Alternatives to ePublibre: The 10 best websites to download books

Alternatives to ePublibre: The 10 best websites to download books

If you are a fan of reading, you will know that the ePublibre platform no longer works well, and you will not be able to download your favorite books for free, and therefore, you will not be able to find reviews in this great community of readers. But don’t be disappointed, there are many alternatives to ePublibre that we show you in this article.

What is or was ePublibre?

ePublibre is one of the leading book download sites used to download files or books for Kindle or any other e-reader. Since July 2020, the platform cannot be used normally , e-books cannot be downloaded or it has brought errors to many users, but this is not the only option we have to download e-books, many other alternatives to ePublibre are available to us. allow.

The first thing to pay attention to when downloading a book is its format. In addition to the ePub format named after the famous website, there are many others, and it depends on whether the reader supports it or not, but fortunately, we can use the Caliber program for free to convert what we need. These sites will allow us to have a wide range of titles and catalogs of electronic books, which you can download at any time.

How does ePublibre work?

Its huge catalog of more than 40,000 digital books starting with epub in Spanish is now available in 10 other languages, including regional languages ​​and even Esperanto. Also, this is a section dedicated to this purpose, and it is a very useful page for language learning.

The search in the electronic publication is carried out through a simple search engine, which can be sorted by filters, such as: language, stocks, best score, most read, most downloaded, etc.

It is not only an epub book sharing platform, but also has more functions and can better illustrate the degree of community attention than the form. In other words, in addition to being a reader, you can also be an editor. But to become a publisher, you must verify that the design is of a standard level of quality. Other experienced editors will decide whether readers at this level can be promoted to editors, thus contributing new books designed by them.

There is no shortage of such readers, and their job is to look for typos to correct by sharing them with editors who upload books to the community. Through this, we clearly show that there is great enthusiasm behind ePublibre, and that it is not just free consumers in the early years of the Internet like eMule.

Why doesn’t ePublibre no longer work?

Epublibre is one of the most famous free book download sites in the world. Unfortunately, this service is clearly affected by constant attacks and complaints from the author community, as in the case of DonTorrent for downloading movies and series. Therefore, it is common to see that the page does not work correctly or crashes, and social networks and forums are flooded with users asking what is happening with Epublibre. To make matters worse, there is no official word on his situation.

And, although these closures are almost always temporary, it is worth starting to consider some alternative ePublibre methods to obtain these files without problems. Your user experience may be different from what you would enjoy on the reference portal, but we will show you the best alternatives to ePublibre.

As a result of the collapse of Epublibre, a website with the same name was recently created that provides the same service : downloading books in digital format for free. Today, it is one of the best alternatives to ePublibre that we have.

Its operation is very simple, but effective. The books will be ordered in the order of the greatest number of downloads, by the most recent, and we can also filter by category. To download, we will click on the desired work, which will allow us to obtain titles in various formats: EPUB, PDF and MOBI. The main disadvantage (if it is) is that to download the book, we have to register on this page.


The Lectulandia platform offers many possibilities to access very good titles. In its interface, we can see a large number of book options, you can download books in high quality and in various formats, such as EPUB and PDF . In this space, with just one click, you can have links at your fingertips to obtain the e-books you want to visit. It is worth mentioning that there are ads on the platform, but this is not a barrier to enjoying such a good choice.

Another alternative to ePublibre is Here you can download e-books for free without having legal problems. By visiting this website, you will be able to access a huge digital library , including: e-books, audiobooks, and free downloadable documents.


A platform that has a variety of files available for download, such as high-quality e-books, the most successful books in history, and free copyrighted books. On the other hand, through Bubok, you can edit and publish books as an author, helping you make money in the literary world for free.


As an alternative to ePublibre, Espaebook is one of the platforms that can be placed on the list of replacements. It is very easy to use and has a unique user interface. Its catalog is enormous, and in it you can find almost all the copies you want to read. Because it is a free site, you cannot escape those annoying ads. However, it is still a place visited by thousands of readers every day.

A website designed and created by the Spanish government in cooperation with the University of Valencia to promote education and cultural development. Here we can download digital books or e-books for free in the Miguel de Cervantes virtual library. It has more than 6,000 works by writers in Spanish for you to use as you wish. Its interface is very good and has been updated, and it turns out to be very practical.

We can also find magazines, newspapers and more documents. In short, if your hobby is reading and you think that things will be complicated with the closure of Epublibre, then here we show you some alternative methods that can solve your headaches. Reading should not be a privilege, much less deprive us of it, it can be used as a method of continuous learning, which is a common benefit.


If you are looking for free books, Amazon is a very interesting option because there are many classic books available for Kindle for free . Plus, if you have your own reader, you can transfer it with just a few taps without having to convert the format, make any modifications, or connect the device to your computer. Just go to Amazon to find “free ebooks.”

Some bibliographies are temporarily on sale, and we can obtain and download bibliographies on all possible topics for free. There are two other options: use Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited. These two services are not free, but since we can subscribe monthly and have unlimited access to books in the Amazon Kindle Store, they are the best alternatives to ePublibre.


Wikimedia is the creator of WikiSource. The site brings together texts from many different genres. You can find a large number of stories, essays, fables, novels and even poems in various languages ​​with freedom of copyright and have the opportunity to download them easily.


Another ideal place to download high-quality literary works at Bookcrossing. The platform is versatile because it can also serve as a social network where you can share your opinions and other topics related to the field of literature and reading. There is no doubt that this is one of the best programs that we can get on the web as alternatives to ePublibre. This platform allows you to share your digital downloads, access various discussions and conversations between reading enthusiasts, and even meet new friends who are as interested as you are.

Google Books

Among the alternatives to ePublibre or top products designed for lovers of the classics, we can always find Google Books with thousands of online reading or download options. You can find manuals, but you can also find classic literature. For example, you can visit classic works such as Don Quixote, as well as many other books.

All you have to do is use Google’s search engine dedicated to books to search for content by title or author. After entering the platform, you will be able to view more versions, read them online, add them to your Google Play book collection, or download them in ePub or PDF format so you can transfer them to your e-book at any time.

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What are the main formats of electronic books?

Most readers don’t care about the format of the e-books they will read, regardless of whether their readers can handle such files. In other words, they don’t care if they are in EPUB or MOBI format. Although reading a book in PDF format is really different, especially if it is possible to read the book in any of the formats mentioned above. Because? Because they have many advantages, such as setting the font and its size or adjusting the text on the screen.

ePub/ePub 3

In principle, it is a standard (although when using DRM, it requires support from companies like Adobe). Without DRM, most devices except Amazon Kindle can read it. ePub 3 is an improved version of ePub, which can achieve more complex versions: audiobooks with annotations and markups, video and text synchronization and other typical functions. Although it is intended to become a standard e-book format, it has not yet received enough acceptance.

Mobipoket, KF8, Topaz (.mobi, .pcr, .azw, .azw3, .tpz)

They are the typical Amazon Kindle format. Generally, .pcr and .azw are protected by DRM, while .mobi is not protected by DRM, although this is not always the case. If .pcr has a different DRM than Amazon, Kindle can’t read them. They all support comments and bookmarks. KF8 (.azw3) is an improved version with multimedia functions. It is heavier and is not compatible with older Kindles. Topaz is similar to PDF, but can be adapted to the screen.

PDF (.pdf).

It is a widely accepted and used standard format. PDF books always look the same. In other words, they will not be able to fit the screen or paginate automatically. But even if the content is read on different devices, the content will remain in the same location. Supporting notes and bookmarks.

Comic Book (.cba, .cbr, .cbz)

This is a typical format for comics, although it is suitable for any book with a lot of images. To optimize weight, compress them. The extension depends on the compression: .cbz (for ZIP); although RAR supports other types of compression formats, .cbr from RAR and .cba from ACE. It is not interactive, does not allow annotations or does not fit on the screen.

iBook (.ibook).

It is the format of books created with Apple iBooks. It is guided by the self-publishing of rich books, with many possibilities for interaction and collaboration. Only available for iOS devices.

Daisy (.dbt)

This is the typical format for audiobooks. They are specifically aimed at users with disabilities. The audio and text are synchronized and you can navigate the entire book (go to page, search…)

Open eBook (.opf)

It is the origin of ePub and one of its elements. This is a standard format recognized by NIST.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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