by countries where they were broadcast. In addition, eztv has a section of television channels to locate all the series that have been broadcast through them.

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mega downloads

Another of the alternatives to DESMix or DDMIX to easily get television series torrents .

  • It does not have an extensive catalog of content, but it does have the most recent series
  • You can choose between different audio versions
  • They are arranged in alphabetical order to facilitate the search


This website, in addition to being one of the most complete, is very concerned with protecting the identity of users . It offers the possibility of hiding the location of your IP address to avoid any type of tracking.

The categories are very well defined in a simple panel with a search engine and you can access a list of trackers to improve download speed.



This absolutely minimalist design website is in charge of tracking the search for any torrent you need among numerous available websites:

  • All files are updated daily, so you always have the best content
  • It has no advertising , which speeds up the search and downloads
  • Can be used from any device



With a design very similar to the interface used by the Google search engine, this website will allow you access to a large volume of content. It has powerful servers that improve the speed of downloads.

It has a practical plugin for the Firefox browser , which includes a search box to make direct downloads and since it performs very extensive searches, it is necessary to verify the data and information of the file before downloading it.



If there is something that distinguishes this website, it is for having around 9 million torrents , and more than 3 million of them verified:

  • Every day more than 3000 new torrents are uploaded to the platform
  • It has a list with the most popular torrents, the newest and the safest

What risks are involved in downloading torrents from these websites?

Downloading torrents is one of the fastest ways to have unlimited and free content on our computer . Downloading television series, movies, music, games, software and endless multimedia content in a single click is a clear advantage.

However, to what extent is this type of download reliable and safe?

In some cases, given the large volume of torrents circulating on the Internet, it is possible to find files with malware in their content. In these cases it is very important to take all possible preventive measures. Otherwise, any personal data could be breached and our device could fall victim to unwanted infections.

The most recommended measure that should be taken in these cases is to use a VPN. A VPN network ‘s main objective is to preserve the identity of the user. In this way, while you browse, your connection is encrypted and therefore protected from any intrusion.

They are also very effective when it comes to avoiding the blocks that certain countries impose on these types of pages, since they will not locate the IP and therefore access is free.

With this selection of websites that allow torrenting, you will have a high probability of finding the file you find using all the available alternatives.

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