Alternatives to Divxtotal: Watch movies and series online on Divxtotal

Alternatives to Divxtotal: Watch movies and series online on Divxtotal

Are you looking for alternatives to Divxtotal? This is one of the most famous sites for downloading movies and television series, although you can also find other types of content such as music or software. For movies, you can find many viewing options such as high-definition image quality and even 3D movies.

As it happened with many other pages on the same subject, it was once a website, especially persecuted by the authorities, so sometimes you may find it not working.

The best alternatives to Divxtotal

On the Internet, there are still many alternatives to Divxtotal for downloading various torrent content. You can see the best options below.

best torrent

Another alternative to Divxtotal is Best Torrent, which is the page of choice for Internet users who like to watch movies online. It contains a wide and varied catalogue, which is not evident. Although it is not as complete as the divxtotal page, it is very nice, mainly because it provides content in Spanish (Spain), Latin American Spanish and even in subtitle format for people who like to use the original language.

Better Torrent is very intuitive and easy to use, providing you with a billboard menu where you can find official posters or brochures of all works. You just need to click on the option you want to view and a list of download options or some links to view online will be displayed. You can only access it through

Elite Torrent

For those who love Divxtotal movies and Divxtotal series, now they can also have very effective alternative products with the same functions. Elite Torrent is contained in millions of files hosted on their servers, but the most notable are movies. In fact, these newly released movies can be downloaded within days of their debut, which is a hard choice to rule out.

In addition, Elite Torrent also has a simple catalog view page, so you can download all the movies and enjoy the link to watch these movies over the Internet. The best part is that your system is free of intrusive ads, so you can save yourself the trouble of skipping annoying ads to get the full profile.

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The Pirate Bay

A fairly good and competitive option, with a very extensive download catalogue. This page contains thousands of torrents uploaded all over the world, from which you can get operating systems, computer or game console games, smart TV shows, paid, advanced and professional applications, and millions of CDs of full songs. Here you can also find a lot of content from TV series, such as “American Horror Story Divxtotal”. We advise you to be careful with fake buttons because they contain malware.

Although “The Pirate Bay” has been blocked in many countries, they have managed to bypass them. You can access its online pages through a special agent that is located on the official website.

Kickass Torrent

It is another more complete alternative to Divxtotal. Kickass Torrent was born in the middle of 2009. At that time, during the dark days of the free download network, Divxtotal and other dedicated torrent pages have been shut down. Kickass was born with a very complete catalog of applications, software, programs and games for PC, as well as movies and television series. Yes, you can watch the full West Side Story Divxtotal from now on.

As if that were not enough, Kickass Torrent can be used as a complete search engine, very similar to Google. All you have to do is search for the content you want to download and you will find other alternative ways to get it. However, we recommend that you make sure that you visit the real pages, as many of them are fake and contain a lot of malware.

Pop Corn Time

If you want something compressed and within reach, you can use PopCorn Time. Actually it is in your hands because it is an application that contains an incredible catalog of films shown in all the cinemas of the world. A few days after these movies made their debut on international screens, users upload these movies here. Sounds great right?

Although PopCorn Time features much more than that, its interface is very similar to sites like Netflix. It will also inherit your streaming. Here, all the options are sent from a hosted torrent, so you can view them from your smartphone. Also, each product has a different quality, including HD, FULL-HD, and 4K. However, you should know that they are hosted in their original language, but they do contain subtitles.

torrent paradiseIf you are looking for a fuller and more complete seed, it is the ideal choice. Torrent Paradise will be your download paradise, as it contains video games, movies, series, computer programs, applications and even song CDs. You will get all the content in different languages, regions and formats, so you can enjoy them on any device (including mobile and desktop).

On the other hand, Torrent Paradise provides a very easy to use space. You just need to select the type of download you want to perform and you will find the link that connects you to that link. The reconnect function will help you restore those operations in the middle, which is very similar to full DivX.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that one of the alternative sites to DivxTotal, which will never let you down. YTS is a complete website where you can download all the torrents you like, as well as movies and series in various languages.

Best of all, this page has a group of monitors who are responsible for checking all links to make sure they are not malicious. Say goodbye to malware, because with you won’t have to deal with them anymore. Using its general search engine, you will find millions of programs and applications that are completely free, including programs and applications for mobile phones and computers, and even programs and applications that have just been updated.

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What happens with DivxTotal?

DivxTotal was created by a Spanish user, although to avoid detection, he still hosts the website on a company server in Argentina. In just a few months, the number of daily users has risen to 500,000, an enviable number considering the processing power of other competing websites.

In the DivxTotal case, the judiciary began to act in January 2018. An agent from the UCO Telematic Crimes division reported in a statement that 23 content download domains were blocked, including DivxTotal. However, the site manager had foreseen this possibility and within a few hours they redirected the old domain name to a new domain name, which was fully operational.

The same was true for the rest of the affected websites, which changed their domains and notified users about the migration. Just visit the blocked domain to be redirected to the new version. Although the National Guard stated in a statement that it was an “effective and definitive blockade”, it was unable to access the servers in Argentina, but was ultimately unable to shut down these sites.

How to enter DivxTotal?

The actions of the National Guard were ineffective. In February 2018, the network administrator launched the new domain Currently, if we visit this page, we will see the following message: “This URL has been blocked by order of the judicial authorities”, which means that the Spanish Ministry of Justice has resumed its operations soon.

However, a simple Google search can confirm that the current working URL of DivxTotal is this new version , which has thousands of download links to torrent files for movies, series, shows and music.

As we have seen, the network is simple, but powerful. On the home page, we find the latest links shared by users and the releases of the latest movies and series. If we enter the file of each movie or chapter, we will see the basic information of the production and the download link of the torrent file, all of which can work normally. However, there is almost no visual information and the page is very concise, with no photos or covers.

How to download a .torrent file?

You might be interested in understanding how this download site works. When we visit one of the DivxTotal links, a file with the extension “.torrent” will be downloaded. This file can only be opened with the specific software or BitTorrent client (such as the “uTorrent” program) that we have previously downloaded.

A “.torrent” file is a list of all the small fragments of the same file distributed on the Internet. The best way to split a file into many parts is to take advantage of the parts of the file that the user has previously downloaded. This way, the more users have the same file, the faster the download process will be, the better. This is the so-called P2P network.

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