10 applications to learn to read and practice reading through your smartphone or tablet

10 applications to learn to read and practice reading through your smartphone or tablet

Reading is one of the best skills learned throughout our lives. It seems that it is something innate and that we all have, but unfortunately, it is not like that. Not everyone has the same educational opportunities and access to reading. We learn to read in the preschool stage, and it improves throughout the first school years. In those years, the need and importance of transmitting reading (and reading and books) to the little ones from educational centers lie. Still, it is also essential to support this reading learning from the family nucleus.

There are countless children’s editorials that are true wonders for a young audience. Editorials that convey the importance of reading from adults to children convey stories of social value and are ideal for learning to read or practice reading. There are also digital library accounts loaded with children’s stories that can be used to tell stories to our children. And how not to mention the public libraries that are waiting for families with open arms. Public libraries are full of children’s books and stories available to all audiences. But today, I would like to talk to you about a series of mobile applications so that the little ones in the house can learn to read with them and with our supervision.

Next, I highlight a series of apps for smartphones and/or tablets through which the little ones can learn to read or practise reading while playing. There are applications for the Android operating system and iOs, also free, freemium and paid. These applications have intuitive menus and allow guided, fun and interactive reading through different levels or reading challenges. They can learn letters, uppercase, lowercase, syllables, words or read sentences in a fun way while improving their reading, spelling and pronunciation.

Leo with Grin: learn to read [Android – iOs]

Reading is one of the most important skills that can be taught in Preschool and the first years of Primary, as it is the basis of everything our little ones will do at school and in part of their adult life. In Leo with Grin, each lesson or primer contains 13 games, all of which are available in two different levels. Ideal for parents and teachers looking for a way to practice and ask little ones the first syllables and words.

Learn to read and write [Android]

Learning to read and write in an app that is based on studying through calligraphy. It is aimed at children from 3 years old and is ideal for practicing graphomotor skills and learning to trace words and numbers. This application encourages fine motor skills and aims for the little ones to learn and recognize: the alphabet, the syllabary, upper and lower case letters, and numbers.

Learn to Read – Mario Abecedario Applications [iOs]

The Alphabet Mario is inspired by the famous Italian educator María Montessori, who believed that children could grow and develop very well if they were allowed to play without any restrictions. Still, with an orderly environment that directed their efforts to be critical and independent. . The children will have to help Mario pass through many worlds and levels full of obstacles. The obstacles are letters. The letters are hilarious animated and reproduce their sounds when they are dragged. Funny and funny voices reinforce word learning.

Learn to read [Android – iOs]

Learn to read is an educational game for tablets and smartphones. It allows, with spectacular results, to learn letters and improve reading, regardless of the state of learning in which you are. It is a child’s game, made for children, in which they can easily navigate intuitive menus and striking high-definition images.

Learn to read with syllables [Android – iOs]

Entertaining free educational games to learn to read with syllables. With it, you can help your child review the content taught at school in an intuitive, guided and fun way, and you will notice the difference in learning while playing.

myABCKit: learn to read [Android – iOs]

myABCKit is an app that teaches children from 3 to 7 years to read and write. Through play and access to thousands of words, audio stories, videos and exercises, children explore their interests and decide what topics they want to learn, setting their own learning pace.

Learn to Read – Syllabary [Android – iOs]

Learning to read – Syllabary is an educational game that uses phonetics to teach reading while the child has fun (from 4 years old). Through progressive and structured levels, discover sounds, syllables and assemble them.

Learn to Spell and Write [Android]

Learn to Spell and Write is an educational game to learn to write, read and improve spelling. The game is designed for children of all ages. It helps children learn to write and recognize words in English. With fun pictures for kids, this game helps them improve their vocabulary skills every day.

Read & Learn [Android]

Lee & Aprende is a game indicated to learn or improve the little ones’ reading in a fun and interactive way through various themes, where they will learn varied vocabulary through three different educational activities or exercises. This application is aimed at children. However, it is also suitable for people who are introducing themselves to the language and training or speed up the minds of older people who may suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Learn to Read [Android]

Learn to Read is the ideal application for elementary school children to learn to read, know the alphabet and learn grammar easily and in a fun way in their education. Your children can learn to read entertainingly and interactively. It consists of different sections, such as an introduction to reading, vocabulary or spelling rules.

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