Alternatives to OpenLoad | OpenLoad Alternatives

Alternatives to OpenLoad | OpenLoad Alternatives

Openload was one of the most successful platforms for downloading and streaming content related to television series and movies. Its success was such that it reached millions of monthly visits.

This was due to the fact that it served as a content hosting page through which users could upload content of all kinds, which made it have one of the widest and most varied multimedia catalogues. However such popularity has come to an end.

Openload does not work: Similar websites to download

The closure of Openload is a fact, since it was one of the platforms most persecuted by the authorities. The enormous volume of illegal material hosted on the web has caused the domains to finally be closed, making it impossible to access from any country.

Despite the fact that the great multimedia content giant is no longer available to its followers, there are many other websites similar to openload to watch and download series and movies. For now they are active, so you can access them without restrictions.

 The 13 best options to replace Openload 




From Goovie you will have access to the latest episodes of the most current series and movies that you can still find on the billboard

  • You can view the contents from your mobile or tablet
  • Each file has information about video and sound quality
  • It has a calendar where you can check upcoming releases



From Seriales you can access a catalog with television series and movies. You will find contents from the year 2004 and also the complete seasons of the most acclaimed series of the moment .

You can choose to download it or watch it online. In addition, it has a section to view Hentai content.




In Cliver you will find first-run movies available in different versions . You can access a complete section with all the news of the moment and consult a list with the latest trends.

The website offers the option of sharing the content on Facebook or Twitter.


From Repelis you have the option to download the contents you want to be able to see them at another time . You can choose the quality you prefer from normal to HD, although the download time will be longer.

They also have subtitles in English or Spanish if you are going to see the original version.


Dailymotion is one of the best-known video portals as it allows users to upload their own content.

  • It is possible to upload videos of up to 2 GB and 60 minutes in length and a Full HD resolution
  • Allows you to enable an option to monetize videos
  • It has applications compatible with Play Station or Smart TV to view content uploaded by other users
  • You can access full movies




In Pelispedia you will always have the highest image quality in each movie . One of its advantages is that it continually updates the content to always offer the best premieres.

On the other hand, the website has a section with the latest news from the world of cinema and television, as well as a list with the best valued content of the moment.




From FullHD you will have access to the latest series and movie releases without having to have a user account to view the content. You will have access to the trailers of each movie and best of all, there is very little advertising.

Another very useful feature is that if your favorite series is over, the web offers you related alternatives.


Another option similar to Openload to download videos from series and movies. It is a server that hosts content from websites specialized in this type of free content.

It has an extension for Google Chrome and despite the fact that it is not a visually attractive page, it offers interesting content. The negative point is that to access all the contents you must register.


This is another of the recommended platforms to watch videos and also to upload your own content . It offers the possibility of saving those contents that interest you to be able to see them without the need for a connection.

Although it is not the best favorite platform to find complete seasons, it is an option if you need a specific chapter or very specific content.


This website contains a huge video library that has multimedia content in the public domain , so there is no risk of being closed.

It is not the right website to see new releases and news, but it is a good source of the best classic films, among which you will find silent films and other popular black and white titles.



Another easy way to watch and share videos. The available videos can be embedded in web pages and can be played without having to install Flash Player.

There is no invasive advertising and its use is completely free. On the other hand, this service has an extension for Chrome.



Another of the most persecuted pages, but which is active again with a new domain

  • You will find a wide selection of movies available in all versions
  • The main page offers recommendations and a brief description of each of the files
  • You can add them to a favorites list and leave your comments



With Gnula , you have access to the most anticipated releases in different reproduction options, being able to choose from subtitles to quality.

It provides different links and you can even view the content online. In addition, you can share the links of the content on social networks or WhatsApp.

What is the best active option with contents similar to Openload?

Being one of the websites specialized in news and premieres, the best alternative to Openload is Pelispedia . Not only can you download the contents, but you can watch them online in HD quality.

It offers links to view the trailer, as well as a short synopsis of each of the contents. And if you want to see movie classics, Pelispedia allows you to see content available since 1979.

This is one of the most complete websites because it also offers a section with television series, with almost daily updates and a multitude of genres to choose from.

If you are looking for a variety of content, news and good sound and audio quality, Pelispedia will meet your expectations.

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