How to maintain digital security in startups?

How to maintain digital security in startups?

In recent years, cyberspace has changed dramatically. So it threatens all online businesses, big or small. Startups do not escape this difficulty, which is why digital security is vital within them.

Symantec reveals that startups are incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks in their first 18 months. They clearly state that, despite taking their first steps in business, they do not escape from cybercriminals.

Tips for maintaining digital security in startups

Startups often focus on their business model, sales, and operations. However, they must take care of their digital security . Here are some tips that entrepreneurs need to know about cybersecurity.

1. Malware Prevention

Your startups are likely to fall for free downloads by various browsers. All companies should run some form of antivirus on all client workstations as a basic precaution .

2. Survival of ransomware

It has made headlines due to a large number of attacks that have had a devastating impact. Although large companies safeguard in the cloud , these backups can be attacked.

One tip is to keep your backups offline. Put them in a place where you don’t even have write access. It can be on hard drives updated weekly, on and off the premises.


3. Zero Day Protection

Because it is completely unknown, many startups may have little digital security . Finding themselves defenseless against attacks that exploit such vulnerabilities.

The easiest way to avoid being attacked is to keep your software up to date. Most of the major providers are diligent about sending security updates to their users. To the point that attacks of 0 days are not so common; but it does not mean that they do not show up.

4. Don’t just depend on servers

Servers are complicated and managing them is difficult. But they are necessary to be able to have elements such as a mail server for the startup. Misconfigured servers such as email and website servers are easy targets for attackers.

One possible solution is to leverage the cloud for digital security . Where possible, avoid hosting on-premises servers. Efforts should be made to outsource them to cloud providers.


What to do if a cyber attack occurs?

Some of the measures to be carried out are:

  • If the business has backup servers , change them immediately. It is possible that, through the main servers, the cause of the attack will be known to deal with it.
  • Isolating and containing the cyber attack is crucial to minimize the damage done to the network. The technical team will test other parts of the network to make sure it has not spread. All this will lead to work on its elimination.
  • Investigate and document the cyber attack.

If customers are engaged, it is important to communicate with them to take the respective joint action.

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